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november Jul 2014
my mother is the moon
my father is the sea
my birthright is push & pull
november Jul 2014
i exist in the 4th dimension
you got stuck in the 3rd
cause you didn’t stop
to think for a 2nd
if it was not the 1st time
you had been lied to
november Jul 2014
sometimes i get tipsy
on all the fermented reasons
we worked
call the dizziness love.
fingers locked
in familiarity,
still trying to escape
the spaces of us
that didn’t fit.
trembling thoughts
colored in hues
of please stay.
eyes green
with envy
at the mention
of you leaving.
blankly staring at the
outlines of not enough.
we were two silhouettes
scribbling words
on souls so easily
wiped clean
by goodbyes.
married to the unattainable
we made a home
out of the hot soil
beneath our here & now.
hearts refusing to cave in.
is the distance
between the reaping
of those who remain
long enough to
battle life’s sinners
and deaths whispers.
let me make a poem of you.
say i loved you
like holy scripture.
an elegy
between ghosts.
november Jul 2014
you are calling me on memorised
dials of how you think our union
and I am inclined to leave you on hold;
in one piece

i am fixated by (y)our wonder,
itching to scratch (y)our loneliness
but (y)our idea of love still remains
in woven scars

we are shipwrecked at the idea of
choking on the sos of our mistakes,
flailing hearts with veins stretched
a distance still too far from
our miracle

i am afraid to stay

you are hurting your patience

i am afraid to love

you are tired of cliched virtues

our excuses have run out of breath
and i am adam a rib short
of loving the sins we dared
to call eden
november Jul 2014
paint joy on the sides that hurt
when you think of them
and how they worshiped
the same temple they left in ruins.
aren't you glad your
mother taught you how to pray?
november Jul 2014
you make me feel alive again
but you are untrue

the highs you bring
aren't like the lows you’re dealing

and boy do I feel like
I've been shaking the shorthand

because what I've put myself
I knew of the needle and bruise

that I could withstand

but you were a drug that didn't
me **** of how my substance
you would abuse

deliriously consumed

the question begs,
*who used whom
november Jul 2014
i want to be alone*
right now,
but also want to be
around everyone.
the lucky ghosts
november Jul 2014
i want to dance at the tip
of your tongue
and have you try pronounce
feelings you thought
did not exist.
*i will make you a love linguist.
november Jul 2014
the first lullaby
some kids ever hear
are the drops of blood
that urge your mother
to sing to your father’s
fist because he hits
the notes out of her
lungs all too well.
november Jul 2014
make peace with the pieces

read fingers like pages.
print your ideals on karma.
forget the sound of loss.
pray your presence into being.
carry your struggles on wind.

a hollow silence eerie.
the common constant
concerned only with thought.
mind mouthing reasons,
behind the affront
of being heard.

head heavy & compressed,
there is lead between my ears.
eyelids stapled to the floor.
amassed angst,
my gravity consumes me.
currently going through a major transition in the little life that appears a colossal mess to me. these were among the first words to listen.
november Jul 2014
i would split
the heavens in half,
let lightning pour
and watch corpses
dance for their lives.
november Jul 2014
midnight skin blanketing
******* toned hips
a warm tongue points;

the taste of ecstasy on my
taunts the rehab in my touch
yearning to risk it

pills litter stone-wood floors
as we **** through flaws
**** feelings carpet the inner raw

moaning and creaking
of hard wood


wild moods

bodies wet
clinging sensual monsoon

fiending for a fixing
we cut through

bleeding lust


sheets whispering drops of
crimson truth

as familiar sensations pulsate
we gyrate
losing focus of whose waist

hanging onto
**don’t wait
november Jul 2014
god is a broken window
please let breath in tomorrow
monarch butterflies nest on the crown of my soles,
heels too eager to fly
crushed heavy in religious longing

pavements hiss loud colours,
i’m bottling it up again
you ask what
like you’ve forgotten you kiss storms
with those amnesiacs lips

fire presses the stairs of your spine
giggles clicking into place,
come soon
midnight pale and soft for us,
home is dark but true

clutch your insides like pearls,
barbwire smile,
a hollow cast of awards
you didn’t deserve,
marking them ‘ex’


