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WR III Jul 2019
I stand at the edge, not looking down but straight ahead.
I can feel the emptiness under the tips of my toes, I feel the shallow depth of my existence.
When you ask yourself why? what is your answer?
I think of love, I think of fate, I think of hate and responsibility.
Will I ever be what they are to her? Will she ever dance with me, sing with me, love with me the way she dreams of them?
Will I ever be her forever or does that only come to the lost and broken hearts?
She doesn't see me, she only sees herself, she thinks she is alone.
My emotion can not reach her.
I stand at the edge, not looking down but straight ahead.
WR III Apr 2019
I watch as she sings.
Her sound so beautiful.

She becomes lost within the song,
And dances with her memories.

Her voice, their song.  
The song they sang together.

A beat my heart will never forget,
and a dance she will cherish forever.

I see joy in her eyes,
She remains blind to the pain in mine.

A song that cuts so deep.
The hurt it brings she must never know.

I watch as she sings.
Her sound so beautiful.
WR III Apr 2019
My thoughts of her.
Leaking onto a blank page.
A page in our darkest chapter.
My thoughts become my only friend.

I seek the darkness,
I search for the pain and lay with it.
It wants me to let go, it tells me to give in.
Stop fighting and the suffering will end.

No, she whispers.
Turn away from the darkness.
Take my hand, leave it behind us.
This Darkest Chapter.
WR III Apr 2019
She looks but she doesn't see me.
Not as her forever.
Only a good decision, a provider.
She clings to memories of a love she has lost forever.
Her person, my painful reminder.  
She relives a love that she wished would be forever.
Their lyrics, my heartbroken song.  
Will she ever see me as I see her? My forever.
My affliction, I am yours tell me I belong.
Her forever.

— The End —