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She's always on my mind
And never let me sleep
She's so one of a kind
that you will ever meet

She's so beautiful
Beautiful like clothes
She's cute pretty, simple,  
and makes you laugh like jokes

She's very talkative
A person you can vibe
She's very positive
Perfect to be my wife

My heart beats so fast
Everytime she's close  
I'm so in love with her
This woman name is Rose
This poem is for the one that I love and her name is rose hehehee
For a very long time;
I have wandered too far;
and maybe even wondered too long.

For a very long time;
I have been alone;
longing for a place I can call home.

Now that I met you;
and have spent time with you;
I feel that my life have become anew.

I have felt the warmth;
of a place I can call my own;
a person so familiar;
I’d thought of calling him home.

My dear, home is wherever you are;
so will you come with me?
And take me wherever you go?
Because I  don't want to leave home.

I don't want to leave you.
I wrote this for the person I love. I never want him to leave me.
Arthur Vaso Jun 2017
Wilted bouquet
Love strewn upon lost memories
Of the heart
In the Milky Way
Of eternity
Nida Mahmoed Feb 2017
I spent years praying to born again with wings; for the strength to fly higher; to not bend in front of any because of my weaknesses.

I saw a photo yesterday night, a man standing straight with grace; time holds there, I wish to be in cage of his love forever and ever, He looked a little like everything I once eager to find in the skies, only one bird knows the joy of freedom; if a bird feels to don’t fly ever again then’ there has always a beautiful reason.

And that beautiful reason for me is you, gentle resting wooden rocking chair; I would like to see you sit on that; reading the newspaper and smiling at my jokes. Like a desert waits for the rain; I wait for you. Like fog clearing after the dark of a night; a manifestation of peace. Feeling freedom with you; is natural, because a flower can’t grow without stem.

This must be what love feels like!

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Nida Mahmoed Feb 2016
I never feel the world,
How I do with you,
Never appreciate the weight of a head on my shoulder,
As more than yours!

By: Nida Mahmoed.

— The End —