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Jonine Garcia May 2015
Every one deserves to be loved, because we owe to love each other. We are all capable of giving love, because we were created to love and by Love.
- J.G
Jonine Garcia Apr 2015
I love how people in tumblr and instagram managed to present a life behind those lovely photographs and beautiful writings – as if it was perfect. How they can present a perfect and attractive life with a great effort. Sometimes there’s a sudden envious within you, until you realized that not everything you see is true. Instagram or tumblr become the home of people who cover the truth with perfect photographs and beautiful words.

I could relate to a certain extent whenever I post something beautiful in social networking sites. People appreciate you and adore you, but there’s a whole part of your life, vsco could never saturate or cover and your audience would never know. Your life may look so perfect in the eyes of the outsiders, but you know that there’s a hole in your heart that photographs and words could never fill.
- J.G
dont be envious how the life of others may look like, because theres something you may not know.
Jonine Garcia Mar 2015
the weep of your little girl in me every midnight

the longings she tried to fill with imaginations. 

At night while she’s asleep, it is the hand

she’s yearning to feel gliding on her cheeks

It is the shout of her aching precious heart

the rescue she’s been waiting for

the relief from the heavy grief she’s been carrying

the beauty she wants to grasp

It is the morning sunrise
after a storm, it is the rainbow in the sky

The cheerful color her eyes wish to witness 

the song she wants to hear from your splendid voice.
and the answer to restore the sparkles in her eyes

the ocean, she’s desperate to drown

it is the warmth of your embrace, she calls home.

It is who you are she wants to dwell on
Your presence is a comfort for me, Jesus.
Jonine Garcia Mar 2015
It’s something I fear about before, 

but what I’ve been always preparing for. 

Every morning I wake up, 

it’s my continuous decision. 

A decision where comments or suggestions
of people aren’t necessary.

It became what people like and hate about me. 

Sometimes it would be the topic of people around me, 

not everyone would be happy about it

but I am moving forward…

The people who remain are the people 

who understand and love who I’ve become. 

There’s no turning back. 

Old version has gone. 

I love the person who I am becoming.

Not because of own strength or power but of God's
Jonine Garcia Mar 2015
People’s eyes became my favorite place to discover millions of emotions that kept hidden within those beautiful smiles and infectious laughs. Their eyes are the gateway, where I could travel to different souls and hearts, where the truth that lies beneath their skin and bones are exposed. This is where I found best actresses and actors defenseless, where the bleeding hearts could be found. A gateway that shows real emotions and naive souls, where love, pain, struggles, devotion, hope and true colors are displayed. Through people’s eyes, I found an open gate to a place where everything is true.*

i love watching people. I love knowing how they feel. I love how people's eyes speak. - J.G
Jonine Garcia Sep 2014
Come to me.. so that in your embrace coldness leave my heart from freezing and waiting this precious thing stop to feel the fire of your love. Come within me, so that enemies run so fast and fears abandon me. Show me your face, I want to touch it, and the lightning that struck my heart turns like a rain of your love where every raindrop my heart dances with it. And the pain be replaced with joy tickling me inside. I invite you to come and stay, so the tears may end and smile form back on my face like how I first smiled when you formed me in my mother’s womb. Shower me with love and confidence, so like the stars at night I may shine bright. Satisfy my hunger and quench my thirst for you, I wanted to be enveloped with your loving arms. Please come to me, I want to swim in your ocean of love where I won’t mind drowning in.
Jonine Garcia Jul 2014
I stopped looking

in my sadness. 

I’d already looked 
from the past. 

I’d already walked away 

from the darkness. 

Because when I turned

my two eyes on the cross,
I’ve realized it is finished!
It is finished! A good news!
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