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Emily Jun 2015
No more sparks
No more butterflies
No more curiosity
Just a bunch of lies

Love is fleeting
Respect is gone
There is nothing left
It's all gone wrong

It's a sad to remember
How you used to feel
You wanted her so badly
Now nothing is real

You want it to last
You try your hardest too
You can't replace the love lost
All you have is you

Nothing more
Nothing less
Just you by yourself
With a bunch of regret
Emily Jun 2014
The first guy I ever loved has found another
A woman who is quite different from me
It's an odd sensation
Is what I'm feeling residual emotions
Built up love that I thought was gone
I'm confused and feel threatened
Though I shouldn't be
Then why do I wish he was dating me...
© Emily 2014
Emily Jul 2014
Betrayal and heartache are the resultant of the most sorrowful of circumstances
It comes from losing yourself in the one you love the most
And losing them as a result of being a complete fool
This duo has a way of eating at the soul
It sneaks up in the most beautiful of disguises
It uses you for your love and your generosity
Planting itself in the thing that attracts you most
It makes you need it to survive
Takes all advantage of you and ***** you dry
Leaving you for dead without a way to sleep, breathe, or function
You've become a soulless body
And a heartless being
A dark feeling of anomie
Depressed and meaningless
© Emily 2014
Emily Sep 2014
Tired of waiting
Exhausted from the constant bickering
This isn't how love should be
Love is about sacrifice
But up to what point?
Are we supposed to stop our lives
And give up everything we have
Or is that too much?
I'm confused at what to do at this point
Will it all be worth it?
And if it isn't
How is it going to leave me in the end?
I'm already damaged enough
I don't think I could survive
Heartbreak again
Emily Mar 2014
I know you think you're horrible
And that the way you are is unmanageable
You are filled with self hate
Chock- full of self doubt
You haven't had much experience
Don't really know what life is about
You're not the same as your peers
Always feeling a sense of dismay and fear
You let it get the best of you
Most would categorize you as rude and unkind
Inexperienced, cynical, and behind
But the truth of the matter is
They don't know you like I know you
They don't know that when you love
You love wholeheartedly
They're unaware of the passion that lives within you
The fire in your heart and in your soul
The practice of determination and control
You're an artist
With your sketches and your rhymes
You're an athlete
With your many skateboard rides
You're a lover, not a fighter
And for that
I've wanted you for a long time
Because you're the most loyal
The most generous and caring soul
That's why we mesh so well
It's like we're equal
Don't let the facts of life bring you down
I have you, you have me
The heart of life is good
And I pray one day you'll see
This is just something I wrote quickly about my boyfriend. Last night we talked a lot and it broke my heart to hear him hate himself out loud so much. He has had issues since childhood and I just wanted him to know that he's brilliant the way he is, and I love him just the same.

© Willa 2014
Emily Sep 2015
Sometimes you wish you could just go back
Take away all the pain you caused
What you did
And what you said
The mistakes you've made
And the person you became
Sometimes you don't see what's in front of you
You don't realize the importance
Then it's all gone
As if you just flinched
Your life passes before your eyes
But you're not on the brink of dying
You're on the brink of life
You're now aware of how you have nothing
You let it go to waste
All because you were just bluffing
You were fake and you were mean
You ruined people's lives
You acted obscene
You deserve to be lonely
Deserve to have nobody
What goes around
Comes around
And you can't take it back
You can't go back in time
How I feel about myself
Emily Jul 2014
Do you like lying
It seems to be all you do
Can't ever speak truths
15 words.

© Emily 2014
Emily Mar 2014
You're so beautiful
It hurts
5 words.

I want to know the real her.

