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Dita May 2020
I miss the cold laughs and the playful stares

The ease in knowing you were there

How did it become a sharp ache

Heavy enough to keep me awake

Most of the time I feel like I’m dreaming

Like you just tucked me in and told me to go to sleep

Because its late

And you were going to sleep too

I don’t see you in your room anymore

I don’t hear you in the kitchen

I pace around the corners of my mind

And sit by the one that protects me

The memories flood vivid

They’re loud

Waiting to be seen  

Images visiting without an invitation

Kind ones leave me craving more

Longing for a miracle

Dark ones remind me of what it means

To feel helpless

Patiently waiting the day

Where I would have to do this without you

Your hand in mine

Was the greatest gift you left to me

Love disguised as security

An ending reassuring a beginning

I watched you take your last breath

And wiped the tears you had the strength to find

One last time

They told me that you loved me

Porcelain skin

Sunken cheeks

Your stained sweater

Slow breaths

Mirrored slow rises in your chest

I kissed your forehead and told you to go

I told you it was okay

Because you always did the same for me

My body vibrated with pure bliss

At the thought of you going somewhere

Where you would feel no pain

Where you could finally leave your body

And look down at it in awe

For all that you went through

Leaving behind that every passing second

Was more painful than the last

I could not wait for you to be free

So you could kiss the stars on your way

Until a heavy silence filled the room

And I knew I would never feel the same

I don’t know how I let you go

How I felt the first person I shared love with

Become completely still

A broken and bruised body

Now an extension of the silence

Frozen beside my pleading attempts

For you to come back after hearing my cries

I was sure for a moment

That this was not what it seemed

I knew you could not leave if you heard

That I was desperately searching for your life

You could not leave if you knew

What my mind body and soul felt  

The pain that shocked then swallowed me

I could not control it

It painted my reality with merciless dread

It cut through anything that made sense

And stayed with me for hours

I can’t fully revisit this moment today

Because it’s now a part of myself

One that I do not want to call mine

I would do anything to give it back

To say I was only playing pretend

So you could look at me

And play pretend too

By acting as if you weren't amused by me

Just to make me laugh and say "this girl"

But instead you couldn’t come back

So I had to let you go

And trust that your love would always soften

The unfamiliar heaviness and nostalgia

That come along with missing you

To the brightest light in my life


My heart lost its shape

When yours lost its beat
Dita Feb 2020
The way the music made her head sway-
effortless beauty
Each melody met her movements,
magnetically greeting each other,
as if this time and place,
this way and reason,
had been looking for her, her whole life.
The walls moved farther away from her,
everyone in the room stealing glimpses for themselves.
An aura protected by the frequencies of love,
her hands followed the curves of her own body.
Hands that gently tugged on her hair to connect with the intensity,
forbidden sensuality of the eyes, mind, and body.
Beware of the girl who creates a story out of a moment,
she holds the power to turn raindrops to hurricanes,
and a kiss to a lifetime.
  Dec 2019 Dita
Pagan Paul
Lay me down upon the moss,
cover me with autumn leaves,
rest my body in the forest
to be swallowed by the trees,
and let the fleeting moments
whisper my name to the breeze,
as the cool earth welcomes me,
let me go with comfortable ease.

© Pagan Paul (27/10/19)
Dita Aug 2019
We used to measure the strings of hope that bounded our hearts together

Side by side among one another

The open roads more promising than the edges we would paint over

Time was forgiving, slow like honey

Whirlwinds of smoke devoured by the wind

Fire escapes to rest our bodies on

My head protected by your hand, melting into your lap

Exploring through a blinded trance

Dancing past drops of condensation trickling from cooling units

Emergency exits blinked loud with way and reason

Each warning sign ignored with sweet temptation
Dita Jul 2019
The many things that keep me grounded have no way or reason,
one, two, three seconds focus directs the lens elsewhere
It's like a bigger picture keeps trying to show itself,
except I won't let it
Wishing my mind would promise me a way to compromise with my soul,
and my body to follow
I skipped a page to get here,
I wonder if i'll go back
Although it seems all this extra wonder-
it's what got me here
Distraction could be the token to curiosity
and curiosity the vessel to imagination
Maybe the bigger picture lies within the world created,
the one that will surely vow
to listen to fleeting thoughts
all the while promising
to keep you here distracted
Dita May 2019
Staring at the water
watching the ripple of waves
moonlight to protect me
I realize I was looking all this time
for someone to notice
what I only needed to notice
in myself
  May 2019 Dita
Ryan Gabriel Lucero
Both can ****
        The only difference is
                      Cigarettes shatter lungs
         She shatters everything

            I remembered the first moment
my lips pressed the filter
     as I lit it up breathed it all
                savored every smoke
       as if we covered up painful lies
        in a container of painkillers

The same way  
we used to pressed our lips
     sparked something between us
           savored every moment we had
    as if our love was a rose
               in a valley of tulips
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