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imtooawake May 13
I remember the first time when I saw him...
that was a crushing experience
I still remember that particular moment
when my world stopped. Nothing mattered.
I didn't care at all. I was just standing there
waiting for something that has never happened.
I had to wake up.
So I did.
Yes, I do remember that day.
Yes, I would like to forget.
imtooawake May 13
I love you.
Three words
which change everything
For better or for worse
May give you wings or break your heart
Can make you smile or cry
Could be a way to the new life or quicker death
Connect or break people apart
Can be a reason for peace, more likely war
Said in a serious manner
                 but more often without seriousness
Be careful before you say them aloud
imtooawake May 13
You are standing in front of her
not really knowing what to say.
She has cheated on you.
It shouldn't have happened to you.
You were giving her everything
expecting nothing at all.
But it was not enough.
And now she is standing in front of you.
And now the death is standing in front of you.
imtooawake May 6
Somebody will finally save me
I don't really know who
But it will be somebody special

All my dreams are about somebody saving me
More colourful than ever before

And I fantasise about the dream to become a reality
But it has not been the time for it yet
imtooawake May 6
I never saw it coming
It hit me hard
Harder than I would have ever imagined
There was no way to escape
So I took this hit
Surprisingly, I stood there safe and sound
Maybe it was a coincidence
Maybe I was lucky
Whatever it saved me
And now I am standing here
Still waiting for you to come back
And I will be standing here
Until you decide to come back
imtooawake May 5
Love was too infectious
So I had to run
Far away
Run very far away
So I did
And then it happened
I was infected
imtooawake May 5
I  could never tell whether
it was good or bad
So I lingered to it
      till the very end
      till death separated us apart
That was the only solution
                       to break it down
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