© Willa 2014
Emily Jun 2014
You lose your best friend
It feels like the world will end
What is the point now

© Emily 2014
Emily Apr 2014
Maybe you have writer's block
Because you feel in life, you're stuck
You've spun your web of very deep lies
That's why you crawl in bed and cry
You can't escape the harm you've done
And now you're alone and have no one
You've lost yourself in fantasy land
A world you created that's got out of hand
You should rethink your actions and get over your pride
Or else all that'll be left for you to do is hide
Eventually the truth will come out and be
If only you knew that it'd set you free
You live in fear and it's ruining your life
It's like you've been stabbed with a really sharp knife
Just like the one you shoved in people's hearts
The day they found out that you were just playing a part
Be your true self, it's time to come clean
Heal your own spirit and truly be seen
© Emily 2014
Emily Apr 2014
I like how by just seeing his face
It makes me smile
I love how he makes me forget
How insecure I am
His outpouring of love fills my heart
Healing me of the negativity
Making it easier to wake up every morning
He gives me life
He makes me shine
I wish to thank him in all ways
And do for him the same
© Naomi 2014
Emily May 2014
Pink, purple, red, blue
The flower colors so bold
Now that I have you

© Emily 2014
Emily Mar 2014
You make me smile
You make me laugh
You make me cry
You make me sad
You make me feel elation
You make me feel pretty
You make me feel worthy
You make me mad
You make me boil
But five minutes later
You make me happy
And I'm kissing your precious face
That's how I know
It's true love
© Willa 2014
Emily Sep 2014
i promised my girlfriend
that i'd stay clean
but i can't seem to stay
away from the blade
Emily Jul 2014
Cutting myself off
From the responsibility
From those that waste my time
Focusing on myself
My success
My happiness
No longer will I live a lie
Just going to say goodbye
To the endless *******
That I seem to have immersed myself in
© Emily 2014
Emily Feb 2014
I was swimming in a sea
Of confusion and heartache
But all along you were guiding me
Saving me from destruction

I was lost in a dark place
I had trouble understanding life
But you always made me feel safe
And helped me find my way

You are my light at the end
Of the long and cold tunnel
Through this bond, we transcend
Into a beautiful, undying love

This is more than I’ve dreamt of
You give me everything I desire
Truly, you’re my only love
Your heart takes me higher

I only wish to give you the same
Make you feel elation with every kiss
The spark will never leave this flame
We’ll burn brighter than the sun
Another love poem for my valentine.

© Willa 2014
Emily Jun 2014
Exes always come back to haunt you
I miss mine
© Emily 2014
Emily May 2014
The truth may hurt
But the good that comes out of it
Trumps all pain
Bring it on, I'm ready for it
As long as it clears up the mess in my head
The unanswered questions
And the confusing lies
Will all be resolved with the truth in time
Certitude will help me to heal
All the ideas that I thought were real
© Emily 2014
Emily May 2014
You look at others and pass such judgment
Yet you never take the time to look at yourself
© Emily 2014
Emily Feb 2014
Oh babe
I don't need to ask
If you'll be mine
You have been for a while
You're my true valentine
Let's kiss and make love
Watch the sunset on our porch
While we share a joint
Getting lost in each other's eyes
My head resting on your shoulder
This is heaven
Having you so close to my heart
And feeling your warmth
I love you so much
Let's promise to never part
And spend every February 14th together
Just you and me
Always and forever
So happy
© Willa 2014
Emily Aug 2014
you never cared about me
you never wanted to be mine
you just dug a deep hole
stuck me there with all of your lies
made me feel miserable
unwanted, ugly, and used
can't believe i fell for it
it happens every time
this big heart i have
is nothing but a curse
love ruins my life
and makes me feel like i'm the worst
i can't think straight
funny how i can't even function
shaking uncontrollably
sweating profusely
not one good thought
flows through my head
only thinking that i wish i were dead
you make me feel like death
is the answer to my problems
it may sound dramatic
but i can't even breathe
what is this life
without the one you love
you said you needed me
you said you had love for me
but you treat me like i'm a pest
make me feel like i'm a bother
i'll just leave you be
it's clear i'm not wanted
it's clear you don't give a ****
i wish i could be like you instead
someone cold and wicked
******* with a broken heart
i can't seem to write anymore
i wrote this in one short sitting
i know it's not good
but i have to let it out somewhere

