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CL Fjell Feb 16
Bright colored yellows and soft muted greens,
With a pipe in hand and a light for the means,
Of smoking away this long and hard day.

Leg dangles from branch, it waves lazily,
Clouds rise with a puff, and float merrily,
One great big ole breath, and troubles seem to cease.
CL Fjell Jul 2019
The night punished without you
Reveals a certain distinct state
Only dark and bitter
It's dark and bitter
To taste touch or smell
Foul taste slimy touch rotten smell
Running with no feet to feel
The ground beneath is dry
beneath is dead
Void of life of any life
(Any life or no life)
Rosy cheeks lips and eyes
Of setting sun and setting lies
Fall on those ghoulish lips
The night punished without you
She swings ebbs and flows
With or without you
They know I know
CL Fjell Jul 2019
Wistful are the eyes of the elderly.
How long they've lived!
How little they've left.
How little they've done.
How long they've run.
Wishing not to die but one more day.
Praying to the sky and she will say,
Let me be a kid again, to run and play.
Society has run me ragged;
I'm scared that if I die too soon
I'll be forgotten by tomorrow's noon.
She cries and kneels softly
Like a feather she floats away.
CL Fjell Jul 2019
Sore body trembles
Your callused hands bore fruit
Green, paper fruit
To buy the little things
Keep the monkey clapping
Silly monkey doesn't know
He could be living one-third longer
Had it not been stolen from him
So consume monkey
Glue your eyes to plastic life
Slide your mind from wrong to right
Feast like sulton on stranger's food
Forever trapped you cyclic fool
But I'm a monkey just like you
CL Fjell Jul 2019
Crush my spirit
Use it as medicine
For your own benefit
And give it to your friends
And give it to your family
Your dogs and cats too
I have no need for it
I don't want a need for it
Stretched thin and squeezed
Like a summer lemon
Now I'm a lemon
And you're refreshed
CL Fjell Jul 2019
We saw the shapes in clouds
Together, like we were kids
Forever, if only for the moment
But clouds pass
And now I see you in the clouds
Every cloud
Especially rain clouds
CL Fjell Jul 2019
Poetry helps but poetry makes it worse
Does that make sense?
Let me spell it out for you
Poetry heals wounds but poetry opens another
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