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Ooooooo May 2019
With an angsty sigh and shuffled movements,
Shoes seemingly lined with cement.
There’s a longing to be with the one I love,
My very warm and comfortable bed.
Ooooooo Mar 2019
A bird sang bright and early.
Sweet melodies and a hopeful song.
It sang that all things change eventually,
“Soon. It won’t be long”
With time comes change and at times better circumstances.
Ooooooo Mar 2019
Do you think you could hide?
If I took that one step closer,
forced myself into your mind.
Stole your thoughts one at a time
and captured your soul to be mine.
If I crossed that line
and took everything I could find.
Would you have anything left behind?
Ooooooo Nov 2018
I lie here.
My eyes caress the ceiling.
My thoughts visit my past,
And bring back with it memories both fond and distasteful.

Artificial lights penetrate the eyes that once saw things differently.
Eyes now glazed with perspective given to them by experience and time.
Eyes that now display with more clarity where my thoughts lie.

Although intangible, I feel my breath dance along my skin.
I conclude there’ll be more of these moments to come.
So I close the eyes that once saw things differently,
As my thoughts stroll aimlessly into my imagination from what once was.
Ooooooo Nov 2018
A battered heart with
Sentimental attachments
To love from the past
Longing for feelings felt in the past to show itself once more in the future.
Ooooooo Nov 2018
Fireplace firefly, did you come to check up on me.
Do you visit every hearth, is that your assigned duty.
Answering the hearts of those who unknowingly call.
Reminding us that if we can't see beauty in nature,
We won't know beauty at all.

When you return home after the passing of the crescent moon,
Who sees in your eyes all that you've been through.
And comforts you when your tears turn a blue hue.

Maybe you don't feel in the way that we do.
But I'd like to believe after all the light you give, you'd receive it too.
A love from a special someone you know to be true.
Your very own fireplace, who wilfully takes all burdens from you.
Ooooooo Nov 2018
To open one's mind
Would be to seek out what closed
It in the first place
My assumption is that we weren't all born with the intolerance we may have for those we don't understand. But if we could understand what closes us off to others and deconstruct it, we allow ourselves the opportunity to take time to think for ourselves. When we make time to do this, we may just realise what or who we closed ourselves off to had never been a threat to our being at all.

The mind is a door, longing to be opened.
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