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Endya Tremese May 2018
I just want to feel secure.

When I cry to you, run to me.
Be afraid to let my tears fall...
as if any one of them had ran too far down my face,
another drop of blood would pour from your heart
because it pains you so bad to see me cry.
Feel as hurt as you would if you had seen your mother cry.
Maybe not as much
but just COMFORT ME ******!

I want to feel secure.

Look me in the eye and tell me you love me.
Not in that voice that you use when you're annoyed.
Make me feel loved and wanted.
Make me feel
like no one could ever replace the love we have
because it's just that ******* strong.

I want to feel secure.

Go out and adventure with me.
I know that I'm your best friend,
but I'm also more than that.
I don't want to just sit at home with you and play video games.
 There's so much more to life.
There's so many skies we have yet to see.
I want to only see them with you,
and hope that you to only want to see them with me.

I want to feel secure.
Endya Tremese May 2018
You know how people say “when I’m happy I’m sad”?
Well that’s not the case for me.
Because when I’m sad, I think about how everything devastates me.
And when I’m happy, I wish that moments like those can last forever.
I think to myself maybe this is destiny and things won’t get no better.
So when I’m sad, I won’t typically tell you that I’m doing fine.
My sadness is an overwhelming feeling that cannot be redefined.
Endya Tremese Apr 2018
Are you there...
My emotions have been knocking at this same **** door but you fail to answer them when you hear them.
My feelings have been drowning in a ocean that your boat’s floating on, but I swear it feels like you don’t want to be near them.
I’ve cried over and over begging for you to just listen, but you only tell me to stop.
No comfort, no kisses, no hopeless romantic wishes.
You take advantage now that my heart is unlocked.
I’ve been stuck in this place. It feels like a trap.
The way you keep drawing me in.
You lift me on your boat so that I can breathe.
When I get a break, you throw me back in.
Endya Tremese Nov 2016
Oh he's bad
Bad to the bone
He makes me feel a little nervous
But I swear it turns me on

He takes me to meet his friends
And makes sure that they respect me
He says it's a bad neighborhood
But I know that he'll protect me

Everyone is high or drunk
Even I was a little buzzed
But every time I seen his face
My body did something it never does

All he wants is a girlfriend
He just wants someone that's down
But I told him if he gives it time
I just might stick around

He had his heart broken,
A feeling we've both met.
He wishes for a forever
That he won't later regret

He wishes for a sister
That'll keep his *** in check
Keep his pillow dry of tears
But his sheets so soak and wet

He wants the police off his back
So he doesn't have to sweat
But yet....
He can't dip because the streets is his family
Literally, EVERYONE knows him,
How could I EVER be his sanity?

How could I keep him from behind bars?
Cuz yea, he's looking like a man to me,
But to the feds?, that's dead.
They would never see his tragedy.

Yea he made mistakes.
And on paper he got a record.
But if you lost 10 friends in a year!,
I'm sure you'd be that hurt!

I'm sure you'd smoke so much loud!
Just cuz no one else would listen!
With your ******* in the air
Screaming **** the system!

But it's okay, I'll be the flame
That matches and calms his fire
We can grow and glow together
He'll be calling me his rider
  Oct 2016 Endya Tremese
Angela Moreno
I know the rules.
We don't talk about the morning after,
And we never mention the night before.
I know he didn't love me,
And in a certain sense,
It doesn't matter.
I no longer ask to be loved.
I'm pretty sure love isn't real anyhow.
But it would just be nice
To not wake up alone
For once.
  Oct 2016 Endya Tremese
I see a man who still dreams
And a man who aspires to be better than the man he was the day before
So Ambitious Man, how are you?
A mentally strong being who is the voice for others
That only he can gather the ears of his sisters & brothers
The power is within him but that ambitious man can not see
Because those small failures that set him back
Have him to believe he's weak
But ambitious man, can't you see?
The drive that you possess is what defines you as a king
And a king is a unique male being that many men desire to be
But lack the ambition and productivity that you so effortlessly own
In result, you are a king that sits upon the throne
So Ambitious Man, how are you now?
Knowing that your ambition & your drive is what won you the crown.
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