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As we fall in love

Kissing feeling true love,

God watching from above,

As I softly kiss you,

We suddenly fall in love

Holding hands together,

Loving you forever,

As I kiss you... I Softly whisper...... I love you...
harmony crescent Apr 2019
i love driving alone. its comfy in a silent car, cause you can just think and think and think about whatever you want to think about and you dont have to think about what theyre thinking about and you dont have to think about what theyll say next or what youll say next or what they think of you. your only job is to think about yourself. can you imagine not being able to take your thoughts off of the person next to you? thinking about someone else is exhausting. i know cause i did it once.

i was driving on some back road somewhere and saw this guy standing on the side of the road with his thumb out. i dont know what came over me but i just pulled over and let him in. he looked at me and i looked at him and… we just looked at eachother. for a minute i couldnt think about anything but his big beautiful eyes. but then i kept driving and- i couldnt stop thinking about them. it made me angry. angry bc he had taken my thoughts. they werent in my head anymore, they were over there. in the passenger seat that should have been empty, swimming around in his big, beautiful eyes.

id never thought so much about someone besides myself and it made me tired. so tired that i just wanted to sleep, but when i closed my eyes all i could think about were his eyes and it made me angry all over again, now because i couldnt sleep.

i drive alone now. still. because that way i never have to not think about myself ever again. my thoughts are mine, and i like it that way.
wrote my own monologue for an audition. inspired by "all my friends" by dermot kennedy
harmony crescent Apr 2019
i might kiss someone
i dont know who, when
but i know its coming
and i know youll be watching
because youre too supportive to let a grudge keep you from expressing your love
and ill regret kissing someone
ill see your deep eyes out there in the crowd
trying to appreciate the art through the heartbreak
and ill regret it
stagekissing is hard when hes in the crowd
  Mar 2019 harmony crescent
A little piece of
my soul comes out.
Everytime I see you.
with your golden locks.
those beautiful eyes
lighted up by the sun.
I could talk about you all day.
harmony crescent Mar 2019
my whole body is burned
ultraviolet rays
and sugar
harmony crescent Mar 2019
ive been pounding my fists against this wall for days. or has it been years? no. days.
all my love has been ****** out of me. i dont know where its gone. maybe its evaporated, now floating with the stars.
did you know salt water stains leather? or maybe its just tears. not all salt water.
im distant. even thought youre just on the other side, sight, or lack of it, is one of those catalysts. close? youre closer than ever. far away? where are you.
why heaving? im sick of this ****. dry? i havent eaten anything since the **** quesadilla.
um... yeah. ive started cussing. a regret.
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