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 Jan 2020 Jeckthunder
Ashari Ty

nothing beats a drukn n nighht
like a peaceful tipsy twilight

Beer and chicken while you watch the purple sky <3
 Jan 2019 Jeckthunder
Ashari Ty
Is the best poetry

Are the best stories
 Jan 2019 Jeckthunder
Ashari Ty
This is not a poem, or so I say
Let your minds see the rhymes in me
But you all made my day, so

Thank you
That's all I can say
I cannot possibly express my gratefulness enough for y'all in a finite conjuration, for this little moment will be in my memories until eternity halts.

Also there are alot of you to thank to so I thought "why not post it on HePo" hahahaha xD
i. you never ceased to begin and end your day by saying “i love you.” it’s the little things matter. it’s the little things that make my day complete.

ii. i know nothing with certainty about most things, but with you i am more than certain. with you, i’m entirely sure. i hope you are too.

iii. let me be your cigarette so i could touch your lips.

iv. i have tired eyes and a tired mind from running away from my demons all day. you know exactly how to calm me down. perhaps you and only you can help me feel at ease. thank you for slaying my demons for me.

v. i feel the sting of the sun. the moon has set. i sacrificed sleep just so i can spend more time with you. i want more hours with you.

vi. i’m fighting off sleep yet again just so i can hear your voice on the phone. sing for me, my love.

vii. i have never felt safe anywhere in this world, until i felt your embrace. your arms feel like home.

viii. you made me listen to a new song today. it’s beautiful. you’re beautiful.

ix. as the band sang on stage, you held my hand. you looked at me while you sang the sweetest line from the song. in that moment, i felt like i’m the luckiest girl in the crowd.

x. for the longest time, i’ve been afraid of heights. “you can do it! close your eyes and jump,” you told me. my hands were trembling. my legs were shaking. i was barely breathing. i took a leap of faith and jumped, knowing that you were there at the bottom waiting there for me. not even my deepest and darkest fear can stop me. you make me fearless.

xi. i only have the silver moonlight in me but you wouldn’t even dare trade the brightest star, the glow of the sun, with the light gleam that i have. you make me feel like i can outshine anyone. “lumiere, darling, you’re beautiful” you said.

xii. i was cold and you gave me your jacket. i saw you shiver while you handed it to me. i knew in that moment that you would sacrifice everything for me. i love you.

xiii. how i wish you would defend me when someone talks **** about me. i feel betrayed. you know me better than they do. don’t do it again, i beg you.

xiv. i’d open the door for you again and again. that’s what scares me.

xv. when we spent time apart, i asked myself, how can emptiness feel so heavy?

xvi. we were talking about our future, and i’ve never wanted to fight for something so much in my life.

xvii. someone stole my color and threw it to the wind. i don’t know if i will still find it, but you still looked at me like i’m the brightest rainbow.

xviii. you said you are afraid to lose me. i am hoping that you wouldn’t have the strength to face your fear and leave. not now, not ever.
 Jan 2019 Jeckthunder
Ashari Ty

Skies are beautiful
They have clouds
But they still cry

Why wouldn't you?

You are beautiful
You have poems
You can cry too
Because crying is honesty to your emotions, and honesty is beautiful ;)
 Dec 2018 Jeckthunder
I'm sorry for loving you, more than just a friend.
I'm sorry for being a burden to you.
I'm sorry for all of the lies I have said.
But believe me, it was all because I love you.

All the times we've spent together,
That seemed like time would never end.
I'd love to do it all again until forever ends.
Though, I think you've already forgotten all of those because now, you're with her.

Although it hurts I'm used to it, I'll endure all the pain.
The memories and butterflies, I'll burry all of those.
For the sake of you and the one you're kissing under the rain.
Don't worry about me just hold her close.

This is just another unrequited love,
I'm used to it so don't worry.
Just think about her, your one true love.
And if I have to say anything else,

I'm Sorry.
1. Unrequited Love
2. I'm Sorry
 Dec 2018 Jeckthunder
Ashari Ty
the only plot twist
that i need in my life
is us

— The End —