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  Feb 2015 Just Some Chick
When you burn paper
It curls in
From the edges
Getting smaller
I am the opposite

Brightly unfurling
A mess
Carelessness at it's best
This Note could not be found.
  Jan 2015 Just Some Chick
It is very rare
To live in the moment.

At any given time
We find ourselves
Thinking about the past
Or planning for the future.

To live in the moment
Is the most beautiful
Because you remember
Every sound,
Smell and touch,
And have memorised
Every crease on your lover's palm.

And for days,
And even years,
You will live in that moment

Until time drains the colour
Of that memory,
Like a used cloth,
And you have to find
Another moment to live in.
  Jan 2015 Just Some Chick
I think I loved you most the winter your heating was broken
And we’d stay inside all morning
Pretending to complain that we couldn’t get out of bed
Our clothes becoming little islands on the floor,
Ones that we could not quite find the courage to visit

Your hand stayed glued to my hip,
Your breath warming my shoulder
Like a long drag of whiskey
That kind that had a home so far away,
In a glass bottle on top of your refrigerator.
The one that would not be opened
Until that fateful day in February,
When everything went wrong

And on that unbearable night
When you joked that you’d freeze to death if I left you
There was a long silence
Like it might be true.

Now it’s warm enough
That I show too much skin when sitting in bars
And you avoid me like the plague,
Whispering in any girl’s ear that’s near to you
Every time you see me watching out of the corner of your eye

We should have stayed inside when the ice began to melt
Because I think
When those doors opened and we finally ventured outside
The world had changed,
And so had you and I.
You're the thought
That keeps me from
Imploding upon myself
When I'm crying in
A pool of my own blood.

You're the thought
That makes my fears go away.
Gelotophobia and social anxiety
Are nothing with you in my head.

You're the thought
That warms me up.
Makes me comfortable
In hostile environments.

You're the thought
That gives me reason
To do good in life.
With or without school.

You're the thought
That keeps me alive,
Stops me from suicide.

But you're also the thought
That keeps my heart inside.
Keeps it safe, keeps it warm
But at the risk of shattering it.

You're the thought
That almost dropped it
When you told me
That forever might not happen.
  Jan 2015 Just Some Chick
Audrey Maday
This much I know is true:
I'm as much me,
As I am a part of you,
Your words will never change this,
Nor distance, nor time,
And some day in the future,
Again, you will be mine
We will be together again, whether it is in this life or the next
  Jan 2015 Just Some Chick
I just want you
to be happy
but sometimes
and selfishly
I want to be
your happiness

'happiness is a choice'
you say
and you didn't choose me

I clung onto the idea
since you made me happy
it would be the same for you

What is happiness now?
where has it gone to?
In time, society has robbed us
the real meaning of happiness

Go on your own way
and pursue your happiness
for your smile, is my smile
your laugh, is my laugh

and I'll be happy
when you find your happiness
because I love you
always have, always will
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