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NN Dec 2018
look at the flowers
in the sky
marvel at its beauty
one last time

smell the roses
next to you
remember their soft caress
as you make your way through

touch your beloved
one by one
feel their skin
before you’re gone

hear the world
and say goodbye
death is imminent, my love

you stayed your while
NN Sep 2018
and as he stood before me
I asked him for his name
he said
and I laughed
I said
as he saw my empty eyes
“I have lost a long time ago.”
NN Sep 2018
will you miss me?
forget me?
or continue to love me?
because darling
you know
I’ll be gone come morning
NN Sep 2018
we didn’t say goodbye
as we parted
“see you later”
it was
and we laughed
NN Aug 2018
I lose myself
in this and that
my eyes not seeing
that or this
I laugh and dance
and fall to my knees
this and that
is all I feel
I should know
that that and this
could never last
as I fail to flee
this and that
that or this
what does it matter
this is it
NN Aug 2018
time slips through my fingers
the magic of the world
it fades and fades and fades
and I wonder every single day
what will become of me
when my soul plunges
into the black sea
NN Aug 2018
so, if you have a broken soul like I do
and you see someone
who still has hope
who only needs a few pieces to heal
to be a semblance of something whole
tell me, my friend,
wouldn’t you give your shards to them, too?
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