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Brooklyn Brooks Feb 2017
My dry mouth full of flames ,
Bleeding cheeks all the same.
A brain without oxygen,   hardly a hallucination.  
A dream without sleep
Gives Pins and needles to my
Ghost feet.
I'm listening to the Silence With half an ear.
A presence between the wall creeks
The patterns of the season
My bed is the hallway between today and tomorrow
Yesterday and Today
This one goes out to my boomchica
Brooklyn Brooks Nov 2016
I’ve got something on the tip of my tongue, something
Salty and neat.
You can have the diabetic eye candy
or be well fed with soul food,
Just don’t drink the kool-aid.
Brooklyn Brooks Nov 2016
I would’nt know what to say to that girl, I’d just give her a roll of duct tape and a coat hanger
That mug can sink a thousand ship
Brooklyn Brooks Feb 2016
Stop Fighting

The moment
now its gone
I’ve watched it pass away
so nonchalantly
Always waiting for another day.
Am I supposed to feel something?
what am i supposed to say, does it matter any way?
its all so cliche…
There is me and all the things the worlds told me to be, not the same thing.
So suggestive and fleeting…
Why am I fighting ?
I was One-Two-Thirty Six
It happened so quick,
Did I miss it
or is this it?
Brooklyn Brooks Feb 2016
Stomach pains directly connected to the interwoven circuits that are
Wondering, hoping.

Stopping at blind corners
Questioning the soul...

A potion of acid and cactus forms
Transformative contributions.

Catching up because you woke up to late.

Now it's to late; so late that your building a statue to remember the good you see in others.

The universe is penetrating everything at the same time it's being penetrated while we all wonder what is happening?

What does this all mean?

Why are we here?

Everything is ***** and a ******, everyone is ******* everyone and everything and everyone and everything is being ****** at the same time...

Nobody gets it while the soul is in the body.

By the time the true soul leaves the said body you fools will build a statue of this body that no longer has a soul.
Anxiety equals creativity
Both invented by my imagination
Brooklyn Brooks Feb 2016
So much for an omen
so much for heart to heart

A vision so abortive

blinded by eyes unable to sing out of mystery

Sometimes the mysteries

as in anticipate

or be crushed

impending the
of a flower
to soon
Brooklyn Brooks Feb 2016
Go away sun
Let the rain run
The thunder will be done when it's done
Let the storm form
Puddles that will
Flood and spill
Like the blood
Of spring.
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