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6.1k · May 2014
Emily May 2014
I'm the epitome of unattractive
The definition of ugly
I have a round stomach
My legs touch
My **** sag
My hair is thin and frail
My teeth aren't pearly white
I'm pale and my eyes are shallow
Brown with no depth or color
*** is an impossible task
When there is so much fat
Separating my body from the other
*** is an impossible task
When I'm only thinking about my body
Rather than feeling the passion and heat
*** is an impossible task
When I won't allow anybody to see me
A terribly ugly body resides
Underneath the loose jeans
And oversized shirts
I'm the epitome of unattractive
I'm more than just ugly
I'm more than just fat
I'm morbidly obese
I'm disgustingly put together
Nobody could want me
There is no question
Only an answer
The answer is no
No, I am not wanted
No, I am not desired
No, I am not beautiful
No, I will never be ****
I'm the epitome of unattractive
© Emily 2014
5.9k · Jul 2014
Emily Jul 2014
The sweet pineapple
I can taste upon her tongue
Not as sweet as what's below
15 words.

© Emily 2014
4.0k · Feb 2014
Emily Feb 2014
When you were heartbroken
I showered you with affection
I gave you all of my love
I allowed you to forget about all the bad
And start loving your life again

When you felt worthless
I made you feel confident
I reminded you of your beauty
I got you to feel ****
And start loving yourself again

But what you did to me
Was something much different
You drained me of all my love
Made me feel unwanted by you
My efforts were never truly reciprocated
And you gave me up like I was nothing

You made me hate my life
You made it impossible for me
To wake up in the morning
Much less do anything else
You made me hate myself
© Willa 2014
4.0k · Sep 2014
ethereal glow
Emily Sep 2014
tears fall from our eyes
as we say goodbye
and come down from this high
my lover is precious
she is everything to me
without her
i have nothing
what would i do
without her eyes to look into
what would i do
without her kisses to feel against my lips
what would i do
without her beautiful voice to soak in
what would i do
without her sweet heart
i'm so lucky she loves me
i just hate it when we are apart
every day our love continues to grow
i can't wait to see her next
and witness her ethereal glow
she is my darling
and nothing or no one
could ever come between
bonded for life
she is my queen
2.7k · Mar 2014
She Is My Bliss
Emily Mar 2014
I love her so much
She loves me too
Our intense love brings so much good
Laughter and joy
Company and intimacy
But at the same time
We worry so much about each other
It results in sadness filling up our hearts
Upset with the fact that the other may be having a bad day
Or a bad night
Upset with the fact that there are thousands of miles separating us
Across the ocean
In a different country
How I wish to hold her on those bad days
And kiss her to sleep on those hard nights
How I wish to be there in person to comfort her
So she not only has my words but my embrace
I need her to smile every day
To know I'm doing my job right
Because her happiness is my everything
She makes my world spin
Without her, I don't have much
These few bad days and bad nights
Are well worth it
She is my never ending bliss
© Willa 2014
2.7k · Mar 2014
Trust Issues
Emily Mar 2014
I cannot help but think
That everybody is lying to me
I never used to have that problem
In the past, I used to have faith
In those I surrounded myself with
But lately, that isn't the case
I question everything people tell me
I question their feelings and their thoughts
I hardly ever believe the things they say
Especially the things about me
I don't believe I'm loved or wanted
I don't believe I'm interesting or worthy
Despite being told that I'm all of the above
I suppose in past relationships and mishaps
I've come to develop trust issues
Being lied to so many times by people I once held so dear
And invested the most faith and confidence in
Being betrayed by those people
When I never thought it was possible
Has ruined my chances of finding true happiness
When will I heal?
When will I restore faith in humanity?
I have a feeling personal changes need to be made
So I guess that starts today
2.7k · Nov 2014
Emily Nov 2014
the love i have for her
is unlike anything i've ever felt
i care more for her than i even do myself
she is so fragile, so weak
yet at the same time
her strength is inspiring
her face is a wonder
her eyes a beautiful, blue hue
i could stare into them forever
for there is no competing view
i love the way her voice sounds
it's so sweet and pure
when she tells me she loves me
when she calls me baby
it is my undoing
i fall in love with her all over again
kissing her soft and supple lips
is my most favorite task
they're plump and pink
her tongue is so sweet
there is something so precious
about her very essence
i can't quite pinpoint what it is
but the more i am with her
the more that i see her
i realize it is because
being precious is inherently part of her
there is no other way for her to be
that's just how she is naturally
i can't believe that she is mine
she is sweeter than the finest dessert wine
if i am completely deserving
i do not know
but i will fight for her always
i will never let her go
sorry i haven't written in a while. i have been busy and haven't believed in my writing like i used to. but i thought i would post this. my girlfriend deserves more poetry written about her. hope y'all like it.
2.5k · Mar 2014
Fuck Off
Emily Mar 2014
Do you think I care what you think
Do you think I care about what you say
Talk crap about me
You don't know the thoughts in my head
You don't know what I do
Or who I talk to
You don't phase me one bit
You're a liar
You're full of ****
I don't value what you say
I don't waste my time on fakers like you
Because nothing you ever do is true
Keep running your mouth
Trying to make yourself look tough and strong
But you're only making a fool out of yourself
Because you're always wrong
Only the weak minded and cruel people at heart
Hold a grudge and act bitter
You've been this way from the start
I wonder when you'll finally just *******
© Willa 2014
2.4k · Mar 2014
One Of A Kind
Emily Mar 2014
She is like a flower
One that begins to blossom
At the commencement of spring
I want to love her
Shower her with affection
Nurture her with laughter
Make her shine like the sun
She is the most beautiful
As she blooms in the midst
Of our love
She is so graceful
The way she opens her heart up to me
As if she were flower petals
Soaking up every bit
Of every spring day
She is like a flower
Yet she is something different entirely
Something more
Something like I've never seen before
Her beauty goes unrivaled
Her authenticity and her passion
Are of something I've never witnessed before
She's the greatest I've known
Her love is something I cherish
Her soul, her heart, is like a bouquet of perfection and beauty
One of a kind
I'm so happy she's mine
Woke up to the sweetest message from her.

