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 Feb 2016 Nichole
My Hatter and I
 Feb 2016 Nichole
I was lost and had not a clue
Till I commented on a poem and met you
A man who fascinated me every day
A man who lived so far away
He said he was mad like the Hatter
I asked him why did that matter?
My Hatter was mad indeed
When he got on a plane to come see me
We fell fast
Many doubted we'd last
Yet we continue to hold eachothers hearts
My Hatter and I will never part
To My Hatter. I love you more than you'll ever know.
 Feb 2016 Nichole
 Feb 2016 Nichole
Her two lips wrapped around
                                   my tongue
                                   perfectly tender
                                   her succulent juices      
                                   deliciously surrendered                            
                                    to a delicate embrace
                                   that made our hearts quiver
Undress my lover, fair
Naked, standing there
Destiny of desire for you
Ready for what we will do
Every touch is ecstasy
Sensually setting free
****** need, explored tonight
Endless lust until day light
Darling, I love you undressed
Copyright © Chris Smith 2016
 Feb 2016 Nichole
Nida Mahmoed
I never feel the world,
How I do with you,
Never appreciate the weight of a head on my shoulder,
As more than yours!

By: Nida Mahmoed.
 Feb 2016 Nichole
Nida Mahmoed
Memories chase us,
Sometimes break us,
Sometimes it’s drenched us,
Sometimes bring smile on our lips,
Memories are like a quest,
If I die today,
Will someone thinking about me’
While sipping of coffee,
Or feel my unspoken words,
There is solace in being alone,
Let’s try to live with a memory!

By: Nida Mahmoed.
 Dec 2015 Nichole
 Dec 2015 Nichole
She had the eyes of an angel,
and a heart made of gold.
the first time I saw her smile,
my blood ran hot, as my skin felt cold.
I watch her lips speak,
and she touched me whole.
From that moment on;
I wanted to cross there path until it never grew old.
hold her in my arms, to see if she fits the mold.
As far as  soulmate, mate, I was already sold.
Her eyes melted me on the spot, Like I was headed for the gold.
by the time the words left my mouth,
her eyes were telling me everything I wanted to know.
and I was enjoying the show. I loved everything she I heard and I wanted to hear more,
I got her smiling after every word,
then replied with something absurd,  
now, her laugh is my new favorite word.
she's so beautiful, I just looked as I observe -
true beauty in the flesh,
I swear it, on every-word.
studying her lips, focused like I'm a nerd,
acting a fool, her laughing == well worth the return.
-- that **** smile, I have learned.
wearing her lipstick, like its been earned,
and I'm next in line, can't wait my turn.
I'm a student of her class,
and love to practice what I have learned.
want to be her first and her last, and get a "Baby" in return.
love at first sight, thought it was crazy, but nothing is crazy,
I have learned. I judged a book by the cover and have enjoyed
what I have learned, and the story is getting better as these pages
we have turned.
 Dec 2015 Nichole
Perveiz Ali
Blood Rain
signal that the sky is crying.
now hiding behind clouds.
of me and my human sins.
droplets of rain become blood.
my tears now ****** as the rain.
Open and burning as they run red.
my soul as shame fills my being,
opens her arms to welcome me.
oozes into my mouth slowly,
that of blood soaked in earth...mine.
my fading sight as my eyes glaze.
mocks me with its cold howling wind.
envelops my whole being in totality.
No longer gifted to me, hindsight too late.
functions fading fast, on impulse.
Fading no familiar drumbeat heard.
over into the light I venture timidly.
mercy on my soul, I know I'm not worthy.
©Perveiz Ali
 Dec 2015 Nichole
 Dec 2015 Nichole
I love you
I will love you when you’re good or when you’re bad and
When you are happy or sad
I will love you
Even when you’re mad or even
When I am
I will love you when you’re failing or frustrated
And if you’re falling apart I will
Keep every piece of you from hitting the ground
I will love you in our good times
I will love you more
In our bad ones
And I will still love you
Tomorrow or the next day or even the days after that
Because I love you now
I always and will always do
I never ever want to stop doing so, because
I love you
© Lizley (Maria Flordeliz Yamog)
I love you. Unconditionally. To whoever it is that I end up with in front of the altar.
The rain falls
The grass is damp
The trees are swaying
And yet
Life goes on

People come
People go
We are born
We all die
Life goes on

We laugh
We love
We live
We cry
We hate
We die
Life goes on
There's nothing you can do about it life goes on
You don't feel the pain
You don't see the pain
How can you say you understand
What you see is not the real me

Smiles never last
What is yet to find is
The truth behind the mask
Hope you like it
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