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Vinny Chav Jan 12
The tears drop, the anger had been let out, the stress and heavy weight where you’re just numb, not knowing what to do with yourself anymore. For you? I’d **** a mf in a heart beat, I’d take chances at heavy risk to be that person that you need me to be, I love you beyond my words that I cannot explain. Yes, it’s been 2 months but I heavily fwu and I don’t want to lose you ever. I don’t mean to smother you, I don’t mean to break you apart from what we have. All I want is for you to be happy, I’m tryna gather my life and same time tryna gather myself for the future. No, I will not dip out if I’m at my lowest.. overthinking everything, second guessing and etc. I just need you to know who you belong to, reassure me and make sure I’m well, as I do the same. I know ***** hard right now but I cannot imagine life without you, fwb, together, broken up or friendship wise. I couldn’t ever treat you like average, you’re my queen, mi novia, my life, my world, and everything else in between that. You deserve everything ****** possible to be happy, so does deryk. I knew that I had to make you mine the second I started coming to heidis for card nights, or going out. I knew **** well that we locked eyes, plenty of times but I wasn’t guna act on it until you did. Now here we are, and I cannot appreciate you enough. I love you so much Crystal, like it ****** shot me blind on how much I fell in love with you. You saved me from killing myself, not even 2 months ago. Kind of a blessing in disguise.
Vinny Chav Dec 2018
I’m hitting rock bottom all over again, you’re my only savior. The thoughts and everything else in between makes me sane but same time it’s just something that I can’t get rid of. I fight until I can’t fight anymore, then I finally collapsed into you. I’ve learned from my past, tell the truth, never a lie. You’re a drug that I cannot quit, addictive, wanting it (you) more and more. It’s nothing easy to just give up and walk away from. I’d rather be with you and all your *******, every obstacle you put me through and every headache you give me. I fall each and everyday for you. It’s been years that I ever let anyone in, I’ll be ****** to be ****** over again. I give too much and expect less in return, that’s just me. I’ll never understand how or why someone could love me so much when I just treat them an average person.
Vinny Chav Sep 2018
I need a bottle to the brain so I can forget this pain, the memories you left me it’s a ****** shame. I couldn’t resist but to fall your innocence, yet again you’re just the same. As if I thought you’d be different from the rest- girl, I wish I could give you the best.

It’s nothing new yet anything old but, let me tell you something.. **** won’t ever be the same. The seconds, days, months and years go by but I figure you wouldn’t ever come by.
I sit here and think what have gone by.. I realized, it’s my fault but I just let it slide.
Vinny Chav Jul 2018
I don’t regret the **** I do or the choices I make. Love is over rated and you’re a down grade. I tried my best to look out for the rest but I guess it’ll be me myself and I. I pray for better days and better ways but how am I supposed to do that? When everything I do reminds me of you? Of us? Maybe one day it’ll be a better day.
  Jul 2018 Vinny Chav
you said
you were afraid
to lose me
and then you
faced your fears
and left
Vinny Chav Jul 2018
I’m such a ******* idiot for trusting you all over again.

Thinking **** would be different but you still have the same people on your phone thinking it’d be different.
  Jun 2018 Vinny Chav
I woke up this morning
Thought i heard your voice
I cried
I never wanted you to leave
Poured captain morgan ***
In my class cup
Mouring all my feelings of you
thinking out loud i was
I wish you where here in my arms
Oh how much i wish we where married by now
We used to talk about
Raising our kids
Growing old
This is never too far from my thoughts
I can't stop thinking of yesterday

Tell me
How do i go on
when you where the best part of my day

Tell me how do i move on

When I'm still in love with you

I dont know how
How to stop loving you
When i fell for you so hard

Tell me how do i stop loving you with all of my heart
Tell me

you took my heart with you
The day you said you wanted to be with me forever and always
Lifes been complicated ever since
You cut me off from your life
I seen you at your worse
They say I'm
Guilty of loving you
I'm a fool for love
They say I'm soft for loving you
Maybe I'm scared I'll never feel anything real again
Cause what we had going was
So real that i have your love engraved in my soul
No matter how much i try forget you
I dream of you

Tell me
How do i go on
when you where the best part of my day

Tell me how do i move on

When im still in love with you

I dont know
How to stop loving you
When i fell so hard for you

Tell me how do i stop loving you
Tell me
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