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Lana Lumia Mar 2015
Night upon a sandy boardwalk exit,
My voice caresses words of adoration,
Spoken only for you to hear
May they be carried away to sea by the night wind,
So the the words last eternally in solidity in this vast universe
and even in the sunbeams of the heavens, perhaps
Caught up in the stars.

The wind chills me to my bones,
Though my body does tremble as result
You delicately smile
Following to press your sweet lips lovingly
to my cold cheek;
I am warmed.

Our eyes lock
and at the trembling touch
of our fingers, interwoven, I know
We are not in fact promised long life in this cold world
Life can be as short and brisk
As the night wind

However long I may be here
I feel I will be a great deal warmer
If the remainder of my fragile time spent in this life
so like the night wind,
is here, always, by your side

  Mar 2015 Lana Lumia
Grame Rabbit
Where daffodils
Perfume the breeze,
And chirps and trills
Concert the trees,
And nectar spills
From mouths of bees,
I find my thrills,
My fun, my ease.
And though it ills
I rather please
To take green hills
With allergies.
Benadryl pills?
No thanks: I’ll sneeze.

^ ^
  Mar 2015 Lana Lumia
Just Some Chick
I tend to live my life in a cloud, always foggy, never taking the time to look around.
I gave up on the world before I even saw it.
I gave up on myself before I had the chance to live.
It's so easy to get lost in my head and forget to breathe sometimes, but you call me out on it, every time, no matter what. It doesn't even matter if you're struggling internally as well, you always make sure to look at me. To notice when I'm not talking as much, or when my text seems oddly worded.
I knew how intuitive you were from the very beginning, I would watch you watch the world. And the sparkle in your eye forced me to look around as well.
You are the push I've needed for so long, you keep me focused and remind me that it's just another day.
No matter how horrible things may seem
the birds will still chirp,
flowers will bloom,
life will go on.
And I can either continue to crawl through it, or I can live. I can choose to smile, every single morning no matter how much it hurts. Because there is beauty everywhere, everyone and everything has a story.
I hope I never lose the sight you've given me. I think that's why I don't like the idea of you buying me materialistic things. The gift you've given me can never be repaid or properly recognized.
You gave me everything I have, my mind set, my smile, the air that brushes past my lips.
You showed me everything that I was too afraid to see before,
you gave me the world I live in today,
and I swear I will never forget that.
  Mar 2015 Lana Lumia
Dhaye Margaux
I think of my favorite food  everyday
No,  I think I want to have it every moment
I am always hungry
I am craving too much of it
But I cannot always have it

I always want to see my favorite place
That beach,  its shore
I want to swim in its blue water
I want to play in its sand
I am wanting to be there always
But I can't be there whenever I want

I always want to hear my favorite song
But the radio doesn't always play it
I always wait for it to be played
On different radio stations
But it seems I am the only one requesting for it

You would say unlucky I am
But you're wrong
I am so lucky
For I have what I want when I really need it
Not when I just want it

I know I just need to adjust
How to control this craving.
You don't need the smoky colored quartz dangling in your hair,
Or the liquid rubies painted onto your soft lips,
Or the powdered gold dusted onto your eyelids to hide the look of pain.
You don't need the silver buttons strung up your shirt to make your aura seem pure,
Or the perfect pearls around your throat to tease and allure,
Or the obsidian skirt hugging your thighs to add the finishing touch.
You don't need the diamond blade to make you bleed imperial topaz onto your marble floor,
Or the laxatives made of howlites to cut your figure thin,
Or the breast implants made of danburites to make you seem attractive.
You are worth more than the emeralds that people compare your eyes to.
You are worth more than the sapphires that make up the water in your body.
And you are worth more than the taaffeites that compose the air you breath.
You are a perfect angel without the expensive things.
Just sing sweet lullabies of the truth and be yourself,
To ensure you live in a beautiful reality.
©LogenMichel copyright 2015
  Mar 2015 Lana Lumia
Brenna Smith
I never asked for it.
I never asked for a trespasser.
I did not want his skin to touch mine
and pull me into an ocean of fear
to do what he wants
or else something worse might happen

I wish I could feel
clean and innocent
but no amount of bleach
can burn it off of me.

*I never asked for it.
I said no
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