© Willa 2014
2.2k · Aug 2014
Emily Aug 2014
have you ever been so in love
that every step you take
you take in the name of

your lover
your soulmate
your best friend

your heart hurts to have distance
your mind wanders into bad places
after not speaking much that day

does she make your world spin
does he make your heart pound
do you feel like at any moment
your world could end
if suddenly
her love stopped
he no longer needed you

a smile can turn to a frown
a laugh can turn into a cry
you think you know all the answers
but all of a sudden, you're asking why

what if the worst happens
what if you end up alone
what if she doesn't want you
or he stops calling you on the phone

day after day
the fear grows within me
i'm losing my vision with every hour
all my senses are away from me
i'm scared to death of what could be

i want your heart forever
i want to see your mind
i want to feel secure with our love
i want to know you're mine
2.2k · Feb 2014
Love Is A Battlefield
Emily Feb 2014
You singlehandedly changed my life
But not in a good way
You dragged me through
A battlefield of emotions
You made me apologize
When I did no wrong
You made me feel even weaker
When I wasn't feeling so strong
You treated me the opposite way
Of how I treated you
I put you so high on my list of priorities
Ashamed to say you took the number one spot
And now you've left me
Acting as though I don't exist
Or that my existence is unimportant
This happened so many times
But I refused to see the signs
And gave you the benefit of the doubt
But you were always manipulating me
Into thinking everything was my fault
Or that I'm the undeserving one
But truthfully speaking
You're the liar and the one
Who took full advantage of my willingness to love and heal you
I tried to surrender multiple times
And walk away
You wouldn't let me
Always kept me wondering and second guessing
Forcing me to believe you cared about me
But worst of all
Getting me to believe that when you said
"I love you"
You were actually being true
But you weren't
And for that
You are the predator
I am the prey
And it will always be that way
Title comes from the song.