© Emily 2014
Emily Feb 2014
You would always guilt trip me
Into believing that you were honest
You would get mad
When I spoke of wanting a new love
And what for
All you did was leave me in the end
By telling me you never loved me
And could never love me
You strung me along
Not for days
Not for weeks
But for months and months
You tortured me
Day after day
You went back and forth
Leading me to believe in a false hope
I was stupid to think
That you loved me truly
I knew how you were with others
You would lie
You would cheat to get ahead
I played the fool
By assuming you would be different with me
I treated you like a queen
And you treated me like I was nothing
And now I am here alone
With a broken heart
Can’t even leave this bed
Crippled to the core
With thoughts of you in my head
© Willa 2014
Emily Jun 2014
My heart breaks and rips as I convey the deep feelings I have for you on paper

The love letters that I write seem to be meaningless seeing as though this love is one sided

My stomach is sick and my cheeks are stained red from these moments of anguish where I let you go

Our relationship doesn't make me happy, it only makes me angry and sad, dissatisfied and unfulfilled

We barely speak, we barely connect, our relationship is impossible to maintain due to a lack of sacrifices being made

You seem uninterested and treat me as if I'm an afterthought in your mind, while you consume my every moment

Continuing down this path will only breakdown my heart further into the space of emptiness that it seems to be

These love letters are tear stained as the droplets fall with every written word, I wanted it so badly to be real

I miss you every second and I long for you passionately, wanting to know you and be with you all the days through

But we will never be because what I see in front of me is someone who cannot love me the way that I love them

I'm sick of crying over you, I'm sick of expending all my energy on you, because by the end of the day, I am only depleted of my love, lacking affection and attention from you
I have not written this honestly and from the heart in a while. This piece is exactly my emotions as I feel them. No filtering whatsoever.

© Emily 2014
Emily Sep 2014
depression isn't an excuse to be mean
but one must understand what comes along with a depressed mind
it isn't fun and games
it isn't smiles and laughs
and more times than not it is impossible to forge happiness
you can't expect everything out of someone who can't even get out of bed
you can't expect sanity when one is high off of self inflicted pain
and wasted off of several bottles of alcohol
maybe it is something others can't quite comprehend or understand
maybe it is something not everybody has had the misfortune to experience
but please don't hold it against those who have
please don't assume that they are bad people
because they are good at their core
and they are trying their very hardest to find the light
Emily Mar 2014
You gross me out
You lied to so many
You got multiple innocent and kind people
To fall in love with you
At the same time
Who do you think you are
Using everyone you come in contact with
But it's worse than just that
Not only did you lie about loving all of us
But you also lied about your name
You lied about your appearance
You betrayed our trust
You betrayed our love
I speak for all of us when I say
We had faith in you
We confided in you
We thought we had something special with you
But it turns out you're just a slob
An excellent liar with the ability to fool many
Starving for attention like it's oxygen
A storyteller, a fraud, a nobody
You're nothing but a creep
I suppose you have to fake it all
In order to get anyone to notice you
Because the real you resembles the devil
A whole awful lot
© Willa 2014
Emily Apr 2014
Graduating college
Such a large accomplishment
That's what they all say
He has a job lined up
She's had an internship
Full of experience
I, on the other hand,
Am just me
What do I have
Other than my brain
Other than my grades
Sure, I've lived life
But while everybody seems to have a plan
And seems to be moving in the right direction
I keep moving further into the ground
Isolated and lost
Unable to move
Trapped under the dirt that is
My mind, my insecurities, my confusion
Received my graduation invitations today and it feels surreal. Scared for the future and the real world.

© Naomi 2014
Emily Jun 2015
The good thing about boyfriends
Is that they have no emotions

All these girls are so high strung
Makes me feel like they're less fun

So many points of view
So many arguments
All I want is to just chill
No more backhanded compliments

Guys kick back, relax
It's not a big deal
Let's kiss, laugh, drink
Loving what we feel

Do you want love
Or do you want passion
Do they always come together
Or just in small rations

Do you want drama
Do you want sensitivity
Do you want strength
Do you want security

