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May 2015 · 462
Jonine Garcia May 2015
Every one deserves to be loved, because we owe to love each other. We are all capable of giving love, because we were created to love and by Love.
- J.G
Apr 2015 · 5.9k
Instagram and Tumblr
Jonine Garcia Apr 2015
I love how people in tumblr and instagram managed to present a life behind those lovely photographs and beautiful writings – as if it was perfect. How they can present a perfect and attractive life with a great effort. Sometimes there’s a sudden envious within you, until you realized that not everything you see is true. Instagram or tumblr become the home of people who cover the truth with perfect photographs and beautiful words.

I could relate to a certain extent whenever I post something beautiful in social networking sites. People appreciate you and adore you, but there’s a whole part of your life, vsco could never saturate or cover and your audience would never know. Your life may look so perfect in the eyes of the outsiders, but you know that there’s a hole in your heart that photographs and words could never fill.
- J.G
dont be envious how the life of others may look like, because theres something you may not know.
Mar 2015 · 2.4k
Your Presence
Jonine Garcia Mar 2015
the weep of your little girl in me every midnight

the longings she tried to fill with imaginations. 

At night while she’s asleep, it is the hand

she’s yearning to feel gliding on her cheeks

It is the shout of her aching precious heart

the rescue she’s been waiting for

the relief from the heavy grief she’s been carrying

the beauty she wants to grasp

It is the morning sunrise
after a storm, it is the rainbow in the sky

The cheerful color her eyes wish to witness 

the song she wants to hear from your splendid voice.
and the answer to restore the sparkles in her eyes

the ocean, she’s desperate to drown

it is the warmth of your embrace, she calls home.

It is who you are she wants to dwell on
Your presence is a comfort for me, Jesus.
Mar 2015 · 1.4k
Jonine Garcia Mar 2015
It’s something I fear about before, 

but what I’ve been always preparing for. 

Every morning I wake up, 

it’s my continuous decision. 

A decision where comments or suggestions
of people aren’t necessary.

It became what people like and hate about me. 

Sometimes it would be the topic of people around me, 

not everyone would be happy about it

but I am moving forward…

The people who remain are the people 

who understand and love who I’ve become. 

There’s no turning back. 

Old version has gone. 

I love the person who I am becoming.

Not because of own strength or power but of God's
Jonine Garcia Mar 2015
People’s eyes became my favorite place to discover millions of emotions that kept hidden within those beautiful smiles and infectious laughs. Their eyes are the gateway, where I could travel to different souls and hearts, where the truth that lies beneath their skin and bones are exposed. This is where I found best actresses and actors defenseless, where the bleeding hearts could be found. A gateway that shows real emotions and naive souls, where love, pain, struggles, devotion, hope and true colors are displayed. Through people’s eyes, I found an open gate to a place where everything is true.*

i love watching people. I love knowing how they feel. I love how people's eyes speak. - J.G
Sep 2014 · 366
Come to me ...
Jonine Garcia Sep 2014
Come to me.. so that in your embrace coldness leave my heart from freezing and waiting this precious thing stop to feel the fire of your love. Come within me, so that enemies run so fast and fears abandon me. Show me your face, I want to touch it, and the lightning that struck my heart turns like a rain of your love where every raindrop my heart dances with it. And the pain be replaced with joy tickling me inside. I invite you to come and stay, so the tears may end and smile form back on my face like how I first smiled when you formed me in my mother’s womb. Shower me with love and confidence, so like the stars at night I may shine bright. Satisfy my hunger and quench my thirst for you, I wanted to be enveloped with your loving arms. Please come to me, I want to swim in your ocean of love where I won’t mind drowning in.
Jul 2014 · 376
It is finished!
Jonine Garcia Jul 2014
I stopped looking

in my sadness. 

I’d already looked 
from the past. 

I’d already walked away 

from the darkness. 

