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Ley Nov 2022
two's a company
three's a crowd
but what if that crowd
was the most peace you've had?

three's a crowd
then two
then there was one

and years later you sit with nothing but the regret of growing up and growing without
nothing but the memories of love and closeness that you fear you'll never have in friends again

two's a company
three's a crowd
i'd rather drown in the masses
than drown in my solitude
dedicated to the ones who miss their ex-best friends
Ley Nov 2021
talking to memories of you

the caterpillar has now become a butterfly

yet the ant walks the same path
emergence to cessation
  Nov 2021 Ley
Pine wafting through the
open layout of our house.
A million needles
waiting to be
swept up or
hidden under the rug.
The curious cat circles the tree
both meant to be wild,
but now domesticated
for the joy of human kind.
Why are we so selfish?
Ley Sep 2021

sophomore year

it's not that dark

if you squint your eyes
beyond the blurred lines
loneliness pierces through the heart

people you once knew are merely memories now
and you are reduced to what they write about you on the bathroom walls

they don't need you anymore
they found someone better

all you have is me
a gun to your thoughts
and lungs that won't quit (but you wish they would)

what's that? you can't breathe?

don't worry darling
it's only down from here
  Sep 2021 Ley
She slices the ribbon of an old tape cassette
alone she sits perched on the charred remains
She breathes in slow motion and recites the alphabet
alone she sits and embraces the inevitable change
A delicate flower of truth, love, and regret
a pulsating fountain severs the deepest vein
Flowing emotions puddle underneath the bed
alone she sits, she is always alone
Ley Sep 2021
but the sweetness of my ben and jerry's smoothie
couldn't mask the sour mix of your whiskey and prescription drugs  

was your high worth the risk of us being buried below?

i'm still alive but my soul has yet to be revived
Ley Sep 2021

freshman year

four foot eleven amongst five foot four girls
you look up but they never look down
kind-hearted people pleaser
yet no one stuck around
and when you received that text asking why you walked away you simply said you had class and never looked back
when the truth was you couldn't handle looking at the back of everyones heads any longer
and no one looking back

you weren't invisible, darling
just wanting to be seen
sad feelings feeling feel teen teenager thoughts healing memory
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