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 Jan 2018 Kripi
Lior Gavra
Am I just a wheel?
Consuming meals?
A speck in blue sea?
Bound by what I see?
Life amongst trees?
Breathing means free?

Am I my beliefs?
The truth I seek?
Flag of a country?
Defined by currency?
A liability?
Part of society?

Am I what you see?
The way you judge me?
The values you pick?
First impressions stick?
Norm defined by you?
Do I dare to be rude?


I am who I choose.
I fill my own shoes.
I win when I lose.
I create my own views.
I see black beyond blue.
I pick me over you.

Who are we?
I am me.
Who are we?
Depends on you.
 Sep 2016 Kripi
brandon nagley
Today's another day, of observing thy birth, smile, relax; for today's
Thy celebration.

Today's another day, God show's thee
Thy worth; breathe in easy,
With poetic inspiration.

Today's another day thou hath another chance; be joyous, free;
Love is the answer.

Today's another day, plant hope to other's as seed's, if hurt giveth to those in need; let thy light shine
As a lantern.

Thou hath another hour, second, and day; may happiness walk
With thee today.

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
©Birthday dedication to kripi Mehra
Thy- your.
Thee- you.
Thou- also means you.
Hath- have...
Thou hath means - you have
Giveth- give.

Happy birthday dear poet... May your path be love. Light, giving others love and forgiveness as forgiveness and love awaits you poet and friend of mine... Let not darkness or those of darkness overtake you. Your a light. So don't hide it kripi.

Your friend
Brandon nagley

Happy birthday kripi Mehra!!!!
Its been only months since the day i first talked to you,
but this has never been an issue,
no matter what i was going through,
you were always here when i needed someone to talk to..

A friend that won't ever ask for anything,
but who deserves everything,
that's what you are,
no matter how far away you are,
you know you can count on me like you've been doing so far,
and like always i'll be here for my little star..

We've shared our happiness,
our sadness,
but still things we got to tell each other daily is never less,
I guess that that's because you're the best..
..a diamond among the rest..

I won't ever let this flip..
..never let you weep
never let go of our unconditional friendship...

Happy Birthday Bestie,
Kripi Mehra ^^

To a friend that everyone wishes to have,
Happy Birthday Bestie!
I thought the place that we've known each other would be the best place to tell you how much this unconditional friendship means to me ^^
 Sep 2016 Kripi
Gold Dust
 Sep 2016 Kripi
We all have some dust
Which we can shed
Where else but here
With all our heart
Without selfishness
HP Poem #1153
©Atul Kaushal
 Sep 2016 Kripi
Holding you so very close two years ago,
A moment had been shared by you and me,
Pompousness of your birthday was fabulous,
Picking you up in my arms I had felt like,
Yet I restrained myself from doing that.

Because it was your home back there,
I could not risk losing you that day,
Restraining was the best option then,
Threateningly close to my eyes,
Had been your twinkling eyes,
**** – beautiful was the kiss,
Aye, we shared that moment,
Yes, it is so unforgettable.
Happy birthday!

HP Poem #1152
©Atul Kaushal
 Jul 2016 Kripi
Let's talk about a human being,
Be it a male or a female being...
The infant needs care,
It also needs to feed..
The infant cries,
The infant laughs.
And nothing else matters.

Then the infant grows up to be a kid,
Becomes a more big teenager next..
The teenager needs attention,
It needs to be accompanied..
The teenager plays,
The teenager enjoys.
And nothing else matters.

The teenager matures into an adult,
Blasts each one of the social norms.
The adult needs inspiration,
It needs to be truly loved..
The adult thinks,
The adult aspires,
And nothing else matters.
A poem inspired by the song title of 'Nothing Else Matters' from Metallica.

My HP Poem #1101
©Atul Kaushal
 Jun 2016 Kripi
first dates
 Jun 2016 Kripi
anything that destabilises the ego
is OK with me
 Jun 2016 Kripi
Michael L
Alas! YOU have arrived
To soak up my words
May you drink them in
Delight in them
For they were penned for YOU
I know not your name
Nor will I see your face
But, you were on my mind when I wrote them

I knew you would come one day

And be touched by these few words
Not yesterday, not tomorrow, instead today
How was I to know the time
The timing I leave to you

I am just glad you came

Its never too late to proceed
For the words in my poems
Are meant for just the right moment
Filling a need
Easing some pain
Perhaps they turn your frown upside down

That is why ...

I continue to write

And ...

YOU continue to read
Ever notice how people meet your words at just the right moment
 Jun 2016 Kripi
Michael L
One Touch
 Jun 2016 Kripi
Michael L
Broken things require glue
Turn around that's you

Don't stand by and watch me break
This world needs NOT another fake

Take a moment to embrace me
Your touch will set me free

Pure hands infuse humanity
Deliver it just for my sanity

There is no mistaken identity
Inside you is my serenity

One touch ... a basic need I concede
My ache is now full speed

Do not make me beg
Press in and heal my plague

Today I ooze of selfishness
You are familiar with my reticence

Guilt draws near and whispers
Push past its tiny embers

My need today transcends
Straight from you, no bends

I lay curled up in a ball
Listen, do you hear my call

From you, I plead one task
One touch ... *it's all I ask
Some days I just need a touch to know that I am still living!
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