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Willow-Anne  Mar 2014
Willow-Anne Mar 2014

Late at night is when I think
And try to I clear my head
I often stay awake all night
Just laying in my bed

As soon as I get comfy
Thoughts start racing in
I start to question everything
and regret my every sin

At first the thoughts are gentle
Like what will I do tomorrow
But as time crawls by; they escalate
Till I'm drowning in my sorrow

I think of all my failures
Every detail of what I did wrong
After hours of reliving pain
I convince myself I don't belong

I suddenly feel isolated
and like the silence will never end
I feel like I will never escape
There's too much I just can't mend

I feel overpowered and worthless
Like I'll never do anything right
I hide till the world fades away
And I'm awoken by the light

I realize a new day has come
It's time to put on a brave face
I put those negative thoughts away
Until I return to this place

Rachael Judd  Feb 2015
Rachael Judd Feb 2015

Controlling my everyday life
Taking my heart and throwing it against the wall
Wrapping around in my head to consume my thoughts
Crying and screaming against my throat
Crashing and thrashing its way into my body making me shudder
When theres a knock at the door
Lighting fires to my insides
Making my hands shake so someone will notice im unbalanced

Life sucks and I want to leave this place people call home, because no where is home anymore and I cant feel safe unless I am free
Taylor  Jun 2014
Taylor Jun 2014

anxiety comes as a haywire mind
a situation in your head
worlds away from everyone
words unsaid
scared to be anyone, much less yourself

but most of all
it comes
and it never really leaves.

Carissa Blessing Aug 2015

Still silence filled with the warmth of your body radiating on me while we sleep
I wouldn't dream of being anywhere else other than lying next to you
The light is just dim enough that I can see
the smile you give me after we kiss goodnight
I can't sleep, I can't dream, if I can't have you here with me
Anxiety, anxiety, anxiety
You should be home by now
Where could you be?
Did you find someone better
Someone 10 times better than me?
Anxiety, Anxiety, Anxiety
You are my anxiety relief
So baby please hurry home
So I can fall asleep peacefully
You here with me

Em  Dec 2014
Anxiety Anxiety
Em Dec 2014

is a breath never released
suffocation of the lungs
and the whole of your mind
is a clock
that never stops ticking
with the constant click, from past to present
Time never ends
and oh darling
nor does anxiety.

Tatiana  Jun 2015
Tatiana Jun 2015

The rustle of sheets
the pacing of feet
and the lights outside flicker
in the dark street
that is covered in sleet
the house is losing heat
shiver under blankets
to gain warmth is a feat
when the big hand meets
the little hand, there are seats
that are inanimate and cold
anxiety ain't sweet
anxiety ain't sweet
anxiety ain't sweet

© Tatiana

Body shaking
Heart racing
Mind scattered
Feeling dizzy
Need help
Can't talk
Go away
Can't walk
Pass out
Why not cry a little too

Hello my name is anxiety

elias  Oct 2014
elias Oct 2014

Anxiety is love's greatest killer.

It makes others feel as you might when a drowning man holds on to you.

You want to save him, but you know he will strangle you with his panic.

- anaïs Nin
hazings  Nov 2014
hazings Nov 2014

Anxiety attacks
As I'm performing
In front of crowd
With all eyes
On me.

Did this in 7th grade for a free write
Joann  Apr 2015
Joann Apr 2015

Hands shaking
Mind racing
Thoughts clouded
The room loudens
I cant breathe
I cant see
Hello my names Anxiety

Joann  Apr 2015
Joann Apr 2015

Anxiety is like a volcano
Once your emotions build up too high
It all explodes
And its just like a volcano
Because its so hard to make it stop

Rachael Judd Aug 2015

At one moment, your depression is telling you that you don't care what happens. Then the next moment, your anxiety is screaming and clawing at you to do something. Having depression and anxiety is a constant war inside of yourself. Though, there are no winners.

Trembling hands,
palpitating heart
my vision starts to fall apart
my leg wont stop shaking
No, im not faking,
I'm just nervous.

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