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Kayla Feb 2017
Smoke rises in the distance.
The smell of flames starts to replace the fresh air.
No creatures in sight.
None to be found.
Just the smell of fire.
Wild fire.
Burns show where it has been.
Like footprints in the snow.
The birds are silent.
The air dull.
Light is dim.
The fire has ended.
Ash lays everywhere.
On the tree tops.
On the forest ground and bushes.
It is over.
The fire is out.
I wrote this when I was like 13 or 14 and I just found it again on a super old deviantART account and I kind of like it still so I figured I'd post it here.
Kayla Nov 2016
I stopped painting flowers for you today.
All the petals have fallen off.
You’re no longer part of my thoughts.
I’ve gotten you out of my head.
I loved you at one point,
But that time is over now.
I stopped painting flowers for you today.
Now there’s nothing left.

- kmh
Kayla Oct 2016
You and me,
we have a past.
We have a history.
Never together;
almost, but not quite.

We were strangers.
We were friends.
We fell for each other.
But we couldn’t be together.
We both knew that.
We had history with others;
we just couldn’t let go.

We fell apart;
so close to love,
yet so far gone.
It dissolved.

But things change.
We’re friends again.
Really good ones at that.
Closer than before.
And that’s all we’ll be;
Just friends;
For now that is.

- kmh
So this guy and I went from complete strangers and ended up falling for each other, but we couldn't be together at the time because it was really complicated so we stopped talking. We started talking again after months and now we know that we're just staying friends for a while because we both still have feelings for other people that we just can't let go. And we're really close friends now so yeah...
Kayla Oct 2016
A smoke filled bedroom;
Pills on the side table.
His hands of ice.
Sliding down his pale skin.
Deep breaths.
He shudders.
His eyes once so blue,
They’ve turned to stone.
Deep breaths.
He panics.
The sadness inside him,
Overwhelmingly calm.
It creeps over his shoulder,
Flowing through his veins.
It washes over him now.
Deep breaths.
He exhales.
It’s over now.

- kmh
I had the first two lines written down for a while not knowing what I wanted to do with them, but this is the result.
Kayla Oct 2016
Here’s to what if.
What if everything that happened between us was meant to be?
What if we could start over?
Would you be willing to meet again?
Or would you just stay in your ways and move on with life,
never questioning?
Maybe we weren’t meant to be together then,
but we’re older now and things, they change.
So have we? My feelings for you haven’t.
I still love you.
Do you love me?

- kmh
Kayla Oct 2016
I don’t know who I am anymore.
I’m just a lost boy at sea.
Crashing waves inside of me.
Saltwater in my veins.
Drowning in my pain.
The tide eases now.
I’m slowly recovering.
The waves at a halt.
I was once a lost boy.
And now I’m crowned the king.

- kmh
Kayla Oct 2016
You’re beautiful;
A strong maple in autumn.
You don’t care about me.
You let me go,
As if I was the last leaf on your highest branch;
Slow and gentle;
Falling to the ground now.
You’ll grow new leaves in the spring.
I’ll just crumble into the earth below you.

- kmh
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