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Nichole Feb 2016
I guess I won
I guess I won all the fights
I guess I won those nights
the ones that made us smile and laugh

All the fights
till sometimes 3am
That made me cry till no end
I guess you won all of those
The ones that made me explode

Now I see you with someone new
Winning all those fights too

She's smiling and laughing like I use to
But I can see in her the pain that you gave me too

But I see a change you too
The anger is almost gone
But replaced with something more

More people will get hurt as time goes on
There's nothing we can do
Besides hope that we don't get hurt even more too
Please tell me IF it's any good
Nichole Jan 2016
I don't know why it hurts
And I don't know why I cry
But I do
Same with you

We use to talk day and night
But now its time to say goodbye
I was crying all last night so yea....
  Dec 2015 Nichole
I love you
I will love you when you’re good or when you’re bad and
When you are happy or sad
I will love you
Even when you’re mad or even
When I am
I will love you when you’re failing or frustrated
And if you’re falling apart I will
Keep every piece of you from hitting the ground
I will love you in our good times
I will love you more
In our bad ones
And I will still love you
Tomorrow or the next day or even the days after that
Because I love you now
I always and will always do
I never ever want to stop doing so, because
I love you
© Lizley (Maria Flordeliz Yamog)
I love you. Unconditionally. To whoever it is that I end up with in front of the altar.
Nichole Dec 2015
Before The night is over
And the sun has set
And the snow melts
And the winter is gone

Let all be filled with joy
With hopes and no regrets

  Before the memory fades
Let me just say Merry Christmas, Happy holidays,
and a Great New Year
Kinda got bored
Nichole Dec 2015
Of yes the pain is back
My chest hurts
So does my head
I can't open eyes
Without wanting to cry
Nichole Dec 2015
I'm done
I'm sorry to say
But I'm done

No more fighting
No more yelling
No more late night crying

My head hurts
my cheeks are stained
And I'm so dizzy

But I'm done
Sorry to say
But I'm done

My times up
And It's over
And im ready to
say Goodbye

Because no more fighting
No more yelling
No more late night crying

If I say that I'm done
Nichole Dec 2015
Death is something i've always wanted
I wanted to feel myself die
I wanted to watch the blood run down my arm and my hand
I wanted to bleed till I couldn't bleed anymore
I wanted death to take over

I wanted to meet the devil

Then I meet you
You saved me
The thoughts went away
Far far away
You saved me
when i had the knife in my hand ready to meet death
you walked into my life
and said no

i cried the whole night
you stayed  with me
even when i fell asleep you stayed

we started talking all the time
I smiled and laughed
because you are my new world
I no longer wanted death
But love.
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