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Ming Jan 2021
Every inch of my body
Rubs off against the soft comforter
I sink in
My warm surface
Cancels off the cold sheets
We eventually merge into one
It is now me

I look at your skin
But only know how soft it feels upon touch
We can’t see the sun
We are in a box
It’s quiet but I hear your thoughts

And in this moment
I’d ask for no end
But even the grounds we step on
Can’t promise it will not be reduced to rubble

I’d say I love you
But you already know
And even if you don’t
I hope you would eventually come to know


I await you to gain consciousness again
That 5 seconds was unexpectedly long
Lying unconscious next to you
Ming Jun 2020
Your voice and its vibrations
It hit me like a Hurricane

The Highs and Lows
Like an untuned arpeggio

Your erratic sound
They call Laughter
I call a Melody

The state of being
In the same confinement
Churns my seventh sense

Your absence gifts
Yours truly
A floating sensation like
My heart hitting the bottom of my stomach
Without violence
A gradual sinking

For my mind is situated somewhere
Other than here

My heart aches for every
I want to archive
But am absent for

I am but
A sitting duck in panic
That my extant
Will be forgotten

I am but
A lady in Blue
Only donning that colour
So the skies won't forget me
Please don't forget me.
Ming Jun 2020
I swallowed my saliva
Desiccated air
It was darker than the city
At urban’s edges pretty
First Prize Second
The ringer goes off in sequence
The theme park illuminated
Not with lights but with
The smell of anticipation
Holding our own
Felt like holding someone else’s
Our footsteps
Loud but drummed to the beat of another it paces
The Crusaders mediated
A brawling debut
Of words at the brim
Of our throats in disputes
Our silence
Unlike the night
Was warmer than an Afghan
20 kilometres felt like 2
When I am walking alongside
Hand not in hand
Alongside with you
A recollection of a night walk home with a newly made friend that I will remember forever. "Way Back Home" is a song by The Crusaders, it was the song we were listening to.
Ming Jun 2020
My sneakers shuffled between soil and rocks
My ear drums half filled with
The tunes I select
With my very own fingertips
The other half
Delightful screaming of a happy family
I turned to my other half
And made known it was
A lovely day worth the mention
Not expecting any dialogue in return
Because in all actuality
There was no one there
My other half was me
I found Appreciation
Ming Jun 2020
How much you weigh
Is how much you stand up on
How much you are
The weight of your being
Without breath
Without movement
Planting one’s foot against
The ever moving conveyor
But without actually
I found Complacency
What does it mean to be complacent to you?
Ming Jun 2020
In this cold hard chair
While I felt my bottoms pressed on it
You raised your hand
Offering me the gift of
Like a present
I unwrapped it
Keeping the packaging unviolated
Every word rings
Like a music note that knows no rest
Every rest
Feels like an extension
Of a string that connects
One from another
Your eyes
I indulge
As we exchange glances
Words fall on deaf ears
I am all eyes
For this feeling
Falls under no categorisation
Maybe this is
Unaltered love
I thank you
I love you
I thank you
I love you
Ming Jun 2020
A decent ring
A report
A non verbal plead
An innocent agreement
The silence of a connection
It is quiet
It is un loud
It is peaceful
It is calm
As with waves crashing upon the shore
The next day
It was still there
No declaration
Without expectations
The shore was once again met
With the force of its waves
The next day
No declaration
No expectations
You were there
I found Friendship

— The End —