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 Mar 2017 Akira
I am a language
I don't quite understand
So please be patient with me
And learn me
As I am learning myself

 Oct 2016 Akira
 Oct 2016 Akira
You’re beautiful;
A strong maple in autumn.
You don’t care about me.
You let me go,
As if I was the last leaf on your highest branch;
Slow and gentle;
Falling to the ground now.
You’ll grow new leaves in the spring.
I’ll just crumble into the earth below you.

- kmh
 Jun 2016 Akira
uzzi obinna
A thousand years across the sea,
With you is where i want to be;
A thousand voices from outer space,
But only your words matter to me;

A million things i've earned in life,
Only your love i can't repay;
A million wrongs i've done to you,
I wonder why i'm loved this way;

A billion choices that i have made,
None of them's right like choosing you;
A billion friends i still can make,
None of them's worth more than you;

A trillion tears can roll down my face,
From hurting you to my disgrace;
A trillion pieces has my heart been split,
A trillion more you stayed to put it in place;

A zillion things i'll do for you,
Now its time to start anew;
A zillion worth of purest gold,
Nothing ever compares to you.
I love this poem. As i composed it, it droped like honey from my soul.
 Jun 2016 Akira
uzzi obinna
As you sleep tonight,
Dream of me as your prince,
Recall the lovely day we had,
And you will find real peace;

As you breath softly,
Let every breath say smoothly,
Every single letter of my name,
Then your sleep will flow nicely;

As you turn around,
Imagine the  feel of my skin on yours,
Move to touch me even more,
You will see that this isnt a loss;

As you blink and smile,
Let it be because of me,
My gentleness and love for you,
One dedicated to you eternally.
 Jun 2016 Akira
Ariana Robinson
There's something about stars
Have you ever gone out to a field, laid down a blanket, and just stare at them?
They're just beautiful to look at
They're simply beautiful because they're being themselves, shining at night
 Jun 2016 Akira
 Jun 2016 Akira
he said that he was homeless
on the other end of a telephone
his momma said she'd send her prayers
but prayers can't build a home

he has always known this
to be lost in a nowhere zone
from his birth there was no one there
and he was left so all alone

he said that he was homeless
she said "well, you're on your own"
it was hard to know that no one cared
only love could build a home
 Jun 2016 Akira
 Jun 2016 Akira
some like to live an illusion
an image is a game to play
they wear a disguise under midnight skies
then hide from the light of day
 Jun 2016 Akira
Joelle A Owusu
Only good can come of this,
I’m sure.
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