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Descovia Dec 2020
In a rose, there is a matter,
of what we desire to resolve;
we can research on, but have no answer.

What is it? Inner beauty?
Of what we like to know;
inside is true and sweet;
like velvet silk of softness,
tender from the touch; like a
rose delicate petals.

Nevertheless, even though the points from
the stem are hurtful, if pricked.
The feeling of the petals and leafs
are fair enough to ease away
the pain.

What truly is inside is what cannot
be described.
It is what only you can see,
if you can believe inside.

Combining both, a beauty of a rose
and a heart in one,
you may see what really is inside
Tuffy Mutombo Dec 2018
She wore a mask to hide her personality
It took her lovers heart to unlock her true beauty
Behind the mask, she was who she thought she wanted to be
Running away from her reality
Just so she could feel free
Behind the mask she cropped and edited herself
Only to end up losing her true self
Her value laid in the mouths of insecure men
Calling her names with no substance
Social pages full of likes and compliments
They desired the image she painted of herself  
Never acknowledging that she had a personality  
But He loved her so much
that he took away her mask
Now she smiles a smile so beautiful it can make pain leave the broken heart
She is her and she is you when you found you
Payton Jun 2018
Before I go, let me pour this
over your head
it is not the skin or the bones
or the rushing hot blood beneath,
it is not the eyes or the hair
or the makeup,
it is not the clothing and it is not
even the way her footsteps fall
on the pavement
that makes her beautiful,
it never has been
and it never shall be
it was always in her words
and the way she loved
Aa Harvey Apr 2018

I may be blind to the subtle movements of your all-seeing eyes,
But I am able to see that inside of you, you hold a beautiful soul.
I may not be able to lip read the thousand pages of your thoughts,
That aspire to escape from your heart and into my mind,
But as I hang on your every word, I truly am a good listener
And my ears are always open to your hearts true secrets,
If you are willing to show me yours.

So if you wish to confess your desires to me,
Before I leave,
Before I must go,
Then I will tell you over and over again that you are true beauty,
You amaze me,

The light to my rain; the best part of my day;
The crystal clear keeper of untold secrets to be near.
The fire in my veins;
My Moon, My Sun, My Earth…
My worth the thousand years wait.

If there is a way for you to ever love me,
Then let the Heaven’s speak!
Let the angels raise their voices!
Let their thunderous cry allow you and I to find a place,
Where I can tell you we should be!

If I cannot,
I will remain delayed…
I will remain in pain…
I will remain in my own dismay.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Starr Dec 2017
They may say that you aren't pretty enough.
But true beauty is in your heart,
not your face. You don't need to hide
behind that mask of make-up.
You matter.

The number on the scale doesn't matter.
Your dress size doesn't matter.
You matter.

Your voice deserves
to be heard.
Your opinion matters.
You matter.

Don't let anyone say
you aren't good enough.
You matter.
A pretty face doesn't matter. Your weight doesn't matter. You matter.
Soumya Goswami Apr 2016
True beauty is not always seen
True beauty needn't be external
True beauty is in our individuality
In you, in me, in all of us.
It is in the glittering eyes.
In a squab learning to fly
We just need to look for it
No matter where it lies
True beauty is in love
True beauty is in forgiving
Even if we do not desire to...
It is in laughter, in smile
It is a hope, in which no reasons pile
True beauty is in clean mind, in pure heart
True beauty is in the singing breeze,
Racing water,
Dancing trees
True beauty can never be perfectly
And completely defined,
It is in you, in me, in all of us,
From dawn to dusk....
-Soumya Goswami
Kate Lion Feb 2013
in a room full of peacocks
i am now an ostrich
and i don't know if any of you know how it feels to be a splash of grey in a room full of brilliant blues and greens
it's like being a lonely, pitiful cloud against a blue sky with leafy trim
maybe i have my head in the sand because i don't want to be shallow
but you'd be right if you guessed it's because i actually don't want to be seen when my face looks like this
which is such a cowardly thing to do
(i really shouldn't care)
i read Journey to the Center of the Earth in middle school,
and the only thing i remember is that it was the volcanoes that erupted (like the hives that erupted across my face this past week) that led them to find it-
the heart of life and natural beauty; more breathtaking than the flawless plumage of the peacocks
Amitav Radiance Dec 2014
Simplicity cannot be embellished
With the grandiose of sophistication
Its stark beauty carves out the facets
Of the rarest of diamonds, set within
**The Heart
Mara W Kayh Dec 2014
You are at a safe distance from me
But if I had it my way
We would breathe the same electric air
And there would be no space
between sultry surface
where skin meets skin.
You are at a safe distance from me
And my imagination alone
acts for me.
But if I had it my way
You would be here now
And I would ravage you
with my passion.
For your beauty,
In a world I've long scrutinized,
Is unprecedented.  
Yes, your beauty is  like a shiny sword
I would gladly surrender to..
Because Your kind of beauty,
Though perfectly displayed in your
Greek God- like countenance,  
Is Real and beyond skin deep.
It may be a good thing
you are at a safe distance from me.
For if you were here,
I would devour you whole.
Trying to describe how I feel about someone, somewhere.. But I assure you, he's real. I've seen him with my own two eyes.. And am still feasting on the vision. Mmmm. :)
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