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Jan 22 · 164
Kivanc Jan 22
Loving your mouth
Makes me thirsty for blood
In my cold-cold veins
Jan 22 · 244
I Mourn You A Lot
Kivanc Jan 22
If I have to talk about amour
I can't cause of being mute
This is my creature
Which is whether bad or not
And this is my illness
Which is whether contagious or not
I crawl in desert I create
Hoping to see you in a mirage
In order to be my life
Why do you run away from me?
I mourn you a lot
I hope that I write properly.
Dec 2019 · 164
Help Me!
Kivanc Dec 2019
One said a sentence:
"You won't get her heart back."
Knowing its truth made me
Godless and wretched.
I can't see behind or front
In my scattered life.
Help me, help me, help me!
Help me please Souleater.
What would I do
When things getting vicious?
Is giving up a choose?
Help me, help me, help me!
Help me please Souleater.
I never start and finish
I just watch dreamer.
Kivanc Dec 2019
Değişimi görüyorum
Onu istiyorum
Onsuz yaşamıyorum
Varlığım bir hiç
Bunu biliyorum

Ich sehe die Veränderung
Ich will es
Ohne es kann ich nicht leben
Meine Existenz ist nichts
Ich weiss dies

I see the change
I want it
I can't live without it
My existence is nothing
I know this
Nov 2019 · 197
Love Canzone
Kivanc Nov 2019
Mourning has started since you'd gone
I don't know what to do
In the middle of the people
Losing yourself is too easy
Everything and nothing is same
Everyone I talk remembered me you
What is the question I have to answer
To do not lose you
I'm talking myself so deeply
Maybe I have schizophrenia
My standing against the emotions
Is collapsed in front of you
Oh my impossible love
I'm dying
I want you to be with me again
But I know we can't get together
People won't let us to do
So please go where you want
Please go
I don't want to remember you anymore
May 2019 · 278
Kivanc May 2019
I am a shepherd,
My land is endless wold;
There is a thought in my mind,
Which feeds sheeps with fine grass,
My hometown is as silent as a stork,
Which emigrates to lost worlds,
To sense hotness again,
I see their belief.
I hope I didn't change the meaning for the poetical type.
May 2019 · 129
Kivanc May 2019
The one who worry about today, can't live through tomorrow.
Apr 2019 · 272
Kivanc Apr 2019
When the tale was started to say
By unconscious birds,
All colors faded away
Except uncolored gray
And white and black.
I hope that I wrote the poem right because I have some problems with using some words which I don't know well.
Feb 2019 · 214
Kivanc Feb 2019
I'm waiting for you still,
You can't understand me
Maybe for now, but you will.

I depicted you and bee.
I've found sounds of sorrow,
On that admiring scenery!

I saw the pictures you throw,
Didn't say anything but your eyes...
I know what they said me now.

Here reluctantly my body dies
For it can't resist to be alone
Please everyone give me advise.

I've been broken as my bone,
I try to figure out what is stress.
Anymore, I cannot be in that zone,
I'm going to make a progress.
Feb 2019 · 201
Kivanc Feb 2019
Wrapping souls,
Always live down it,
Lands aren't awake now.

Don't burn,
Let it just stay,
Don't drive a stake to my mind,
Take me completely please my soul.

Weird phobia,
After odor left the room,
Dreams will stay, awake immediately!
Feb 2019 · 276
Kivanc Feb 2019
I will dive into desolation before sundown,
If the weather gets darker, I will be lost before tasting
One who likes daylight in sweet sound of tune.

We have to look up to sky to see what's inside of it,
Temple of breath is shaken cause of the sadness,
And excuses disappear in sound of love.