Because when I turned

my two eyes on the cross,
I’ve realized it is finished!
It is finished! A good news!
Jonine Garcia Jun 2014
Maybe the “us, back together” will always remain a mere product of mental invention, and our memories remain a history. Maybe we’re just a lesson and an experience of the past, and the piece of you that I held for so long, is a fragment of my heart. The taste of your lips, the smell of your skin and breath are just stains living on my veins. The warmth of your touch and body on mine and your breath on my neck are slumbering underneath of my bed where I could only search them, and the only way to hear you, is to listen to the sound of your voice reverberating in my head. Maybe the “our existence” is now just an old image of four seasons, most especially, the raining season, where we have so many memories that couldn’t replace with anything. Maybe I need to stop breathing you, because there’s nothing I could breathe in, instead of the painful repetition that suffocating me, but I knew I couldn’t breathe you out, however, maybe I need the “us back together” to sleep forever with the anticipation of them not waking up. Maybe “us” is really now just behind the present, and probably, has no existence in the future like a history never repeats itself. Maybe I’m the one who needs to wake up and not the “us, back together” because it is just a figment of my imagination.
sad but truth
(c) joninegarcia
May 2014 · 1.3k
Jonine Garcia May 2014
you call me beautiful,

as if it was my name

your eyes smile as if 

that word defines me.

as if every time your

eyes will meet mine — 

I am the epitome of beauty.

I only knew you a short time, 

but you were the first person 

who ever placated the voices

inside my head, screaming

how imperfect i am.

I never wanted to believe

but for the first time

this word has an effect

to beat them down.

Your hold onto my head,

the smile on your face,

the perfection of the way

how you look at me

and how the word ‘beautiful’

fall over your lips 
into my ears 
are just so perfect.

I want them.
 I want them to stay
this is how you call me made me feel
May 2014 · 636
Jonine Garcia May 2014
I have something
to tell you important
No one really cares
about the thoughts
going through your head.
No one really cares
whatever you’re doing
at night whether you
break down and cry or
dance in the stage of happiness
Whether your eyes
hide and keep millions
real emotions inside you
They really don’t.
But I have a good news
Jesus is exempted among
those people who only seem
to understand but never care.
Know him. Study his words. Learn every word. Understand every thought. Believe in him. Accept him. Let Him in and you will Know that I'm not wrong.
May 2014 · 581
When you should go
Jonine Garcia May 2014
You should go and leave,
when his words started
to leave you wounds
instead of butterflies.
When his hands started
to show violence and
leave you bruises
instead of comfort and care
When your ears started
to hear lies instead of truth.
When the tears in your eyes
are products of the pain you feel
instead of laughter and joy.
When your mind started
to ruin by doubts and worries
instead of sweet thoughts
when it’s already filled with
bad and painful memories
instead of happy and memorable ones
When your heart started
to be replete with anger and pain,
instead of happiness and love.
Apr 2014 · 411
The fears you let me dive
Jonine Garcia Apr 2014
I've been too scared to tread outside the world without you. I’m covered of fears that if I lose my grip on you, I’ll get lost in the dark amid of the world. I fear the night sleeping in the emptiness with blankets of loneliness.  I   fear the invasion of warning breath. I fear the attack of unwelcome hopeless thoughts and washed this away my peace of mind. I fear being stalked by all of our memories. I fear these fears will reside in me forever. I fear if I lose you, I’ll be the kind of girl who trapped from being broken.

