Is the urge to quell a pain
I've bedded with a time before-
A need to soothe in other ones,
A wound of mine that still aches sore?

Or is it that, at night, face up
Within the cage I habitate-
I seek to mingle in the surf
Yet linger in the mess I've made.
The area between the weight
Of fabric folds still resonates
A bitter echo of the pearl
You cherished as the waking world.

She clings- a scent, a touch and sound
That follows your steps 'cross the ground.
And though the coolness clears your head
Her sweetness drags you down instead.
Sarah Spang Aug 20
You will find me
Where the gazes of cars do nothing to
Name me;
Breathing in Silver and moon
Lilac and asphalt
While they sleep in lattice mortar.

You will find me.
Where the Earth slopes in a sea of stone
Face up, skimming the summer grass with my fingers
And searching for the voices of the dead
In the cotton-wisp sky.

You will find me
Weaving through a sea of trees
Tracing their ashen skin
Like the carapace of each lover I've
Discarded along the way
Drinking the air of the
Earth and leaves underfoot.

You will find me
Surrounded and
Sarah Spang Aug 8
I've tasted Infinity
Acrid on the back of my throat,
Twisting my tongue around the periphery
Of what was both forever and fleeting.

I've dined on the Divine-
A place between The Nether and Earth
Where the smallest of deaths brings
The biggest of discovery-
Sending me crashing
One way or the other.

I've slept with Reality
Felt him slip, cold and hard
Into a place that will remain forever
Desecrated with truth and injustice;
Felt fucked beyond belief.

I've grappled with time
Shoving against a pervasive advance
That colors the way I see
The new line from things I've
Done and said
Built and Broken.

I've breathed and walked
The routes of monster and man
Knowing naught between the taste of blood and chocolate on my tongue.
Savoring both with bitter abandon.
Yet somehow-
My feet continue.
The day dawns.

I've persisted.
Sarah Spang Aug 8
I was fire set upon
A bed of wood to flicker on.
The steady feed of brush and bark
Kept me ablaze to stay the dark

And yet at once, a time before
An oil fueled my cobalt core.
So mindlessly, I did consume
All things before their buds could bloom.

Further back, beyond that burn
I reveled in to quell the yearn-
There was chill that eddied forth
That ushered in the wind from North.

My fires faltered needfully
And lapsed into a harmony,
That warmed us both without the threat
Of razing us with hot regret.
Sarah Spang Aug 6
The stopped-smoke sky
Pervades the blue
To drain the shades
Of every hue.

The sepia lends light to how
My world is leeched of color now
Sarah Spang Aug 6
I skirt the line
Tread the edge
Of the 'maybe'
At the ledge.
See the eddies,
Traces the swirls
That coalesce
To join our worlds.
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