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Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2019
I am so glad you were born
So happy you're alive
Today is the day
You turn twenty-five!
For one of my best friends in the whole world Jessica for her birthday card. Short and sweet.
Tamara Walker Sep 2018
Ridiculous thoughts
Warm embraces

Futile hopes
Watching others
Find love

Enough with questions
I Refuse
To answer

I don’t give heart
Same way
I challenged myself to make a poem with only few words that would  be indirect but straight to the point. This is about how I never had a desire and never felt the need to love anybody.
Lvice Jun 2017
I never believed
that a little care could heal the wounds
when I almost wrote to you
I thought about the first scar
I've ever gotten
As you take off
your shoes
and strip your worry
and then slide into the aisle
right into
the clothes rack.
Your forehead bleeding
but she holds you
You do not cry.
I almost hoped that you were doing okay
And then
You fall into your grandfather's lap
He makes you laugh
and says the pump was
for lighting the firework
and that your head must be about to burst
I almost missed you
but then I thought back
to the fireworks bursting from my skin
leaving burns in its wake
And you-
No I gathered myself up and cared
for the love of leaving heart behind
in the form of scars
When you were a kid you thought that you would be married by now
Have it all figured out
The career
The home
The car
The kids
Now you're here and *******...
Do we ever really figure it out?
Adulting is hard
Your Facebook feed is filling up with engagements and baby announcements
but your reading the newsfeed in the liquor isle of Safeway
Beer or wine tonight? Hmm maybe *****?
"Psh who wants to be a boring married couple"
That's what you think to yourself
Trying to convince yourself that it's okay
Drown out that little voice in your head saying "you're gonna be alone forever"
It's like walking on a tightrope
One side you have it together and the other side you still might as well be that 21 year old college student ordering shots at the bar
If someone has this figured out- hit a homie up
Until then, I'm just doing me and I guess I'm doing fine
A burning sensation is building up in my chest
I feel my heart burning as it pumps as fast as the fastest train.
My body is ready to blow and make the night glow.
This is an illness I acquired ten years ago,
I went to see the smartest doctors and not even them can let it go.
As time pass  this feeling is somehow disappearing
or so I think
When I saw you in another woman's arms, when I see you go
I feel my soul being burn in the pit of hell,
My body ready to die and my mind realize.
You are the poison which caused my illness
But you're also my cure.
I am alright now. Such lies I said to everyone but they know that I still am suffering from the pain that my first love brought.
Laura May 2016
Wednesday 18th:
Should I be working?
University at 25 seems
so redundant when I stare
at the soft skinned babes,
who skirt the car park
in drunken bliss.

Should I quit?
Get a job? Maybe retail or
office work.
Some say I could seek stability
between the pages of spreadsheets,
sipping coffee with Susan on the

Should I marry?
Set a date? They're all engaged.
Stones glaring back at me
like Polydectes eyes
from Facebook pages.
25 is the 'right age',
or so I've been told.

Should I?
I suppose I could.
Maybe I should. Or I could
just do something else.
Aeerdna Mar 2016
25 daydreams and nightmares i've lived
25 trees i climbed and fell from
25 poems i wrote and then destroyed
25 cherries i stole from Death's lips
25 times i danced in rain trying to forget the pain
25 hopes i found and hopes i lost
25 cigarettes i smoked until suffocation
i died a little more  25 times.

25 years seem sometimes like they went in a blink;
sometimes like it's been an eternity.

i'm looking in the mirror trying to find
a sign of peace
a trace of light
but i can only see
the ugliness building up
the heavy rain in my eyes
the craks in my skin
the 25 wringles life has put all over my face,

25 years and i feel too old, too tired, too weak
to destroy
these 25 walls
i've built
birthday ****** mood
Carlos Salinas Dec 2015
The thunderous rumbling of a busted exhaust pipe disturbs another Gamecube binge on a rainy autumn night.
Is she ever gonna get that fixed? Makes that Altima sound like a 1930’s car.
I  know too well by now the tapping of the steps coming up the stairs. Rushed and soft, just like her knocking on my door.
11:00 pm. “Just got off work” –says she. Like any other night in which she  came to only 'chat', we end up naked on the carpet, I’m on top of her, my hands laying siege on hers, holding tightly, thrusting wildly.
We wear each other out like teenagers in heat; I want another round.
Stamina depletion: complete.  
I ask her to stay the night. I wanna sleep by her side, her body next to mine. I wanna hear the little sounds of her breathing, feel that she is mine.  Like any other night in which she  came to only 'chat', she replies: "Someone is waiting for me”.
Sydney Queen Jul 2015
I lose my first life to lightning,
of all things.
I spend the next day
racing through a field of camellias
while golden hour twists the sky yellow.
They are redder than red,
like the crests of your cheekbones
and the tips of your ears-
even your blushes are incredibly focused.
I'm so happy I dont know what to do with myself.
I wait for you as you stand in the middle of the street
watching the sun sink into a kaleidoscope of orange.
Your back is to me
though I feel like I have never seen you more clearly.
You smile radiantly into the distance.
I want to care about things like that.
I want to love things, too.
My second life is stolen by fire.
In the whirlwind of my return,
I find you waiting for me
with an umbrella and a smile
underneath the willow tree.
When I was younger
I thought there was a piece of the puzzle missing.
You make me feel like there wasnt even a puzzle to begin with.
I want to keep you
but I refuse to own a cage.
I trip on my way to take your hands
in the willow-broken light of the afternoon.
You laugh with your entire body.
It's like I have never truly understood poetry until right now.
You are the embodiment
of that peculiar space in between the seasons.
With you goes all things bold and brave and beautiful.
I've got 25 lives
but I love you like I hardly have one.
I intended originally to write this as prose but then I decided to stick to my habit of writing excessively long poetry.
H@ppy Birthday Kelly Huckle**
Your 25 today
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Please wish her a happy one )
Kellys.   birthday is today
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