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Isabel Rodriguez Dec 2015
The air
Is cold
My hands
Are shaking
I am
Shaking violently
Waiting for,
Out in
The winter
Rosey red,
Your cheeks are
Your smile warms me
The winter is cold
Your warm
Thinking of you
  Dec 2015 Isabel Rodriguez
I love you
I will love you when you’re good or when you’re bad and
When you are happy or sad
I will love you
Even when you’re mad or even
When I am
I will love you when you’re failing or frustrated
And if you’re falling apart I will
Keep every piece of you from hitting the ground
I will love you in our good times
I will love you more
In our bad ones
And I will still love you
Tomorrow or the next day or even the days after that
Because I love you now
I always and will always do
I never ever want to stop doing so, because
I love you
© Lizley (Maria Flordeliz Yamog)
I love you. Unconditionally. To whoever it is that I end up with in front of the altar.
  Dec 2015 Isabel Rodriguez
As I watched the fire
burned my cigarette
I put the darkness
of the smoke  
inside my lungs

then I thought of you...

you watched my desire
you shared your secrets
I saw your sadness
we shared lame jokes
I was happily stunned


You are tired
You wanted to keep it
And now I'm hopeless
because last time we spoke
I thought that wasn't the last

now I need to light another cigarette.
  Dec 2015 Isabel Rodriguez
Stay, stay.
Don't leave me astray.
Life became as dull as grey
When you left and walked away.

The moments are slowly fading
But here in my heart you are staying
As much as i want to forget you,
My heart still says i love you.

So wherever you are, please stay safe
Cause here in my heart you will stay.
These memories are hurting me
But i know someday i'll be smiling with glee.
Dedicated to gra
Isabel Rodriguez Dec 2015
The rain falls
The grass is damp
The trees are swaying
And yet
Life goes on

People come
People go
We are born
We all die
Life goes on

We laugh
We love
We live
We cry
We hate
We die
Life goes on
There's nothing you can do about it life goes on
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