I'm starting to think
That my generation
Got accustomed to
Too much freedom.
President Donald Trump
Must represent
Some sort of a
My generation
Isn't too familiar with the concept
Of a "crackdown".
I've heard of crackdowns in Russia, China
North Africa, Iran and Eastern Europe,
But I've never really heard of a
In the United States.
Trump hasn't yet hauled me into a Detention Facility
With the Central American babies,
But I'm sure he'd like to,
People don't exactly
Speak their minds.
Jesus told me
That I don't  need to have Courage.
Jesus told me
That I don't  have to  Care.
Jesus told me
That I’d get
A Free Ticket to Heaven
As long as I believed
In Him.
Beautiful Women
Are attracted to powerful men.
Of course,
These men might be ruthless,
Or even Gay,
But it doesn't matter.
Beautiful Women will still be attracted to them
If they're powerful.
I guess it's a Survival Instinct?
For President Donald Trump and his allies,
ECONOMICS is the only thing that matters.
In their view,
People who try to retain their cultures
Or preserve the Environment
Are delusionally idealistic
Or unrealistically sentimental.
People have to
"Earn a Living",
And that's the only thing that counts!
Here in Denver,
Starting in the Spring,
There will one cultural festival after another.
Of course,
Each culture emerges from a specific PLACE,
And specific ECOSYSTEMS in that Place,
And Women,
Are the guardians of all cultures.
Even if you look at patriarchal cultures
Such as the Arabs or the Persians,
You will find that WOMEN maintain
The Deeper Aspects of these Cultures....
The Art,
The Music,
The Cuisine,
The Poetry,
The Wisdom.
So, one can conclude that the United States
Is a nation of contradictions.
At certain times and places,
If one openly discusses certain controversial,
Political Issues,
Certain people will directly tell you
That you need to shut up
As if we're living in a Totalitarian Dictatorship.
If you're standing there on Gay Pride Day,
Wearing nothing else
But a Peace Sign Pendant around your neck,
While smoking a Marijuana Joint,"
You will be considered to be
Supporting the Cultural Life
Of the City of Denver
The Dictator
Had his trusted adviser
Bring ten of the most beautiful women in the country
To be his potential wife.
They  all stripped  naked
And lined up next to one another
So he could
Pick out the sexiest
"Trophy Wife",
But none of them met his specifications.
"Can't you find a woman with some real curves?!"
The Dictator complained to his Adviser.
The Adviser explained to his Boss,
"Well, sir,"
"If you want a woman with real curves,"
"I'll have to look among the lower economic classes,"
"And find a woman of African Ancestry for you."
"What the hell is wrong with That?!" the horny Dictator bellowed.
"Well, Boss,"
"If you select a Negress to be your wife,"
"You'll have to make concessions to the Black Community,"
"And the Economic Elites won't approve of That!"
"To HELL with the Economic Elites!" the horny dictator shouted
As he took out his pistol and shot his adviser dead.
The naked ladies,
Who were there to try to seduce the dictator,
All fled out the door of the Presidential Palace
When they heard the gunshots going off
Without even putting on their clothes.
They thought that the Dictator was a Madmen,
In reality,
He just wanted
Some supple flesh.
Have we lost our cotton pickin'  minds?
Where the hell is this country going?!
We've turned Madness into Normalcy,
And Normalcy into Madness.
Ain't no tellin' what's gonna' happen
To us!
And the advancement of Women's Rights
Seemed to have
Throughout the World,
It is the most TOXIC Male figures
Who have risen
To the highest level of power.
What can account
For this discrepancy?
The Earth is our Master.
Humanity has exceeded the Ecological Carrying Capacity
Of the Earth.
Men who glamourize and idealize VIOLENCE
Like President Donald Trump
Have become quite popular,
Even among certain women,
Who worship these Thugs
As Authoritarian Groupies.
So, you hate the United States
And the White Supremacists,
Who defile the Flag by waving it
Love you,
But why should we treat you with any more respect
Than Osama Bin Laden,
Mr. Putin?
You're doing everything you can
To wreck our country.
Your efforts to destroy us
Are making 9/11
Look like a
A "minor incident"
Let’s be close-minded
And pretend  that we’re
Without getting any important issues out in the open,
We’ll whine
As the Fascists exert greater control over the United States
But we WON World War II.
We "defeated Hitler",
Didn't we?
We never "defeated Hitler".
Hitler lives within each of us
Like a virus.
We can only eradicate Hitler
When we annihilate the nafs
That infects
Our tarnished souls.
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