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One evening
after work
I began to walk
from the railway station
along the footpath
joining an acquaintance
on the way
to accompany and converse
amicably I thought
at first
but he became aloof
and hostile
ignoring my bonhomie
I had no idea
so crossed the road
shocked and ashamed.
Amitav Radiance Sep 2014
Let the mind be calm
Where peace can reside
Accommodate differences
And accept different views
Calmness will prevail within
Win over hearts with a smile
We are all fellow travelers
Let’s assemble to pray
And wish for abundant peace
Let love reign supreme
In our heart and soul
Our beautiful planet deserves peace
Amitav Radiance Jun 2014
In the garden of Humanity
Plant more bonhomie
Love will blossom
The landscape will change
Fragrance and love all around
Colors will blend, celebrating all
The celestial space will rejoice
As happiness knows no bounds

— The End —