A personal dilemma
When trying to discover
What you want in life
What you will uncover
Emily Feb 2014
I look at myself in the mirror
I'm disgusted by what I see
And I think to myself
How could he ever love me
© Willa 2014
Emily Jan 2015
Pain is the feeling I experience
When she cries for me
Yearning for me to touch her again
I feel it too
The longing and the need to have her in my arms just one last time
Sadness comes over me when I see her brows furrow
Getting ready to cry
I feel so helpless being all these miles away
The memories we made carry me through every single day
And although this isn't the end
The distance between us is no easy obstacle to overcome
Our love is strong
The want is there
The need is shared between us
I just pray that the days go by quickly
And the nights pass easily
Until the next time that we meet again
I love you, my darling
Emily Sep 2014
This distance poisons my heart
It rots my mind
Sometimes I don't think
Our love can withstand the test of time

This distance poisons my heart
It fills my head with doubts
Leads me to believe this will never happen
I forget what our love is all about

This distance poisons my heart
Triggers me to do unthinkable things
Makes me feel like I'm not worth it
Makes me inflict these bleeding stings

This distance poisons my heart
I'm always wondering why
Why you are there and I am here
And all I ever manage to do is cry
I miss my girlfriend so ******* much
Emily Feb 2015
there are a few sacred things in this life
one of them is our body
it is not supposed to be used or abused
by those that don't know us or love us
it is not supposed to be touched
unless it is done so in love
in care and affection
and with the utmost respect

don't give your body away
without thinking
don't give your body away
unless you're mature
both mentally and physically
enough to understand what happens with your body
what happens when you experience the feelings that are associated with ***
unless you're old enough to understand love
understand that you shouldn't give your body away for just any reason

give your body away
if you wish to share love and intimacy
with someone who loves you unconditionally
with someone who has fallen in love with not just your body
but with your heart and with your soul
love should always come first
not really a poem i guess.
Emily Apr 2014
Don't kid yourself, darling
You don't need me around
You don't want me
As more than just an acquaintance
Someone to cure you of your insecurities
And of your need to feel loved
Use me up
Squeeze me dry
I have nothing better to do
Than be used by you
But don't pretend
That I mean more
Don't act as if
You've fallen in love
Not a single soul
Would go for me
We both know that
And anybody can see
That you live your life
Perfectly fine without me
© Naomi 2014
Emily Apr 2014
I feel so good
Tucked away in my bed
Warmed by the comforter
Healed by the comfort
It provides me with
My eyes close away the thoughts
That carry on through the day
Thoughts I no longer wish to think
Sleep gives me my dreams
Where I'm who I want to be
Doing what I want to do
I feel so good
Sinking into the mattress
The softness resembling clouds
It's like I've gone to heaven
Please don't wake me
© Naomi 2014
Emily Apr 2014
What a mistake I made
Investing my love
Devoting my time
Into someone so incapable of loving another
You don't even love yourself
So depressed, you want to die
It happens to the best of us
But that's no reason to give up
I shouldn't have been selfish
I should have just been the friend you needed
But instead I pursued something more than just friendship
And it's led me to being so hurt and alone
You're much younger than me
You're not really committed to me
I'm such a fool
For almost falling for you
I need to step back now
Before the damage grows
You're not ready for this
You can't give me what I want
I want your all
Every little piece of you
Emotional and physical
But you're not ready for that
And now I must take a step back
I love you and always will
But you're not ready for this
And it's all going downhill
© Naomi 2014
Emily Mar 2014
How lucky am I to live in a reality
One where my best friendship
Grew into a fantasy relationship
One where laughs and shooting the ****
Grew into something more
Something passionate
Deep and special
Conversations about the future
Talks about our love
Living in harmony
A beautiful duet
I follow you wherever you lead
Our hearts belong together
You're my sun
You're my sky
You're the flowers
You're the memories
The images in my head
You're the beauty
In everything I see
Thank you for being with me
© Willa 2014
Emily Apr 2014
The sin eats you alive
Just as it should
The company of the devil
The presence of evil
Surrounds your every move
Invades your every breath
It is what defines you
You are consumed
With the overbearing thoughts
Of the ones you've wronged
And how you will eventually
Have to face justice
And pay the price
Either now
Or in the afterlife
Or both
© Naomi 2014
Emily Jan 2015
I roll over in this large bed
Only to see that the space next to me is empty
It is where you should be laying
It is where I should be able to look into your eyes
And show you how much I adore you with just one glance
But instead I catch myself staring at the emptiness
Trying to understand how my one true lover lives across the Atlantic
My vision starts to become blurry
My emotions start to run together
And I am left feeling numb and hollow
How I wish I could reach my hand out
And feel your body next to mine
How I wish to feel the warmth of your breath as we speak in close proximity
And as I imagine these things, I feel happiness for a split second
But no, my world is shattered and my heart breaks
As the sudden realization hits that you are not here
I cannot see you, feel you, or hear you
You are elsewhere
And I am here
Broken from our separation
Longing for the next time I see your face
Dreaming of the day that I roll over
And see my love lying next to me
Instead of this empty space
i miss you
Emily Sep 2014
tears fall from our eyes
as we say goodbye
and come down from this high
my lover is precious
she is everything to me
without her
i have nothing
what would i do
without her eyes to look into
what would i do
without her kisses to feel against my lips
what would i do
without her beautiful voice to soak in
what would i do
without her sweet heart
i'm so lucky she loves me
i just hate it when we are apart
every day our love continues to grow
i can't wait to see her next
and witness her ethereal glow
she is my darling
and nothing or no one
could ever come between
bonded for life
she is my queen
Emily Apr 2014
My ex-boyfriend is smart
He can talk about anything
He teaches me things
He's enlightening
And he sparks my interest in worldly topics
I wouldn't otherwise think about

