Sarah Spang May 24

No more another, sinking in
He won't find purchase on this skin
I am nature, I am storm
I was broken, I was worn.

No more the ocean, bound to earth
Salinity and crumbling earth
Drift skyward, fly, find gravity
It took the fall to become free.

Peeling thunder, hear me now
Under your roiling, sublime brow:
I clasp your tumult, feel your cry
Within my chest, under the sky.

Nothing more, nothing less
Will occupy this hollow chest
Send your lightning, toss your rain
That I might feel your love again.

Sarah Spang Apr 7

As I scraped the Susquehanna
Curved the road away,
The sky sagged down upon the view
The garb of mist and grey.

On through the glass, where rivulets
Sought earth instead of metal
The city-line escaped my eyes
My foot pressed past the pedal.

Another place, another time
Another rainy day
The dewdrops misting earthward
Jeweled the leaves along the way.

My body sweeps the filthy streets
My eyes stretch up on high
They seek the metal corpses with an
Unabsorbing eye.

While miles away, I'm wandering
A faded forest path
And pacing past the places
Where our bodies pressed the grass.

Sarah Spang Mar 23

Place you in the netherplace
An internal nudge to nowhere
Where the line of your smile hurts less
Than a break;
More a persistent ache or
A fading bruise.
In absence
The presence is still there…
Can still smell the summer on your skin
Catch traces in the steps I’ve taken
To keep the span of the earth between.

Sarah Spang Mar 13

Passed the time searching
Tracing the circles
Of this tired path I’ve worn in the soil.
Eyes touching faces
Skimming the places
The crowds that have swollen and roiled.

Red brimming eyelids,
Sleep stolen violence,
I’ve curled up with nothing, away from the light.
Drift off to no where-
Found you were somewhere
Sought then to flee there, off into the night.

Inspired by The Scientist
Sarah Spang Mar 13

It’s retrievable from where?
The center of this chest
Folded up beneath the bone
Before it makes a crest.
Awake again, my searching hands
Once numb, now fill with fire
The need to shape, to form, create
Has formed its own deep pyre.

Sarah Spang Jan 23

Read me, Hear me.
I am existing somewhere
Strewn between each letter that
Your eyes caress.
I'm mingling with the meaning
I've chosen to impart
With riddles, with metaphors,
With everything but
The truth.

I'm tangible
Whisper my writing and know
That I am a scrawled sentence
Of desperation,
A Vagrant, caught wandering
In the downpour
Without the language
To capture the way
The rain smells, or the wind tastes
Or the earth sounds.

Oh read, and know
That I am crying out
Along each line to the seraph
Of a letter that I've struggled with
To grant a modicum
Of the nonsense left in my heart.
I've cried out
Thousands of words;
Screamed them until they furrowed
In paper, in computer screens
Into the faces of hapless lovers
To no such avail.

At the end of the day, read and know
That my writing is as futile
As loving a dead man,
An errant, wandering heart,
And a depth-less, angry river.

Sarah Spang Jan 9

Cross the distance
Close the gap,
Make a stride traverse a
Infinite chasm.
Every pale replacement
Is a soft lie
Whispered inward
At a truth, a need
To accept that
The otherside has faded to myth;
Fallen to shadow.

Having recall
Of the way oasis feels
With certainty, the grass is greener
Back in the place
Filled with emerald eyes
White teeth smiles,
Skin like guilded earth.
Made me certain I was touching eternity
When the waves brushed my skin.
There is wordlessness in this knowledge
A sublimity, a divine loneliness
Knowing the expanse that
Divides lands,
Stretching beyond sight, perception, and physicality
Feels like nothing
In the distance between us.

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