I didn't realise when moment explained fact of separation,
Necessaries of love is appeared slowly with effects of sadness,
I have to lose you and me in sounds of instruments.
Jun 2018 · 305
Kivanc Jun 2018
Demolished man walked to the me,
his short-black hairs were gone already,
I knew just this when I looked intensely.
He asked me a question by whispiring;
and I couldn't answer it, nor I believed.
Question was not a question to answer
like all questions were asked to the him
when he lost himself in danger spirits.
Jun 2018 · 265
Kivanc Jun 2018
never know himself or herself
like being know by someone too.
Jun 2018 · 342
Kivanc Jun 2018
I wanted today to dissappear in flames of my cigarette,
Didn't you notice it whenever I felt sad in my veins.
Longing has already captured my dreams about to happen,
Ending of this poem made me feel selfish and sad again.
Describing my feelings in English sometimes hard, but I will make it one day...
Jun 2018 · 401
A Pity Man
Kivanc Jun 2018
He huged burning arms of life,
His ego never want to go
Where roads of death waiting...
Jun 2018 · 240
That Day
Kivanc Jun 2018
Like all the time I expect today to be that day with my deep passion; knowing it may not be, actually cannot be...
Even if I feel cold in my bed extreme bitterly, I wish today be that day with my deep fictions and fantasies...
Even if I unterstand the man in my mirror is not looking the same now, I say today to be that day even I know I cannot change the creation...
Jun 2018 · 293
Cinquain (Hunting)
Kivanc Jun 2018
Killing emotions,
Wanting some sacrifices,
Polluting hearts with judgement.
Jun 2018 · 295
Hint (Acrostics)
Kivanc Jun 2018
Hey! Can you hear me from the hell my love,
I and God want your shiny soul as breakfast,
Needing it when the countries start to settle,
To create a paradise that contains humans.
Jun 2018 · 361
To Be Mistaken
Kivanc Jun 2018
Thoughts; feel alone in blackfrost.
Thinking has lost in infinite darkness
We were mistaken more or less.
Jun 2018 · 243
Kivanc Jun 2018
water is entering to our lung,
our tongue sourish, we are drunk.
our souls shape due to command,
killing follows after cause one want.
why your heart rejects beating,
and pitifulness watching us all the night?
Jun 2018 · 2.9k
Like a Haiku -3-
Kivanc Jun 2018
Breathe deeply and exhale.
See life again with all conditions,
Despite closing your eyes.
Jun 2018 · 210
creepy (like a cinquain)
Kivanc Jun 2018
from my heart
the things you see,
the lies you heard priorly.
all that pity times was really
Jun 2018 · 286
madness still make me alive
Kivanc Jun 2018
I'm going mad, there is no doubt.
children in my brain,
whose dreams are broken,
screaming in eternal silence,
wanting to find his relations
in the merry-go-round.
volcanos burn me inside,
their lavas slaying my emotions.
if all the things will be shuttered,
why volcanos and merry-go-round,
and the children mouths'
are open now?
madness still make me alive, there is no doubt...
Jun 2018 · 297
Like a Haiku -2-
Kivanc Jun 2018
september morning,
pavements are yellow,
bulbuls are separated.
Jun 2018 · 213
Like a Haiku
Kivanc Jun 2018
seeing desert's hot,
i am burning steady,
my mouth is drought.
Jun 2018 · 201
Broken Glass
Kivanc Jun 2018
A piece of broken glass is in my heart.
It fall down from poor lamp.
Lamp's fire undergo,
Cause of the cold.
That feels it
May 2018 · 270
It Was Her
Kivanc May 2018
I ask where I am now
To the God I like
And who is in my heart
And in my miserable life
You know somethings changed us
Hitting from high
In the middle of night
My picturesque love
May 2018 · 217
Kivanc May 2018
When I looked away
I saw myself again
Symbols that I created
Has chose a new way
May 2018 · 217
-Meaning of Everything-
Kivanc May 2018
Actually all words is a little same,
And a little different.
It branch out like a tree,
And from its branch a new tree born,
And from new branch another tree...
That tree is our base,
It's words real meaning.
And we, humanity!
Changing their pure meaning.
May 2018 · 236
Kivanc May 2018
I slept well,
Maybe someone made me sleep,
I could say only thing,
I rejected it without wanting.

I imprinted all of my memories,
All of my disturbed feelings
With the meteors fell down in my dream.

I saw Devil's hell,
Not with its hot but with its cold,
I found out with cold,
I lost my everything.

— The End —