© Willa 2014
2.0k · Apr 2014
Short Of Breath
Emily Apr 2014
You say you love me more
You always doubt my want and need for you
But when a day goes by
Where we can't be with each other
And we don't speak much
It breaks me down
Depresses me
Until the next moment I'm with you
Because that's when I feel security
You're the light in my life
Without you it's dark
You're the pillow I rest my head on
In the middle of the night
Your voice and your touch
Soothes me and stops time
The lonely days make me short of breath
I hate it when you're not by my side
I simply can't live without you
Yet you always question this love of mine
I wish you'd understand
I wish you would believe me
You're everything I want
You're all that matters to me
© Emily 2014
1.9k · Feb 2014
Precious Moments
Emily Feb 2014
I'm as happy as a clam
Replaying my favorite track
Feeling high
From the flowers I smoked
Just took a small ****
To loosen myself up
I feel like a whole new me
Totally free
From pain and anguish
And anxiety
I relish these precious moments
They don't last forever
But they come along
Because my life is getting better
And soon enough
As my soul replenishes itself
From all the damage that's been done
I'll feel this perfect bliss
Every single day
I'll thank the heavens
For my recovery
The smile on my face
Will become permanent again
© Willa 2014
1.9k · Feb 2015
don't give your body away
Emily Feb 2015
there are a few sacred things in this life
one of them is our body
it is not supposed to be used or abused
by those that don't know us or love us
it is not supposed to be touched
unless it is done so in love
in care and affection
and with the utmost respect

don't give your body away
without thinking
don't give your body away
unless you're mature
both mentally and physically
enough to understand what happens with your body
what happens when you experience the feelings that are associated with ***
unless you're old enough to understand love
understand that you shouldn't give your body away for just any reason

give your body away
if you wish to share love and intimacy
with someone who loves you unconditionally
with someone who has fallen in love with not just your body
but with your heart and with your soul
love should always come first
not really a poem i guess.
1.7k · Mar 2014
My Man
Emily Mar 2014
Your broad shoulders
Strong cheek bones
Luscious lips
Soft hair
And deep eyes
Make me fall in love with you
More and more
With each look
Never leave my side
I love him so much. He makes my heart race.

© Willa 2014
1.7k · Jul 2014
Emily Jul 2014
The way I love her is unlike anything I've ever felt
My heart is literally melting
When she calls me
I hear her voice
And I'm at peace
My eyes meet hers
When I see her face through the screen
And it brings tears to my eyes
I miss her so much even though I'm looking at her
Nothing can stray me away from her
No one can ever compare to her
She's the most amazing, worthy, lovely person I'll ever know
I want her to be my wife
She belongs in my life
I'm so in love it hurts
A pain so sweet
© Emily 2014
1.5k · Feb 2014
Emily Feb 2014
I look at myself in the mirror
I'm disgusted by what I see
And I think to myself
How could he ever love me
© Willa 2014
1.5k · Nov 2014
our future
Emily Nov 2014
these night are lonely without you, my love
but i possess no fear
i know my life will be full of nights with you
the nights where we stay up for hours talking
the nights that lead their way into dawn
when the sun begins to come up
peaking through our window
as i tenderly kiss you
as we softly fall asleep
lying in each other's warm embrace
the nights full of passion and excitement
the eagerness to please one another
the deep kisses, the stares full of longing
the moans, the breaths
the ultimate pleasure in our hands
where nothing could possibly stop our love from blossoming
and the nights that we call early
the nights where we are too tired to even speak
but never too tired to softly kiss
subtly caress each other
admire each other with just our hands and lips
the nights where we fall asleep within moments
only because we are at such peace with each other
next to the one we love
for eternity
for always
thank you, my love
for a future full of endless nights
tonight i look forward to you
to them
to forever
thank you all for the reception my last poem received. i hope this one reaches you all in the same way.
1.5k · Feb 2015
my desire
Emily Feb 2015
i want to be able to touch you
and feel special
i want to be able to touch you
and feel like i'm the only one
i want to be able to touch you
knowing that your body has been preserved
i want to be able to touch you
knowing that you have saved yourself for the right person
i want to be able to touch you
and feel like my hands were the first hands on you
i want to be able to touch you
and make you feel pleasure that you haven't felt before

