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  Apr 2017 komal aggarwal
Shadow Puppet
I've had plenty of experiences with hands
Hands that wave
Hands that hit
Hands that help
To give hints
Hands that are kind
Hands that are mean
All the different ways we use our hands
Hands to welcome
Hands to ban
Another gift from God given to man
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komal aggarwal Apr 2017
She is going out,
By breaking all the protection of her house.
She walks straight and confident,
Without the fear of those society omnipotent.
When she smiles and lifts her pants,
It switly distract the man who is behind her back.
Wearing those raiment, which make her feel comfortable, without the shame of those thousand of trivials .
Hanging out with different peeps, won't make her character cheap.
By calling her a **** , ***** or escort
You are just showing up your own ****** thoughts.
                  Komal :)
komal aggarwal Apr 2017
You love someone else
And this is the most difficult thing to digest.
By hearing your stories
My heart quack little less.
All the way long you are the fantasy
But now it all shattered like entity.
When ever you need help
I give it by forgetting everything else.
But now excuse me
As my Fidelity has came to an end.
komal aggarwal Apr 2017
I love you by all my heart
And you hit me so hard.
Escaping from real world
Be with you in my imaginary bubble.
I stole everything from me to give full to you.
There is nothing left in me
to give anything  to the another one .
You came and gave me smile
And that enough to raise my life.
My imaginary bubble is just burst out from the truth of your life.
And now when I go deep down in me
it seem like my wounds is still bleeding.
komal aggarwal Apr 2017
I even dont know myself what I want from you
Your love
Your friendship
We are not lovers any more but still if you talk normally to me it makes me feel irritating . How can you be so normal? How you can ignore very fight between us do they don't annoy you ?do you don't want to talk about them any more or it doesn't matter to you any more ? Ohh god this question make me feel horrible. what to do ?
komal aggarwal Apr 2017
Behold your beloved in your arms in such a way that she never wanted to get apart .
Love her like a way that she cannot betray .
Praise her gently , please her properly, Make her feel extra ordinary .
Sing it for her and charm her by all your efforts, cz all she needs is love from you the rest is dried like a glue ..
komal aggarwal Apr 2017
Let me fly high
Breaking all ******* by
Let them see
All my wisery
Defining the path
Alonging the sea
By passing all the misery !!
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