And you know this, you know all these fears, but out of my expectation and faith to you, you let go of my hand. You removed the grip of my hand. You let me fall abyss of the ravine I will fall into. You heard me scream. You heard me cry, but you turned your back on me. I’ve tried to save myself, together with my trust on you. I still hold the trust within me, hoping for a salvation, bu you were gone. If only I know I’m an inch from the edge, I should have saved myself. If only I know how insubstantial the only one I’m holding on for too long, I should have known that I’m already in the world I fear.
Mar 2014 · 4.0k
My heart is a diamond
Jonine Garcia Mar 2014
I won’t let just anybody get in. I won’t let many people walk through my life then eventually drop me after done breaking my heart. I won’t let just anybody crash my heart and my whole being after I gave them the trust that for billions of people is a precious gift. I won’t let them know every single detail on my skin, if one day I know they're meant to leave me like there’s nothing happens. That after they get what they want for me -- treat me like I am now nothing. I won’t let anybody use me, for those temporary pleasures and leave me like a kid who left their toys after they grew up. I won't let just become their past. I don’t want to become just an old story, that I once became their girl who trusted them and loved them. That I once became a part of their story, but ended up in a heartbreaking, because of many foolish reasons. I didn't wish to be like a broken road filled with dust, stains, and prints of people’s shoes who are walking along on me and marks of car wheels as they roll over me. I won’t let that happen to me. I care for my heart and value my whole being, to let somebody steal it to just break and tear it apart. I want to prepare my heart and dedicate it to someone who really worth it. I believe that my heart is a diamond it deserves to be kept and valued, because it will break, shatter, and be demolished at the slightest of hands.

If I had to learn by letting too many people come into my life to get my lesson, it’s not my way of learning. I don’t need to break my heart and **** myself many times to learn in life. To grow up. I will grow up, if I let myself grow through the experiences I had. I don’t need to be killed and crashed by many people who once I’ve trusted. My heart doesn’t deserve to cry every single night, because someone is again made it fall in love and then again, need to drop it out. My heart doesn’t deserve to be broken after of trusting someone so much.  My heart doesn’t need to be restless. It doesn't need people who will easily give her up, when time is up. My heart doesn’t need to meet many living, who will just cut her into shreds. If someone truly wants to win her, then make them worth it. Because my heart is the most precious gift I had, to the person who God meant for me. What I need is someone who will also take my heart as a diamond that I might not be the prettiest girl in this world, but will truly do anything to win it. And when he finally won it, he will take care of it more than as an expensive gift from a very special someone, and no man wants to steal it from him. I won't let just anybody get in, except to a man who will always win my heart like a diamond with a priceless value.
Mar 2014 · 232
Jonine Garcia Mar 2014
how can a girl's beauty
be not visible in her own eyes
tell me
Mar 2014 · 581
Looking back
Jonine Garcia Mar 2014
There would be those nights
when I will still think of you.
Hours where my mind occupied
by the thoughts of you,
when I took a glimpse in the past, I had with you.

There would be those times,
I’ll just smile and remember
how I’ve become silly and stupid.
How wonderful it is to take a look back
some part of myself in the past
that no longer exist anymore.

I’ll travel back in time
when the old you and I still stay,
when my mind still filled with thoughts of life
and dreams with you.
I will be looking back from the nights
I cried and see myself how happy I am today.

There would be those nights
I will still remember you
not because you still mattered to me,
but because it’s nice to look behind my back,
and see how I’ve changed
by cause of the person
who once became part of your life.
midnight thoughts
Mar 2014 · 331
Jonine Garcia Mar 2014
Stop asking who’s much better.
There are always much better
than to me, to him, to her,
to anyone else -- even to you.
Deal with it.
People are different;
they will never be the same.
comparing ****** me off
Mar 2014 · 1.2k
Jonine Garcia Mar 2014
just like some of you,
I was born insecure.
Born flawed.
Born covered of unaccepted imperfections.
but hey,
there’s a good news
I was born where life is a series of choices
and i’ve given a choice
to love my own skin, my own self.
I have a choice to accept what i am
and be not like someone else.

*- j.a.g
love yourself. :)
Mar 2014 · 219
Jonine Garcia Mar 2014
It’s hard to win yourself back
from someone you loved so much
that you couldn’t live without.
It’s hard to get yourself back
from who it was back then
the moment it’s still innocent
from feeling the pain of a broken heart.
It’s difficult to convince yourself to go back
from being the old happy person she was
where she hasn’t depend on somebody else yet
to make her turn that way.
It’s hard to win yourself back
from someone whom you gave it to,
even if he’d already dropped and abandoned it.
Mar 2014 · 545
Jonine Garcia Mar 2014
i fear that one day
the word goodbye
will rest permanently on my lips,
until the pain of this word comes along
when i look back and
i could never say hello again.
goodbye kills

— The End —