*but i guess i can't
i wish
1.4k · Mar 2014
Emily Mar 2014
I know you miss me
Though you say you hate me
And want nothing to do with me
But I know I treated you better than the rest
Because I saw it first hand
And I made it a point to be irreplaceable
I genuinely wish things could've been different between us
But you said you never loved me
And you won't stop telling lies
So with that, we're over forever
© Willa 2014
1.4k · Jan 2015
Emily Jan 2015
it's a scary thing
to love someone more than you love yourself
to love someone more than you love anything

it's a scary thing
to need someone like you need oxygen
to need them so bad or else you'll suffocate

it's a scary thing
to want someone with every bone in your body
and you feel it in your muscles
you've come undone
you have to have them

it's a scary thing to devote every piece of yourself
and to commit every part of your life
to one person

you can't help it, though
that is love
love works that way
it's scary

it's scary because at any moment
things could change
and your whole world could come crashing down
your whole life will seem over
you will feel doomed
like you can never move on
you're suddenly out of breath
gasping for air
and that sickly feeling comes over you

i cannot live without you
please don't make me
it would be the end of me
more of just a stream of consciousness than anything else
1.4k · Feb 2014
You Make Me Sick
Emily Feb 2014
The thought of you makes me sick
Sicker than I've ever felt
When I think of the countless lies you told me
For months on end
When I think of how you said you loved me
Only to pull the rug right out from under me
And tell me it was all a lie
That you could never love the real me
It makes me want to *****
When I see your face
I get the urge to purge
Purge every memory of you out of my system
What you did to me will haunt you forever
You'll never forget me because I was your greatest lover
No one will treat you like I did
No one will love you like I did
You're a pathetic excuse for a human being
I knew you were troubled
But never to this extent
So troubled that you use everyone in your path
In the most extreme ways
I am the victim
And I always will be
And you will remain a nothing forever
I am sick because of you
But like any sickness
It will go away
And I cannot wait
For that day
© Willa 2014
1.3k · Feb 2014
Emily Feb 2014
You would always guilt trip me
Into believing that you were honest
You would get mad
When I spoke of wanting a new love
And what for
All you did was leave me in the end
By telling me you never loved me
And could never love me
You strung me along
Not for days
Not for weeks
But for months and months
You tortured me
Day after day
You went back and forth
Leading me to believe in a false hope
I was stupid to think
That you loved me truly
I knew how you were with others
You would lie
You would cheat to get ahead
I played the fool
By assuming you would be different with me
I treated you like a queen
And you treated me like I was nothing
And now I am here alone
With a broken heart
Can’t even leave this bed
Crippled to the core
With thoughts of you in my head
© Willa 2014
1.3k · Jan 2018
you thought wrong
Emily Jan 2018
You think you’ve met someone different
But you’ve not

You think you’ve met someone genuine
But you’ve not

Smooth words, care in his tone
Texts you back, picks up the phone

He’s deep and sincere
Loves his family, has no fear

You think you’ve met someone different
But you’ve not

He calls you every night
You hear his voice for hours
He tells you he wants you as his wife
Assures you this world is “ours”

You think you’ve met someone different
But you’ve not

Days, weeks, months pass by
Slight changes take place
You start thinking it’s a lie
Calls are less frequent
Affectionate words no longer spoken
He’s met you, he’s felt you
Does he know that you’re broken?

What did you do to deserve such a phony
You thought he was different
You thought you met someone genuine
But you didn’t
You thought wrong
And now another piece of you is missing
people are still as fake as ever
1.3k · Apr 2014
Emily Apr 2014
Perform for me
But more intimately
I want to see a special show
For my eyes only
No one ever has to know
You'll be my ***** little secret
It won't be hard to keep
Because once I get a small peek
I'll only want you for me
That private show is all I'll see
Showing off your skills
And your body
It'll be a sweet kind of torture
And after you perform for me
I'll perform on you
Your pleasure is the encore
Leaving each other wanting more
Until next time
When you ****** me with your talent
Yet again
2 a.m. ramblings.

