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november Jul 2014
you are a bathtub of balloons.
lines of tears angels left on
the counter above the cabinet
your prescribed reasons used to stay.

a hot shower away,
from fixing your lovers face
with teeth cut lips.
blaming the steam
for all the red in
your half truths.

teachings of sorcery
mothers enchant their wombs in.
a lesson to the future
of how destiny was born
tied to
something greater.

******* looked for god
in the galaxy between your legs.
an altered state of awareness
passed around like the last hit
everyone wants.

you are '**** it'
you are '**** me'
you are '**** this'

a function unto yourself,
unashamedly by passion.

you are ******* revelry.

politeness tiptoes
at the edge of your spirit,
tamed tirelessly through stares
and the longing of freedom.
you do not have the keys.

we are candor,
casually exchanging giggles
at fear's table;
ravaging silliness naked.
splendor sprawling back,
upwards to you and i.

a gang of sighs and of panting.
a church of wonder;
a held promise of sequels.
together our names produce dua;
an etched ancient time.

a *******
we **** rigorously.
the lust of nations who dared
before us and are yet to come.
we lived in visions.

a moment from forever will appear,
with us deemed illegal.
chests pressed to eternity,
the melody will

risks are for lovers.
november Jul 2014
i remain forbidden in forests.
a crown of thorny ventricles.
mend yourself to me dear.
this practice i call stichcraft.
november Jul 2014
make peace with the pieces

read fingers like pages.
print your ideals on karma.
forget the sound of loss.
pray your presence into being.
carry your struggles on wind.

a hollow silence eerie.
the common constant
concerned only with thought.
mind mouthing reasons,
behind the affront
of being heard.

head heavy & compressed,
there is lead between my ears.
eyelids stapled to the floor.
amassed angst,
my gravity consumes me.
currently going through a major transition in the little life that appears a colossal mess to me. these were among the first words to listen.
  Jul 2014 november
Tom Leveille
i always thought
you were thru traffic
that you were just jet lag
background noise
the kiss in the rain
i've never had
but what if you aren't?
what if this
was the thousandth time
i have loved you?
what if this is just a fresh coat of paint?
what if god
keeps a handkerchief
soaked in the day we met
next to his bed?
maybe theres a reason
i reach for no one in bed
the way i would
if someone used to be there
you know, they say
the road behind us
is littered with things
we couldn't hold onto
i wonder how many times
you've slipped through my hands
like hour glass sand
do you know
how much erosion you've caused?
i heard cupid
stopped keeping count
of how many times
we came together
just to come apart again
maybe it was just a rumor
it makes me think
about how many times
i've almost had you
like if all this talk
about history repeating itself
endlessly replaying is true
i wonder how many times
things have happened already
like the time
i tried talking you
into loving me back
back fired
or the time i could have sworn
jesus & lazarus were playing chess
with my heartbeat
but it was only you smiling
how many times
have i tried to tell you
how many times
have you read this poem
how many times
have i tried not to meet you
in my dreams anymore
it's like sleep tries to warn
me of what's happening
before it does but
i keep having this dream
where i tell you bedtime stories
and each one
is a different way you die
and in every one
i can never save you
it's like you're this song
i have on repeat
and every time it starts over
i forget the words
it's like you picked up the book entitled "us"
and the back cover
said you'd leave
so you never bothered reading it
tell me you aren't
going back in that bookstore
just to do it again
or will you tell me tomorrow?
or is this the time
you don't say anything at all?
if this has all happened before
if we call it quits
before we begin
from the beginning
i just want to ask you
to be my fire
because i am tired
of these old lives
and i'd like to see them
november Jul 2014
i think you like me
but you are afraid
of hurricanes.
you have never met someone
who has outlived
a natural disaster.
november Jul 2014
did you know
the shade of
your skin
appropriates some behavior
and not others?
your world
already knows how
to treat you
nameless one
november Jul 2014
i want to dance at the tip
of your tongue
and have you try pronounce
feelings you thought
did not exist.
*i will make you a love linguist.
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