My ex-boyfriend is kind
He's understanding
He's sensitive
He's supportive
And he comforts me in ways
Others really can't

My ex-boyfriend is easy to look at
He has nice hair
He has a cute face
He has sweet eyes
And a sincere smile
That makes you want to smile back

Nowadays, on the rare occasions
He and I get to hang out
I find myself questioning
Why it is I left him in the first place
Not much of a poem, but just random thoughts I have as I see my ex move on to someone new. I wouldn't say I want him, but I guess I forgot for a little while how great he truly is. He will always have a special place in my heart. He was my first, after all.

© Emily 2014
Emily Aug 2014
loving you more
has turned into
the biggest chore
© Emily 2014
Emily Mar 2014
You can't escape this
There's no avoiding the truth
Maybe not today
And probably not tomorrow
But you'll be exposed in time
And it'll haunt you for the rest of your life
It appalls me...the length people go to to continue telling such a huge lie. And how delusional people are to continue believing it despite being shown a handful of evidence.

© Delia 2014
Emily Mar 2015
I'm disgusting from the inside out
Tormented by something that won't get out
A monster since my childhood
Crippling me with a disease
Convincing me that I'll always be ugly
Stuffing my face with everything imaginable
I'm growing by the minute
The fat comes on and adds to the filth
I'm so disgusting
It's something I'm aware of but I just can't fix
Something I always ignore
I'm used to all its tricks
I'll never get better
This monster will always have a home in me
For every step forward
I take three steps back
I can never win
I will always hate myself
I will always be this way
Gross, fat, and ruined
Emily Jul 2014
I'm in love with you
Though I feel I hardly know you
The distance makes me feel
Unaccustomed to who you are
We live separate lives
How could our love last
All the way to the end of time
It is unrealistic
And for more than just that reason
What I want from you
I feel you cannot provide
Not because you aren't capable
But simply because you aren't mine
You belong to the world
You belong to yourself
You shouldn't have to answer
To anyone else
You're far too innocent
To carry on with this
Maybe I should let you go
But the direction I should take
I really don't know
I'm waiting for a sign
Something crystal clear
Until I see it
I'll always be living in fear
Afraid that our relationship will fail
And I end up alone
© Emily 2014
Emily Mar 2014
Time to live life
With both feet on the ground
10 words.