© Naomi 2014
1.3k · Sep 2014
love letter
Emily Sep 2014
dear the love of my life,

thank you for waltzing into my world
so quickly and so unexpectedly
i think we are nothing more
than the perfect stroke of destiny
we are meant to be
there is a reason we found each other
to cure one another from hopeless days
and finally live through our own cliches
you are my sun, my moon, and my stars
without you i am nothing
but a body full of scars
you cure me from self doubt
you fix me from self hate
make me realize i'm unconditionally loved
make me truly believe in fate
you are my mantra, my muse, my woman
i can't breathe without you
not with the absence of your love, i just couldn't
thank you for being mine
and thank you for giving yourself to me
no amount of time or words
could allow me to ever express that to you adequately
give me your forever
not a day less will do
i will love you until my last breath
and when my spirit thrives after my body has died
you, my soulmate, will always be by my side
i love you, lauren.
1.3k · Jul 2014
Emily Jul 2014
No more love poems to be written
In this heart of mine
Only feelings of loss and resignation
Take over my soul and cause me agony
It seems like I've been down this road one too many times before
And I sit here wondering why I did the same things
Thinking of all the signs I chose to ignore
I wonder if I'll learn my lesson
I wonder if I'll ever heal
Heartbreak takes a toll on people
And I've been suffering for so long
Thoughts and wonder fill my brain
About if I'll ever love again
If I'll ever find trust in another
© Emily 2014
1.3k · Feb 2014
Emily Feb 2014
The hazel of your eyes
The specks of green and brown
They're so beautiful
I could stare into them forever
But they're the most special
Because I can see your love
All the way through them
It's nothing but real
It's nothing but genuine
© Willa 2014
1.2k · May 2017
talk to me
Emily May 2017
why won't you talk to me
don't you miss the excitement i gave you
i made you feel so good
right through the phone
your desire burned deep
like you finally made it home
you wanted me bad
you wanted me good
you wanted me anyway i came
just like all bad boys should

why won't you talk to me
don't you miss the excitement i gave you
you felt passion once more
love entered through your chest
you could breathe easily again
alive from being suppressed
yearning ran through your veins
just like the sweat ran down your temple
my lips the subject of your fantasy
real enough to make you tremble

why won't you talk to me
don't you miss the excitement i gave you
1.2k · Apr 2014
Your Ghost
Emily Apr 2014
Nothing will ever diminish
The light that you gave me
When you were alive
The laughter we shared
The tears of uncontrolled joy
The endless stares and loving looks
Full of compassion and affection
Nothing can replace the special intimacy
That we shared only with each other
You were my true soul mate
These days without you, I'm forced to move on
I can't live my life in the dark
Always wondering what could have been
I already know what was
And what we had the potential to be
But you left me
The most horrible tragedy
The pain has attempted to subside
Over all this time
But I've never truly been able
To rid myself of the remembrance of you
Your ghost remains
Following me like a shadow
I invite it to come along
My only wish is that it was your flesh, your body
And I could hold you all night long
We never got to say goodbye
Wrote this as I listened to the song "Your Ghost" by Greg Laswell on repeat.

© Naomi 2014
1.2k · Feb 2014
Nights To Remember
Emily Feb 2014
Day to day obligations
Keep us apart
But when we reunite
In the night
The heat between us
Drives out the cold
Of the winter
I love him.

© Willa 2014
1.2k · Mar 2014
Wrong But Feels So Right
Emily Mar 2014
****, baby girl
You've got a mature mind
You're wise and you're grown
You sometimes turn me on
I feel things for you
And I don't know what to do
But I'm so glad I know you now
Before there was some distance
But these days you're close to me
There's no way I can resist
The sweet temptation of your love
It may be wrong to love you
It may be wrong to wanna please you
But it feels so right when we talk
We vibe on the same level
I wanna feel your body under mine
I wanna hear your thoughts and your troubles
Help you solve them and forget them
You're so worthy
My desire is to be yours
Even though I know it's wrong
I'm infatuated with her. She's younger but I don't care.

