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Bruno Mahinahon Jan 2019
Your silence was enough, you need not to speak
Right behind your eyes were all those answers I seek
It was more than just a pretty face you always had
You are my sun in the evening going red.

You are short tempered cuz you cared too **** much
But the world was too blind to see real and true emotions as such
Your level of insanity was a little too high
Your feet on ground but your head was in the sky.

Your carefree crazy lifestyle felt so young and alive
You knew how to live and embrace the gift of life
Your made of steel forged in the hottest fire
Your strength was your faith and that one true desire.

You were made for the wild not for the cage
No ink was enough to bind her destiny on a bunch of page
The best thing about you was the purity in your soul
You are the shadow of a divine goddess standing tall.
The first time I saw him. I knew he was the one.
His voice, words. A dream come true.
My heart began to melt as he looked deep into my eyes, his gentle touch and soft persuasion.

Our first lingering kiss I will always remember. Our nights of passion sensual moments. Feeling him close to me.

Magical moments privately shared.

Our hearts entwined always together. A love like ours will last forever through life's smooth or rocky path.

Memories played back a video in my mind. How I long to hold him and caress him once again.

True love never dies. Its richness sips through every cell. A feeling of emotion.

The first time I saw him I knew he was the one.

— The End —