Michael L Apr 20

I heard you were going away
On a one week holiday
This makes me sad for sure
You are the one I adore

Its only a week I know
The time, how fast will it flow?
My hope is quite quickly
Without you I get a bit prickly

Its no secret I am into you
So remember, without you I'm blue
Your sweet words I'll miss
But mostly your kiss

While you are away, I'll catch up on books and work
I guess that will be a perk
Not wanting to seem unsteady
But I miss you already

Michael L Apr 13

Darling, have we reached perfection?
The pinnacle, the peak
Our hearts and minds fully aligned
No need to utter a word to be heard

Darling, can I call you mine?
Your name, eternally on my lips
Satisfied each day with your presence
I'll guard your heart from pain

Darling, can I be your lover?
It began with a touch of your hand
Now I'm aroused by the rest of you
Continuing to quench desires thirst

Darling, how can I resist your beauty?
Your eyes, they smile at me, I'm crushed
Lips of silk, work their magic
Hypnotic curves, lead me astray

Darling, can you stay?
With me till my last breath
Our story, it's not yet finished ...

... Darling, can you stay?

seduced ...
Michael L Mar 24

Coworkers seeking chit chat
I've a long night at that
Smiling and nodding robotically
If I leave they will hate me

The office party is on
They usually drag on till dawn
I look around for a spot
Just to hide out from the lot

Raising my head I see you
Eyes bright and blue
You look in my direction
I smile to show affection

As you move near me
My heart begins it's plea
Your fragrance precedes
A temptation indeed

Inches from me you stand
I reach out my hand
You slip your fingers in mine
Pulling me close its divine

You whisper in my ear
Why are you trembling dear?
I answer with a gentle kiss
Your smile tells me you like this

My intention is to hold you close
And dance until we overdose
My hands enjoy your curves
Another kiss to calm your nerves

Our bodies move in unison
This night has just begun
Dance with me till daybreak
These feelings I can't fake

For you xo
Michael L Mar 20

BLUE oceans I see
Waves DANCE perpetually
Feel HER gravity

Em, this is your haiku (I admit defeat) ... (smiles) ... congrats!!!
Michael L Dec 2016

I always think


A trait that not all my friends


Yet some find me as sweet as a


When I drink I just take a


Believe me, I am not wearing a


My heart can be snapped like a


But most days I am dancing a


Overall life is a pretty good


just for fun, enjoy :)  - ML
Michael L Dec 2016

Your lips move slowly,
yet, in this moment
there is silence.
Your warm breath
caresses my face.

And with anticipation
I don't need words.
Everything you need to say
is whispered in your thoughts  
and echoed by your fingertips.

Your touch is thunderous,
resounding deep within us  
penetrating all my defenses,
filling that space between us.
In these moments I submit.

Powerless to resist this passion.
Ecstasy and lightning entwined,
flashes of lust and love
spark from skin to skin,
as the silent storm surges over us.

Briefly the world is muted.
Only you and I exist, fully exposed.
Vulnerable, we surrender completely,
trusting this silence to satisfy
our unquenchable appetite.

Thanks Elizabeth J for allowing me to collaborate with you on this poem. It was my pleasure!
  Nov 2016 Michael L
Elizabeth J

My heart has seen through your facade,
misleading mask that pain portrays.
At my soft touch your layers peel,
revealing scars I seek to soothe.
You are much more than you believe
and worthy of the love I bring.
I see the depth you thought to hide
and willingly fall into your truth.
Your spirit welcomes me with hope
and my soul runs to join with yours,
to find a home within the warmth
and hold forever in our faith .
The torments of your disbelief
are silenced by a kiss of trust
and this my humble gift to you..
No breath of mine will ever sleep
or steady heartbeat pause with time,
until the day your heart can read
the whispered vows upon my lips
and promises within my eyes.

by EJ.

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