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brandon nagley Sep 2016
Today's another day, of observing thy birth, smile, relax; for today's
Thy celebration.

Today's another day, God show's thee
Thy worth; breathe in easy,
With poetic inspiration.

Today's another day thou hath another chance; be joyous, free;
Love is the answer.

Today's another day, plant hope to other's as seed's, if hurt giveth to those in need; let thy light shine
As a lantern.

Thou hath another hour, second, and day; may happiness walk
With thee today.

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
©Birthday dedication to kripi Mehra
Thy- your.
Thee- you.
Thou- also means you.
Hath- have...
Thou hath means - you have
Giveth- give.

Happy birthday dear poet... May your path be love. Light, giving others love and forgiveness as forgiveness and love awaits you poet and friend of mine... Let not darkness or those of darkness overtake you. Your a light. So don't hide it kripi.

Your friend
Brandon nagley

Happy birthday kripi Mehra!!!!

— The End —