© Willa 2014
Emily Apr 2014
When I think about us
And how we always seem to argue
I get sick to my stomach
I can't fight the tears
We push each other's buttons
And anger each other on purpose
That isn't how true love works
And that frightens me more than anything
Where is this coming from
Why are we deteriorating
It feels as though the wind has been knocked out of me
And I am suffocating
I can't imagine my life without you
I want you and your happiness
But all I seem to feel is rejected
I never feel good enough
I never feel a spark when we touch
It's like our love has died
And taken part of my soul with it
© Emily 2014
Emily May 2016
I feel such a deep connection
Such spiritual emotion
When I'm with you
I want to feel your kiss
And share my passion
For how I feel about you
No one in this world
Affects me quite like you do
Not in this moment
Not in the past
I want you to be my future
I want to be your woman
Your source of comfort
I want to be your lover
Your source of pleasure
I want to be by your side
Your source of encouragement
I want to look you in the eye
And have you see my devotion
You'll feel my love with my embrace
You'll feel my warmth
With the grace of my lips
I want to feel you next to me
Feel your body against mine
Exchange my feelings for you
Every moment in time
You are a man
And I'm ready to be yours
Tell me what to do
I want to submit to you
You're my man
Don't let me slip through
Your fingers
Emily Jul 2014
So in love with you it hurts
I miss you when you say goodnight
The hours between us take such a toll
But every single day I love you more
You're like oxygen for my lungs
Sunlight for my skin
This life is a game and with you I win
I know these deep feelings live within my heart
I feel it in my stomach whenever we're apart
I need to see your face
And look into your eyes
Taste your soft lips
And let you know you're mine
Belong to me like I belong to you
Mind, body, and soul
Everything I do is for you
Let me be your happiness
Just like you are mine
Everything you say makes my smile grow
You're my beautiful queen
And I hope you know
I'll do anything for you
And one day I'll cross the ocean to get to you
You're my fate, my destiny
You are supposed to be with me
I can't wait for our first kiss
I've never had it but it's something I miss
© Emily 2014
Emily Mar 2014
I broke up with him
A couple years ago
We were best friends
Each other's first love
But we grew apart
Like most first loves do
We remained friends
Though I didn't think
He was quite over me
I wanted him to move on
He was so deserving of a woman
Intelligent, generous, sensitive
He really is the perfect package
Now it seems as though
We aren't as close as we used to be
We say we're each other's good friend
But sometimes it doesn't feel that way
The details are no longer known
Just small conversations
And short hang out sessions
Here and there
From time to time
I feel like I'm losing my best friend
A constant in my life
I fear losing him completely
He was my first everything
He taught me so much
I miss the simpler days
When he used to be mine
I think nowadays he's onto someone new
And I'm happy for him
He deserves it all
And she's a lucky girl
I'll always cherish him
And miss the blissful innocence
Of first love and confidence
His name was Dan.

© Willa 2014
Emily Aug 2015
I can't help but cry
I think about the distance
And the next time I'll see you again
I don't know the exact date or time
But my lips miss you
Like my lungs need air after being under water for so long
I'm suffocating without the scent of you
Without the taste of you
I want to hear your voice
Not just over the phone
But whispering in my ear
I miss the warmth of your breath
And the smell of your hair
Life without you is so dull
There are no colors around me
Only worry and fear are the emotions I feel
I want to be with you
I have to be with you
5,000 miles with an ocean between us
I am afraid of a future without you
I'm confused and puzzled as to why this had to be so complicated
Why us
Why were we cursed with the terrible luck of finding love in someone who lives so far away
It almost seems impossible to maintain
But what's even more impossible is living a life without you
It's unimaginable
I would wait forever
Just for a single day with you
i love you
Emily Jul 2014
Looking like my princess
In that long lavender dress
Walking so elegantly
With those heels, you're taller than me
But you've always towered over me
With your style and your beauty
Love struck to the max
Nothing keeps me away from you
Not a word anyone says makes a difference
Because all I want to do
Is see you move
Dance for me and smile
They'll never understand
How special you are to me
My arms around your waist
My head buried into your neck
Kissing you softly
Teasing just slightly
The night ends
And I take you to bed
Love you all night
Holding you till the end
Morning comes
And you're my princess again
Wrapped up in soft sheets
Hoping these moments of pure bliss
Last forever
© Emily 2014
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