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One evening
after work
I began to walk
from the railway station
along the footpath
joining an acquaintance
on the way
to accompany and converse
amicably I thought
at first
but he became aloof
and hostile
ignoring my bonhomie
I had no idea
so crossed the road
shocked and ashamed.
Amitav Radiance Jun 2014
In the garden of Humanity
Plant more bonhomie
Love will blossom
The landscape will change
Fragrance and love all around
Colors will blend, celebrating all
The celestial space will rejoice
As happiness knows no bounds
Anil Prasad  Jan 2016
Anil Prasad Jan 2016
Dolphins are like a violin
In decoding messages
Without fail and ready in
With love, joy, help and salvages
Human-like they are
Superior in melody they are
Dolphin-like we should be
To spread bonhomie
On land and sea !
Amitav Radiance Jan 2015
Everyone is fighting a duel with life
Debating with it has its merits
We may arrive at a conclusion
To a point of agreement
Where we can live next to each other
With harmony and bonhomie
Life may tilt towards you
Or, away from you
But you are the pivot
To make it balance
Good wishes sail us through
Let’s us pass through tribulations
Challenges are softened
With the soft embrace of wishes
Family, friends and acquaintances
Spurn not anytime
When someone sends wishes
We cannot have enough
In our life
The best wishes of our well-wishers
Sara L Russell Nov 2011
All the glitter and the baubles and the fake razzamataz,
Forced jollity and bonhomie berating me by turns;
The jostling and shoving in the shops and all that jazz,
The same unwanted present where the giver never learns;

And I will dream of summer, tidal ripples in the sand
An evening's float of thistledown adrift in hazy sky
The small face of a daisy, lying cool against my hand
The vast coastal horizon, where the seagulls swoop and fly.

You can keep your holly wreaths mourning your lack of taste
You can keep Sir Clifford, all the mistletoe and wine
You can stuff the turkey, lay the hangover to waste,
You can keep your sentimental dreams, leave me to mine...

Just let me dream of summer, how I miss its warming light;
The soothing breath of lavender, the grass beneath my feet;
The bright palette of verdant greens,  the shorter hours of night;
I'll deck the halls with roses, daffodils and meadowsweet.
Nishu Mathur Feb 2017
Vanilla vowels
and creamy colored consonants

Naughty or nutty nouns
of almonds, apples, apricots

Aphrodisiac adjectives
and very berry adverbs

Passion fruit  phrases
pirouette like peaches in thought

A pomegranate patter
that pronounces a pronoun

Or perhaps in veiled vines
velvet verbs purr

Wondrously whipped
words of love

Salacious sentences  
with strawberry stirred

A mellowed musk melon
of a metaphor

A salubrious simile
sits like a sapote crown

Amorous alliterative adventures  
with romance and raisins

An ooh la la of orange oomph
onomatopoeic sounds

An orchard of the alphabets
in a fruity potpourri of speech

A bearish pearish play and
plum pun on words

The language of love
written with love

In this hash mash
Valentine verse
Amitav Radiance Jul 2014
Ignite the burning desire to dispel darkness
Deep within your heart to light up the path
Leading to a world full of love and bonhomie
So many minds still stranded in dark streets
With the passion to create widespread mayhem
From darkness they return to darkness
Dying a forlorn death, misdirected existence
Unaware of the warmth of positive zeal
Reach out to them, pass on the light
Give them a direction, to the path of tranquility
Every measured step leading to secured future
Our posterity is holding our hands for direction
If we not lead them to a better world
Then who else will take the onus to dispel darkness
tricia lambert Jun 2013
At the East End Cafe
a Canadian folksinger
strums up a storm
on a guitar-
a bargain guitar-
he got $1000 off the price of it
We don’t know any of his songs

Locals tap their feet
to his rhythms
talk to people
they talk to every day
but louder tonight
fuelled by beer and wine
and a determined bonhomie

Ange and her girls
cook up a storm
behind the counter
serve us steaks
and real pizzas
and creme brulee

Late night kids
stroll outside
peer in - curious-
at the unaccustomed goings on

Beyond the plateglass windows
the inside lights
orange globes
reflect in the darkness
like floating pumpkins

I know the river lies out there
just moving on down to the sea
Amitav Radiance Aug 2014
Let the playgrounds be there for children
Hosting games which are played fairly
Formative minds exercising for healthy future
Open grounds let’s them breathe fresh air
Embracing bonhomie and fair play
Giving equal opportunity and space to each other
Playgrounds will nurture the formative years
Learning to play with dignity throughout life
Growing up to be torchbearers of the nation
Healthy mind resides in a healthy body
Playgrounds be the venue for diverse congregation
Spreading the message that games are not trivial
So many feuds are resolved with dignity
Children can teach the art of resolving strife
A playground can be the hallmark for diversity
Giving equal opportunity to all the players
Let’s not botch up every possible place for our needs
In the name of development, only concrete structures
Only meandering roads leading nowhere
Let the playgrounds be there for children
Neville Johnson Oct 2017
He will never get over losing her
Why should he?
She was the best that ever happened to him
He was free back then
The world on a string
With hope and clarity
But it all came crashing down
Take a look
No more fancy-free
He remembers the passion
Her knowing looks
The bonhomie
He's not the same old guy
He lost a piece of his heart
She's not coming back
It's misery

Here is the photo he took of her
It's a study to delight
That winsome smile
The sparkling eyes
Taken when things were right
He's frozen for a moment
Reveling in that time
But memories only go so far
Love can be unkind

He won't get over her
His love will never die
The best is in the past
Hear his lonesome cry
Diana Sosa Jul 2015
And when i first met you, you had this genuine bonhomie vibe about you, and your words were so sincere.. as well as gentle, kind, and soft just like your touch, but as time kept passing your inner soul kept decaying.
and your words became unclear and the feelings that were once there began to fade.
They came for a half-term party
swarmed around me like instant charisma
wearing face-masks of Mourinho
I couldn't move - there was no place to go

I was taken back to when I was eighteen
misspent youth frittered away so they say
wished I was back there with them all
but it was gone - I couldn't any more

I couldn't be in love every other day
make outrageous comments, buy things on e-bay
not so many spots to pick at present
however, no jealousy, nothing to resent

I soaked up their bonhomie once more
gave a faint smile when I walked out the door

— The End —