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Dec 2015
She had the eyes of an angel,
and a heart made of gold.
the first time I saw her smile,
my blood ran hot, as my skin felt cold.
I watch her lips speak,
and she touched me whole.
From that moment on;
I wanted to cross there path until it never grew old.
hold her in my arms, to see if she fits the mold.
As far as  soulmate, mate, I was already sold.
Her eyes melted me on the spot, Like I was headed for the gold.
by the time the words left my mouth,
her eyes were telling me everything I wanted to know.
and I was enjoying the show. I loved everything she I heard and I wanted to hear more,
I got her smiling after every word,
then replied with something absurd,  
now, her laugh is my new favorite word.
she's so beautiful, I just looked as I observe -
true beauty in the flesh,
I swear it, on every-word.
studying her lips, focused like I'm a nerd,
acting a fool, her laughing == well worth the return.
-- that **** smile, I have learned.
wearing her lipstick, like its been earned,
and I'm next in line, can't wait my turn.
I'm a student of her class,
and love to practice what I have learned.
want to be her first and her last, and get a "Baby" in return.
love at first sight, thought it was crazy, but nothing is crazy,
I have learned. I judged a book by the cover and have enjoyed
what I have learned, and the story is getting better as these pages
we have turned.
Written by
Styles  NYC
   Nichole and Free Bird
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