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roumen May 2020
My last walk in the fire
one day..
My ash will spill around...
one day..
Fire will shroud me in my last walk to hell..
yes not heaven..hell..
yes I am coming...
I know ,
you have been waiting
for me ...
for my last trip into that fire..

Dont push me away,
you are my muse,
you are my light ,
you are my moon.
Dont push me away,
I am your soul ,
I am your door,
I am your road,
Dont push me away,
I want nothing ..
I want everything ..
I want you..
in my last day.
in my last walk
into that fire...
I am here..
  May 2020 roumen
I've been thinking
I've been dreaming
And... I've been nightmaring

I want to love him
I want him to love me
Learn about me and then still love me

I want him to hear of my gruesome times
and then kiss me with such surety
that it helps my soul stop quivering
talking about your dark past can be scary, but for the right person, it'll make you all the more beautiful to them
roumen May 2020
I want to paint ..
I want to paint you every day..
your lips ..
your face..
your curves...
I want to paint...

I want to kiss ..
I want to kiss you every minute..
your eyes..
your hands..
your soul..
I want to kiss..

i want to love..
I want to love you every second ..
your life..
your dreams..
your spirit ..
l want to love..

I want to stop.
I want to stop the time..
I want to stop and paint you..
I want to paint ..
the girl I know ...
the kiss I feel..
the love i live ..
i want to paint...
one day...
i will...
roumen Dec 2019
The life I want is simple.
Love, dark sky and stars..
Stars..Yes.. they love you..
they smiling every night..
no lies,  no promises ..
just stars..
and you..
no lies..
and love..
....just one..
  Nov 2019 roumen
stupid girl
soon no one will be left
but it doesn’t really matter anyways
when it felt like no one was there
in the first place
  Nov 2019 roumen
They told me
Someone's gonna hold me
And I believed them
But no one came
I waited
I waited in vain
They told me lies
And I believed them
But even though
They tell me nothing
I can still hear them
I see it their eyes
But it's all just lies
But I'm patient zero
They caught it from me
So when they're all gone
What'll be left of me
Been a while.
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