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Jun 2015
Tailored love of indescribable passion.
"Mr grey, my type of love is now in fashion."
You've got this amazing **** that only desires my palm.
Red hand prints.
Excitement that doesn't entirely harm.
Delicate and fine a thong that yearns for my teeth.
Removed and discarded.
After Christmas like that wreath.
******* that only imagine the warmth of hands.
Running all over you.
Following each and all my demands.
Lips supple only to the press of my own.
The way you sound.
Lust you've never known.
Hips that don't exist without the pressure of mine.
Careful what you ask for.
In Pandoras box you might find.

Kisses are like a dance one must lead.
Back and forth battle for more.
I'm dominating its what you need.
I'll certainly put you in your place.
Take head you have no power.
Your place is under me with all that grace.
On top of me so I can see that face.
Where ever I want.
Pulling your hair if it pleases me just an inch more.
What pleases me pleases you.
Of that im sure.
Just to make you feel ***** and alive again.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
Jack Thompson
Written by
Jack Thompson  Australia
     Eve, ---, ---, Jack Thompson, Han and 2 others
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