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  Jan 2016 Kim
Chirayu Writer
A mighty voices raises for the time
Life started with the name of he
And Ended with Rhythms of She,
Finding he in a crowdy beats
With Hope Of Running soul hearted of She.

Walking in a path to find a shadow of he
But life plays an role to meet a new love as She
Saw Her first time met her first time
As She was the shadow before of mine
But a time left a voice of mine as
A beautiful Wanderer of Rover life....                                    
I flight away by Lonely and silently mourning
On burning fire soul of mine.
She blooms and glows and shines,
And stares silently as the dry leaf of bright plant...        
It smells and weep and tremble
Before love and the pain to find
                                                      it out Until the Next time again..
With the new name of Life & new time with the name of he
And will End the Rhythms of She.......
  Jan 2016 Kim
Chirayu Writer
"Dedication of a particular word by a different manner"
A volume of traffic is controlled by a traffic person as like here in our writing world Draft is that person who control our work by saving a particular thing in a proper way.
Draft is that word which tick yours mind with a new ideal thought on everytime, Draft is a piece of text ,known for a particular work, which be saved incomplete without completing it till the next time.....
Draft is something that calculate work in a different manner of time...
A Person can continue the work with a fresher thoughts & can create a new idea to maintain it with large scales of words.... Draft of a letter is a roof of words and leaves of paper planted with different ways of thoughts!!...
Draft is only made when there is work to flip up with a new ideas & scripts lift down with the words weight in the reality of scene!.....
Draft is a friend of mine with a
Receiving and reflecting
revolution way of thinking.
Draft You are the  reason behind me
"I'm right", or " I'm wrong"
grating me about your righteous
way of correction agreeing to you,
An rated words to a
rescued agreeance.
  Jan 2016 Kim
Chirayu Writer
Filling up my day with a cup of tea
Makes me feel a great freshness morning
But while till at noon
A nap inside wake up a call ?
how wonder it's just a little 
afternoon snooze to the rising tide of sweetness
And put my dizzy thoughts around.

With a great gentle breeze of a lovely song 
In My Mind to float & dream of fairytales
Makes my day beautiful
With A little period of rest
when I wake at a time that suits
I'll be refreshed again

                                           - Chirayu:-) ...
  Jan 2016 Kim
Chirayu Writer
Hello friends & wishing you a very auspicious & prosperous  DIWALI..
  ..............HAPPY DIWALI...............
On this auspicious festival of Diwali i wish & pray that, may everyone Life filled with a Sparking colors of the happiness & Light of Prosperity. May this world & people of this country live with a calmness & Fortune of love.
Diwali is one of my favorite festival & it is also the festival of light were houses are decorated with candles & it is one of the most beautiful festivals in Indian culture, coincides with Hindu New Year and is seen as a metaphor for self-improvement and as representing new beginnings. It involves a strong belief in giving to people in need, and is also traditionally a time for new clothes to be worn & Indian sweets is a variety of colours and flavours are eaten during the celebrations....May this writing platform of Lettrs continues as the same of making originality of marking a talent into a magic light... so I am inviting everyone to be a part of Indian festivals and culture... everyone are most welcomed to India..India is Country of  Carnival with different Tradition, different culture , with beauty of joy, beauty of passion, beauty of love , beauty of art & beauty of everything that you have never experienced before... ....Thank-you..
Indian festival experience today.
  Jan 2016 Kim
Chirayu Writer
"Intention of mind is a invention of thoughts  
                             that's develop a imaginary life":..
                               " I Need a Wish to Escape          
                            I Need a Life to live
                            I Need a love to survive
                            I Need a Fear to fight
                            I Need a Message to tie                
I Need a heart to talk
I Need a Talent to find
I Need a light to bright
I Need a time to think
I Need a Power to Climb
  I Need a Death to Refrain again to find a new place to start a new journey..
       "  Need is not a need, need is a time that's dream a world of life".....
                                                      ­  - Chirayu
  Jan 2016 Kim
Chirayu Writer
My Hands are Writing Today
My Words are Finding Today
My Mind are Starring Today
My Thoughts are flying today
My Paper are colouring Today
My Stamp are Riding Today
My Time are Raising today
My Loves are Ending Today
My eyes are leaked today
My Story are Endless Today......
  Jan 2016 Kim
Chirayu Writer
"Smokey flames of Paper
burns down a memory of Fiery tales
Its falls down a star
From his sparkling Bottoms Up!
This is the star of love,
It blind out the falls
And Fiery Sound of Fire
burst out a Dreamy music                                        
of lyrical vessel's Rhymes                        
emerged with a eternal flames                                                              
Of illumines darkness .....
              Flames are Silent in the air but the brightest path of soil...                                                        
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