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Q Jun 2019
I thought I'd find me
When I touched your soul; sadly
I became obscure


"I'm glad it's you I'm giving my energy to"
Q Apr 2019
if love was recognized
for it's true, transcendental nature

if love was felt
in its deep, radiant vibrations

if love was seen
as its pure true self

if love was manifested
with all of ones righteous intentions


then we could say we were enlightened
no longer of this scattered, dysfunctional frequency
but of a higher vibration
grounded to the truth


"If love was real, this
blue light would have two shadows
colliding to one "

#oldhaiku #inspiration
Q Mar 2019
the distorted view
of your true nature has left
my soul untrusting


"I don't want to deal with the pendulum that are your emotions anymore."
Q Feb 2019
i feel the energy of moments when they are tucked away in my memory

Q Jan 2019
there's some sunshine left on the grass
i pick it up and hope it lasts

keep it in my pocket, tight
look at it late in the night

it never loses a glimmer of shine
never stops being divine

reminds me of a child's laughs
the innocence we continue to lose in shafts

we, ourselves are meant to be
a heaping mound of ecstasy

experiencing the world through observing eyes
helping the weak, growing so wise

yet we let the darkness come
and take us over in dooming hums

still i hold onto this shimmer
in hopes one day i'll add the glimmer

and let the light escape to earth
to a spiritual age, i hope we give birth


child-like reflection
Q Jul 2018
where i belong is
somewhere, submerged in your depths
lost with you, in you


"I want to show you I'm a man.  I want to be your man."
Q Oct 2017
please let me love you
let me taste your lips
get between your legs
**** the juice in sips

September 18, 2015
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