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I was born to love
a prayer answered
A wish exhaled
A dream realised.
My soul
recognized yours
forgotten memories
My heart
Yearns your joy
Hears your thoughts
Dances your words
so familiar
Yet forever known.

Loving fearlessly
YOU are in each
exchange i whisper
breath i inhale,
sigh i expel.
Tear i spill
Quiver I feel,
Laugh i trill.

Breeze borne,
Your name
caresses my frame.
In sunlight
your kisses
In rainstorms
your heartbeats.
Heaven is
Denuded of stars,
‘Coz they’re in
my eyes for you!
  Oct 2016 Christina Cheng Lian Tan

a smile is just like a ball
it bounce from person to person
with the right


© Pax
just a quote

Thank you everyone. It was a tough year for me. As you have known, i lost a parent a few months ago. Coming back here and writing  is like starting all over again. Smile was inspired on how i wear it on my daily routine in the office, even in tough times. This shows that i still have strengh and will to move forward. So i greatly appreciate everyone's support.
O Lord, Abba Father,
Forsake me not,
Hear my anguished cry!
How long will i wait?
Before You...
See the crater
      That is my heart?
Feel its jagged
       edged agony?
Taste the bitter bile?

Engulfed in depression,
Drenched in
     the Gulf of Grief,
I stare at the
     Abyss of Hopelessness,
    a Chasm of Sorrow
              too wide to cross.
My sleeplessness witnesses
      Moonless nights,
          Starless skies.
Scorching morns,
        Rainless noons,
              Song less days.

Deafened by the clamour,
Prayers and Praise
     elude me,
Silhouettes of Hope
      seem distant.
Soothe away
      my heart scars,
Seal my bleeding wounds
Send away this void!
Fill me with the
Balm of Your Grace,
Kiss of Your Mercy,
Gift of Your Peace,
Ecstasy of
       Your Presence!
Touch me!
Heal me!
Make me whole!
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