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Your honeyed gaze

Melted diamonds

My mind's encased

Heart's in ribbons.

Your puckered lips

Like Emperor Tulips

As gentle and fine

As aged wine.

With every stroke

Of colors in yolk

Beauty beyond words

Is forever yours.
Long live the men

battered and opressed

Long live the King

old, frail and dying.

Hail to the Queen

talked to by the keen

Bless all the women

whose knees both bent.

By my Royal decree

Of chaos and glee

Let all ye be free

From this broken dream.
If I were to be dropped

   directly from above,

I'd talk to God first

   and pray to you last.

You're my hunger, my thirst

    my punishment recast.
I used you
To fix me
To nourish me
To water me.

Years passed,
Now I blossom
And you rust
Was it right?

That you gave me
Your trust?
It's not too late
to make amends
But it's now too early
For us to be friends.
When you break someone's heart
You either know it or you don't
But when you really don't know
That means, humanity's left
Your body, long ago.
Shaking, I slowly approached.
"Hi" I said, shaking, only croaked.
"Would you like to take a walk?"
As composed as she is,
We left-off, we talked.

"I am so sorry."
"Do you still have my drawing?"
"Yes, I kept them with me."
"Actually, I'm still mad at you"
"You have every right to."

On that day, I shed some tears
From past mistakes, I still regret.
When I broke her heart and left.
She now loves someone,
Who wiped her tears.

Five years, what could it have been?
If only choices can be selected again
I'll do anything to hold her then.
To hug her close, never leave her alone.

You don't have to forgive me
I hope you live life fully.
Here I sit admittedly,
"I still love you dearly."
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