stage screaming a seduction
of violent,
how could you
i loved you

november Jul 2014
why are we here?
on this senseless ball of mass,
light years away from the afterlife
& the in-between
made up of star dust, ash & bones

we are small and unforgiving
we are lost and looking

we have direction as far as our
senses can take us
and ultimately we claw for
often where there is none
november Jul 2014
i am sea,
hugging and
pulling back
all at once.
november Jul 2014
did you know
the shade of
your skin
appropriates some behavior
and not others?
your world
already knows how
to treat you
nameless one
november Jul 2014
I don’t believe in
‘the one that got away’
you walk away,
both legs
knowing what you’re doing.
november Jul 2014
i remain forbidden in forests.
a crown of thorny ventricles.
mend yourself to me dear.
this practice i call stichcraft.
november Jul 2014
you shatter like rain clouds,
heave like thunder,
feeling the lightning
trickle down the heaven
of your face
as you taste the ashes
of the promises they made

washing your mouth with wind,
your heart beats like a hurricane
and the monsoon in your mind
leaves your soul ashore
to feel the defiant lump
in your throat
sink once more

splinters of snow
blanket your bones
and an icy chill
remembers you spoke
**of forgiving seasons
november Jul 2014
i will hold you like a guitar,
selfish for your music.
play the string of your ribs,
and you shall hum love.
november Jul 2014
for nothing in this world is free
so when the wolf says:
here, take a bite
he is merely talking
to himself about you.
november Jul 2014
you are a bathtub of balloons.
lines of tears angels left on
the counter above the cabinet
your prescribed reasons used to stay.

a hot shower away,
from fixing your lovers face
with teeth cut lips.
blaming the steam
for all the red in
your half truths.

teachings of sorcery
mothers enchant their wombs in.
a lesson to the future
of how destiny was born
tied to
something greater.

******* looked for god
in the galaxy between your legs.
an altered state of awareness
passed around like the last hit
everyone wants.

you are '**** it'
you are '**** me'
you are '**** this'

a function unto yourself,
unashamedly by passion.

you are ******* revelry.

politeness tiptoes
at the edge of your spirit,
tamed tirelessly through stares
and the longing of freedom.
you do not have the keys.

we are candor,
casually exchanging giggles
at fear's table;
ravaging silliness naked.
splendor sprawling back,
upwards to you and i.

a gang of sighs and of panting.
a church of wonder;
a held promise of sequels.
together our names produce dua;
an etched ancient time.

a *******
we **** rigorously.
the lust of nations who dared
before us and are yet to come.
we lived in visions.

a moment from forever will appear,
with us deemed illegal.
chests pressed to eternity,
the melody will

risks are for lovers.
november Jul 2014
i think you like me
but you are afraid
of hurricanes.
you have never met someone
who has outlived
a natural disaster.
november Jul 2014
that bridge between value
and desire.
the gaping chasm
that is your uncertainty,
can be traced to
the empty sound
in your chest.
november Jul 2014
i had this terrible habit;
i’d look for my voice in yours.
i believed every word
the photographs said.
we squeezed the color from our eyes;
marooned squinting souls.
forever scared me into today.
i stopped time with my heart
and in my veins
i could feel you
we became exhausted syllables;
punctuated with mistakes
till we were full with no
i miss you
in ways
my pen is still unable to articulate.
an inkling of memories
that wonder
if you still sleep alone at night.
and if i were to be asked,
i’d do you all over again.
of all the things we shared,
hesitation was never one of them.
scarred knees,
clasped hands,
strained in penance,
you remain my prayer.
i limped away
with one recurring reminder:
you cannot tame the wind,
just ride the lesson.
on the last night,
galaxies sat at the basin
of my stomach.
your name
a kissed
pronunciation of stars
dripping in constellations.
sometimes i sneak your taste
into the mouths
of all the lovers
you should have been.
i hope you realise
this is not poetry
but a collection of
whys & what ifs.
we are the lonely ones,
the lovely ones,
the languages
you were too afraid to speak
november Jul 2014
cause sometimes I count
all the ways you couldn’t
have existed
and always end up
back at square one;

— The End —