© Willa 2014
1.2k · Oct 2015
Emily Oct 2015
something about the rain
the gloom and doom sensation
yet it feels like relief
all your emotions and sorrows
pouring out and coming down
banging ******* the driveway
window cracked open
the repetitive sound in your ear
nothing to do but listen and think
the rain brings long thoughts
frustrating, sad, anxious
but at the same time, freeing
parts of me are washed away
parts i wish that weren't there
a new chapter can begin after the rain
the smell, the feel, the look
out of dark clouds comes light
you take a deep breathe
1.1k · Mar 2014
To Name A Few
Emily Mar 2014
The things you made me feel:

Just to name a few

But in reality
Those words don't describe me
They describe you
© Willa 2014
1.1k · Apr 2014
Emily Apr 2014
What a mistake I made
Investing my love
Devoting my time
Into someone so incapable of loving another
You don't even love yourself
So depressed, you want to die
It happens to the best of us
But that's no reason to give up
I shouldn't have been selfish
I should have just been the friend you needed
But instead I pursued something more than just friendship
And it's led me to being so hurt and alone
You're much younger than me
You're not really committed to me
I'm such a fool
For almost falling for you
I need to step back now
Before the damage grows
You're not ready for this
You can't give me what I want
I want your all
Every little piece of you
Emotional and physical
But you're not ready for that
And now I must take a step back
I love you and always will
But you're not ready for this
And it's all going downhill
© Naomi 2014
Emily Jul 2014
England calls my name
That's where my love waits for me
Across the blue sea

Title inspired by the Simon and
Garfunkel song, Kathy's song.

© Emily 2014
1.1k · Mar 2014
Emily Mar 2014
How lucky am I to live in a reality
One where my best friendship
Grew into a fantasy relationship
One where laughs and shooting the ****
Grew into something more
Something passionate
Deep and special
Conversations about the future
Talks about our love
Living in harmony
A beautiful duet
I follow you wherever you lead
Our hearts belong together
You're my sun
You're my sky
You're the flowers
You're the memories
The images in my head
You're the beauty
In everything I see
Thank you for being with me
© Willa 2014
1.1k · Mar 2014
Emily Mar 2014
You can't escape this
There's no avoiding the truth
Maybe not today
And probably not tomorrow
But you'll be exposed in time
And it'll haunt you for the rest of your life
It appalls me...the length people go to to continue telling such a huge lie. And how delusional people are to continue believing it despite being shown a handful of evidence.

© Delia 2014
1.0k · Jan 2015
Emily Jan 2015
Pain is the feeling I experience
When she cries for me
Yearning for me to touch her again
I feel it too
The longing and the need to have her in my arms just one last time
Sadness comes over me when I see her brows furrow
Getting ready to cry
I feel so helpless being all these miles away
The memories we made carry me through every single day
And although this isn't the end
The distance between us is no easy obstacle to overcome
Our love is strong
The want is there
The need is shared between us
I just pray that the days go by quickly
And the nights pass easily
Until the next time that we meet again
I love you, my darling
1.0k · Aug 2014
cold and wicked
Emily Aug 2014
you never cared about me
you never wanted to be mine
you just dug a deep hole
stuck me there with all of your lies
made me feel miserable
unwanted, ugly, and used
can't believe i fell for it
it happens every time
this big heart i have
is nothing but a curse
love ruins my life
and makes me feel like i'm the worst
i can't think straight
funny how i can't even function
shaking uncontrollably
sweating profusely
not one good thought
flows through my head
only thinking that i wish i were dead
you make me feel like death
is the answer to my problems
it may sound dramatic
but i can't even breathe
what is this life
without the one you love
you said you needed me
you said you had love for me
but you treat me like i'm a pest
make me feel like i'm a bother
i'll just leave you be
it's clear i'm not wanted
it's clear you don't give a ****
i wish i could be like you instead
someone cold and wicked
******* with a broken heart
i can't seem to write anymore
i wrote this in one short sitting
i know it's not good
but i have to let it out somewhere

© Emily 2014
1.0k · May 2017
Emily May 2017
Why must I get myself stuck
I'm short for air
I can hardly breathe
My heart races fast
I think about my past
It's all too familiar

I pull the moon from the sky
And hand it to you
I take your broken heart
I mend all the pieces
Rid you of your diseases
Where does that leave me

I'm still in the dark
Grasping for air
Suffocating in my own house
Depleted of all my energy
Void of any memory
I am alone

Nothing is what I am
Not to you
Not to her
I'm just a crutch
Until you're on your feet again
I'm on my knees
Washing your feet
You walk away
Leaving me *****

No, I'm not worthy
1.0k · Feb 2014
I'm Doing Me
Emily Feb 2014
Hate me
Regret me
Does it look like I care?
I have a boyfriend
I have a best friend
I go to a public ivy
I'm doing me

