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Rianna Quarequio Aug 2016
An old face, happy to see.
Years go by, never a thought.
Could we really belong?
Rianna Quarequio Aug 2016
Late nights
Shattered glass,
Car brights,
A family with brown grass.
Rianna Quarequio Jan 2016
Left a place called home
For a future of unknown certainty.
Knowing it will not be easy,
But for sure something of my choosing.
In the end I will be proud,
Never looking back at the abuse
Because it will be long gone.
Rianna Quarequio Jan 2016
Left me broken and untrusting,
Afraid to find who I was,
And back in the pouring rain
Afraid to unpause.
Unbroken confidence,
Bandaged sense of pride,
And a damaged heart.
Slowly moving on,
Forgetting a lifetime promise,
And Never looking back.
Rianna Quarequio Dec 2015
Never good enough,
Aways a subject of comparison.
Set myself to strive for tough-
Tought myself never to run.

Used to cry in sight of replacement,
Scream in the eye of change.
Never said what I meant
Staying in safe range.

Fear became the teacher
Envy became the coach.
Rianna Quarequio Dec 2015
I remain under your wing;
Sitting under the shadow.
You make my heart sing
Before you go.

The two of us
Lay under the same tree
Before the insane rush,
Before the "title" caught me.

Our bodies intertwined,
Souls no-longer searching.

My left hand signed
My heart still beating
To you.
Rianna Quarequio Dec 2015
Thirty minute phone call,
You on the other line.
Why did you sound happy,
Excited to hear my voice?
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