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Emily Jun 2020
I replay in my mind
the feel of your lips against the skin of my back
the softness of your beard on my legs

I hear in my head
your tired but hungry voice
the words ‘i love you’
sweetly in my ear
my heart feels so full
like the moon

but more than these physical sensations
are the feelings of rapture and safety
when you look at me with love and deep care
your admiration for me washes over me
my soul is so peaceful
now I sit back and wonder, did that disappear?

losing you is my greatest fear
for jkm
Emily Jan 2018
You think you’ve met someone different
But you’ve not

You think you’ve met someone genuine
But you’ve not

Smooth words, care in his tone
Texts you back, picks up the phone

He’s deep and sincere
Loves his family, has no fear

You think you’ve met someone different
But you’ve not

He calls you every night
You hear his voice for hours
He tells you he wants you as his wife
Assures you this world is “ours”

You think you’ve met someone different
But you’ve not

Days, weeks, months pass by
Slight changes take place
You start thinking it’s a lie
Calls are less frequent
Affectionate words no longer spoken
He’s met you, he’s felt you
Does he know that you’re broken?

What did you do to deserve such a phony
You thought he was different
You thought you met someone genuine
But you didn’t
You thought wrong
And now another piece of you is missing
people are still as fake as ever
Emily May 2017
why won't you talk to me
don't you miss the excitement i gave you
i made you feel so good
right through the phone
your desire burned deep
like you finally made it home
you wanted me bad
you wanted me good
you wanted me anyway i came
just like all bad boys should

why won't you talk to me
don't you miss the excitement i gave you
you felt passion once more
love entered through your chest
you could breathe easily again
alive from being suppressed
yearning ran through your veins
just like the sweat ran down your temple
my lips the subject of your fantasy
real enough to make you tremble

why won't you talk to me
don't you miss the excitement i gave you
Emily May 2017
There's something comforting
In the pitter patter of the rain
The deep rumbles of thunder
Flashes of lightning through the window
Washing away the problems of yesterday
Emily May 2017
How can you miss someone
You've never even met
I've never held your hand
But I miss feeling it in my palm
I've never tasted your lips
But I miss your soft kisses
I've never sensed your breath
But I miss the feel of it on my neck
I've never felt your teeth
But I miss them grazing against my shoulders
I've never had your love
But I feel empty without it
I've never heard your voice
But I keep longing to hear it
I've never touched your hair
But my fingers wish to run through it
I've never had you next to me
But I miss you
Emily May 2017
My desire for you burns like the sun hitting my skin on a hot day
My thoughts about you never cease, always on like a loop in my head
I think about your lips and how they will feel against my skin
I think about the hair on your face brushing up against my neck
I think about the taste of your tongue entering my soft mouth
I want to feel your warmth
Your body around me
My body around you
I want to grip your heart in my hands and slowly heal you with every kiss
I want to touch all the tender parts of you until you are whole again
I can be your source of comfort
Your soul can fit with mine
It's hard to face the truth
But let me be the one to show you reality
I can be what you truly desire
I will be what you had, but so much more
I will be what you need on every night and every day
You will look into my eyes and know I'll never stray
I want to restore what is broken in you
So give me the chance to show
What I can do
Emily May 2017
Why must I get myself stuck
I'm short for air
I can hardly breathe
My heart races fast
I think about my past
It's all too familiar

I pull the moon from the sky
And hand it to you
I take your broken heart
I mend all the pieces
Rid you of your diseases
Where does that leave me

I'm still in the dark
Grasping for air
Suffocating in my own house
Depleted of all my energy
Void of any memory
I am alone

Nothing is what I am
Not to you
Not to her
I'm just a crutch
Until you're on your feet again
I'm on my knees
Washing your feet
You walk away
Leaving me *****

No, I'm not worthy
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