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Ace Jan 2020
do you know how much I wish we still talked?
do you know how much I wish I could hear your laugh one more time?
do you know how much I wish I could hold you again?
how much I wish you could be mine?
how much I wish you cared?
how much I wish I could stroke every feature of your face like I used to?
how much I want you back?
klara mercy Jan 2018
i texted you last night
and it only took you 28 seconds to reply
i was breaking down in tears
as i formulated the right way to say "hi"
i told myself i wouldn't
but when our song came on i couldn't
can't help but think
that maybe you wonder how i am too
id write you hundreds letters on paper with ink
but all they'd ever mean is a simple "i miss you"
A burning sensation is building up in my chest
I feel my heart burning as it pumps as fast as the fastest train.
My body is ready to blow and make the night glow.
This is an illness I acquired ten years ago,
I went to see the smartest doctors and not even them can let it go.
As time pass  this feeling is somehow disappearing
or so I think
When I saw you in another woman's arms, when I see you go
I feel my soul being burn in the pit of hell,
My body ready to die and my mind realize.
You are the poison which caused my illness
But you're also my cure.
I am alright now. Such lies I said to everyone but they know that I still am suffering from the pain that my first love brought.
Marisa Lu Makil May 2015
Why it's everyone angry at me?!
I know I have done wrong,
But forgive.
I beg you
And forget.
I just want your proud smile
Directed at me
Once again.
To several people in my life right now. I hope you can find it in you to forgive me. 'Hate the sin, love the sinner.'

— The End —