Hold a grudge
Be vindictive
Does it look like I care?
I'm getting job offers
I'm getting healthy
I'm doing things that make me happy
I'm doing me

Act like a *****
Call me names
Does it look like I care?
It's not like I believe you
I know you're full of sin
You're just a liar
Keep to yourself

I'm doing me
And I'm not feeling sorry
Karma is real
It'll come back around
You think you're free from me
Think again
The loss of me will haunt you
All the way to the end
© Willa 2014
1.0k · Mar 2014
If I Had A Whole Day
Emily Mar 2014
If I could be around you
Just for one day
If I could spend a whole 24 hours
With everything going my way
I'd spend it touching you
I'd spend it loving you
I'd spend it kissing you
I'd spend it talking to you
I'd spend it getting to know every thought in your head
I'd spend it getting to know every beautiful curve that makes up your body
I'd spend it showing you how much I adore you
Even though I don't even know you
I know your face
It puts me in a daze
The tiny details I have of you
Are the little treasure pieces I hold dear and near to my heart
I'm dreaming of the day we get to meet
I'm pondering about the 24 hours I will spend making endless love to you
That's what I would do
If I had a whole day
Dedicated to someone I've never met but would very much like to meet.

© Willa 2014
972 · Jul 2014
Too Good To Be True
Emily Jul 2014
I feel like a part of me has died
Now that our love has ended
But then again
It was never love at all
© Emily 2014
969 · Mar 2014
Emily Mar 2014
You make me smile
You make me laugh
You make me cry
You make me sad
You make me feel elation
You make me feel pretty
You make me feel worthy
You make me mad
You make me boil
But five minutes later
You make me happy
And I'm kissing your precious face
That's how I know
It's true love
© Willa 2014
927 · Nov 2015
hope lingers
Emily Nov 2015
i have a hope that we can make it through
i am trying to decide why i would ever mistreat you

i am sorry for the way that i've acted
for always being confused and distracted

i can't undo the mistakes i have made
i just don't want this love to fade

it scares me to think of a life without the one
that would be like the earth and no sun

i feel things for you that i don't quite understand
i feel like i know you like the back of my hand

but at the same time i don't
i've never known you and probably won't

it's saddening to think we live so far apart
we deserve so much more for the longing in our heart

living my life day by day, doing the same
i just want to wake up with you and feel no shame

i don't want to be embarrassed that my love is for you
everyone makes me feel like it's wrong to do

maybe nobody will ever see what i see
but at least your love makes me feel free

i feel myself, i am not ashamed
with you, the person i was meant to be, i became

thank you for giving me myself
thank you for your love, and yourself

i have a hope that we can make it through
i have a feeling i will always love you
914 · Apr 2014
Emily Apr 2014
Graduating college
Such a large accomplishment
That's what they all say
He has a job lined up
She's had an internship
Full of experience
I, on the other hand,
Am just me
What do I have
Other than my brain
Other than my grades
Sure, I've lived life
But while everybody seems to have a plan
And seems to be moving in the right direction
I keep moving further into the ground
Isolated and lost
Unable to move
Trapped under the dirt that is
My mind, my insecurities, my confusion
Received my graduation invitations today and it feels surreal. Scared for the future and the real world.

© Naomi 2014
851 · Mar 2017
new air
Emily Mar 2017
meeting you
is like breathing
new air

your soul
your passion
your care

my stomach jumps
my heart flutters
my eyes fill with tears

i feel it again

but this time
it is raw

i want you
not only in my head
not only in my heart

but in my soul
in my bed
in my arms

i want to breathe
this new air
Waiting for God to bring me a lover.
847 · May 2017
Emily May 2017
There's something comforting
In the pitter patter of the rain
The deep rumbles of thunder
Flashes of lightning through the window
Washing away the problems of yesterday
830 · Feb 2014
Letting Go Of You
Emily Feb 2014
I don't need a new love
I've had him all along
I was just distracted
By the most evil of imps
Selfishness and egoism
The true root of your motives
Selflessness and love
The true root of his
It's not a matter of choosing
I've already chosen him
It's a matter of letting go
And I'm letting go of you
© Willa 2014
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